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Details of Natasha Richardson's Ski Accident

3/17/2009 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

natasha richardsonWe now know what happened to Natasha Richardson on the ski slope when she was critically hurt yesterday, suffering a brain injury.

We're told she was having a private lesson on a green slope (beginner) at a ski resort in Quebec, Canada. She fell -- we're not sure why. There was no blood and no sign of impact. Two ski patrollers came to her rescue. When they got there she was conscious -- smiling and making jokes.

An hour later, Natasha started to complain of a headache and said she didn't feel well. Someone from the resort called 911, and she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Natasha was conscious when she left the resort.


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"To those thinking a pre-existing condition might have made her fall, come on, you're seriously not that dense are you? Again, she was SKIING. Ice is slippery. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that."
To 114- You are the dense one. A preexisting condition was most likely the cause of her problem- such as an AV malformation in the brain- a blood vessel problem that can cause a hemmorrage.You obviously have no medical training. A person can have a head injury due to a traumatic fall. But reading about the accident, she did not have a traumatic fall that would cause massive head injury,and she did not hit a tree.
I suspect she developed a problem with her brain, fell while skiing because of this problem, and now people are blaming the skiing as the cause of her fall and death.
My prayers are with the family.
And all of you out there, if you have developnew headaches, and neurologic symptoms, please see your physician.
I had a relative die of an AV malformation riding in a bike race at the age of 40.

2013 days ago


I work at a Level One Trauma Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. We see these kinds of injuries in the OR. If she hit her Occipitual region of her head, then there is no more devastating injury you can have. We call them...the walking talking dead. It's bleed on the brain that is slow, but powerful and there is nothing that can be done, but make the patient and the family comfortable and know that we will be there for them. My prayers go out to her family in this time. She was a wonderful actress and she will be greatly missed.

2013 days ago


I hope that this would convince people to wear a helmet, even if this tragedy would have happened with a helmet, it is still very important. My heart goes out to her and her family.

2013 days ago


I would think the ski resort would require students of a ski instructor wear a helmet - this easily could have been prevented by the resort with that mandatory requirement. I see a big lawsuit against the ski resort

2013 days ago


Sometimes, a brain injury is not apparent. I would like to know more about how this happened--perhaps she hit her head on a ski, or packed snow. In sports, it's unfortunately common that a head injury can occur, the person gets hit, sits on the bench, and then dies. Because the injury is in the brain, the person is unable to express what is happening.

Because the medics were called when she went down the first time, that means the hit was hard. Probably hit a tree, I'd think (after living in Breckenridge, CO, most of my life). She should have been examined, but when really bad things happen, no one is prepared.

A friend of mine was in a hotel, because she was speaking at a writers conference. SHe had a bad bell-ache. She couldn't get out of bed, and kept thinking it was gas. Why would anything bad happen to her? She was innocent, not a person of TV. Her appendix exploded, and she got no help because she did not want to embarrass herself, or inconvenience others.

THe truth is, we don't believe that bad things can happen to us, or that a little fall could be serious. In believing that, we take risks. I"m pretty sure that Natasha, already on the Bunny Slopes, did not want to make a fuss.

God wanted her for some reason. I"m sure she is happy, and fulfilled in what she is doing now. I hope that her family understands that freak accidents are God calling her to duty on another plane.

SHe is loved and needed there more than here. God Bless her family, that has to miss her.


2013 days ago


PLease see my previous post.

I am sure that only the good die young because they are already good with God.

They agree to come to Earth to live a life, and die, teaching those around them something that God wants them to know.

THey are the most wonderful, pure, happy, awesome people in the world. So God needs them, and he takes them in strange, unbelievable ways, because he need them RIGHT NOW.

If she had been in LA, it could have been a car accident, or whatever. But probably, she didn't want anyone else to be hurt by her calling, so she died in a personal way.

I am absolutely sure that she is doing what she lives for God now.


2013 days ago

Carrie Singer    

The autopsy report describes an epidural hematoma and related fracture. It is interesting that Ms. Richardson was only disgnosed at autopsy. That suggests that neither x-ray (showing the fracture) nor CT or MRI (showing the hematoma) were done. Neither was any treatment. Why is this?

It is also interesting to note that in the old days, on a farm, quite a ways from medical care, these injuries have occured. They were diagnosed by nonmedical farm hands, and treated with a drill. Not very elegant, not covered by insurance, but it was effective.

2011 days ago


gee. I hope she'll be okay.

1972 days ago
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