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"Sober House" Star -- "I'm Not Sober!"

3/17/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Dr. Drew was gearing up to hit "Today" and "The View" this morning to pimp out his new book, one of his celebrity patients was recklessly falling off the wagon.

Mary Carey: Click to watch
"Sober House"-mate Mary Carey was so tanked, she was hardly able to stand outside the Key Club -- struggling to keep her eyes open, shouting maniacally, and of course, making out with her lady friend.

Unfortunately, it's more tragic than entertaining .. especially the part where Mary shouted "I'm not sober anymore, but I love Dr. Drew!"


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Michael Madsen    

Good work, Dr. Drew. Hey, good luck on your book tour!

2046 days ago


That's pathetic. They both look so disease infested and skanky it is not even funny. Why would anyone want to live life like that? I don't go out to clubs anywhere - it is skankville but when I did go out - I would limit myself to 2-3 drinks for the entire night. I saw girls (and guys) acting like that so many times - they made fools out of themselves.

It is not attractive, girls. You will never have a man take you seriously when you act like that. It is embarrassing..

2046 days ago


I love Mary, I'm the adult business and I know how hard it is to stay sober! I hope she gets real help. I have been to rehab nothing like Sober house!

2046 days ago


I am sorry to see this. That said.....boy is she fugly!!!! Even with heavy makeup on she is not a pretty woman/man.

2046 days ago


That's gotta be a guy dressed like a woman

2046 days ago


shame on her !! Once a loser, always a loser. She is a disgrace

2046 days ago


It looks like Dr. Drew's failure rate is running 95 percent right in step with AA's failure rate.

2046 days ago


thats brandi c from rock of love!! they make a good drunken combo!! love them!!!

2046 days ago


I watched all of the episodes with Mary and never expected her to make it. Too bad but the drugs and alcohol are part of her heart and soul.

2046 days ago


drew pinsky is as bad as dr, phil - they are both jokes in the medical industry - nice job drew, pimp out your patients in their most private moments for your financial gain - you might want to reread your hipocratic oath

dr. phil - you are an even bigger joke in this country - we all just laugh at how ridiculous you are - you put down octomom but praise Kate Gosselin who remains the worst mother in the country and who pimps out her eight children for financial gain - how can both parents not work yet you and your hypocrisy condone it - two parents with eight kids, neither of whom work for a living - live off the backs of eight innocent kids for financial gain - Dr. Phil why don't you explore that avenue on one of your many exposes(I laughed when I typed that) and show Kate and Jon Gosselin for the whores and pimps they are
you are the biggest loser going - that is the perfect show for you - please go away - you sicken all of us

2046 days ago


That's Brandi C from Rock of Love and other VH1 reality shows. She's so damn yummy.

2046 days ago


She is one hot mess if I ever saw one.Is it me or is she just as used up as a discarded used condom? God get some dignity already!

2046 days ago


isn't she governor of California????????????

2046 days ago


There sure doesn't seem to be much good coming to the people who hang out with Brandi C. Apparently "Charm School" taught her nothing. I've been there. Mary seems like a really sweet woman who needs to get new friends. People with good intentions who want the best for her, and build her up instead of tearing her down. I hope she figures that out sooner than later.

2046 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

First of all, to those of you who keep telling us - we know who the other blond is, so stop reporting here who she is. We know she was in Rock of Love and we still don't freaking care. Read the posts before you write, please.

Secondly, to pinksypimpshispatients, which is at this point #28. Unless you are a physician in the medical community in the California area, there is no way you could possibly know one way or the other what the medical industry "thinks." And it has been my experience that I could never get two doctors to agree on anything, so I doubt very seriously that the entire "industry" as you say have come together to declare Dr. Pinsky, or anyone for that matter, a joke. And as for your ridiculous rambling about Dr. Phil - what on earth does any of this have to do with him?

Finally, to Mary: Mary, this causes me great grief. I can't say I am surprised, but I held out hope for you, and still do. Get yourself in recovery. You have got to disconnect yourself from the porn industry and people like the skanky woman you were with on this night or you stand no chance. You don't have to live in California to make a living. Get out of there and save your life. There are many of us who believe you are worth it. Just wish you did.

2046 days ago
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