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"Sober House" Star -- "I'm Not Sober!"

3/17/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Dr. Drew was gearing up to hit "Today" and "The View" this morning to pimp out his new book, one of his celebrity patients was recklessly falling off the wagon.

Mary Carey: Click to watch
"Sober House"-mate Mary Carey was so tanked, she was hardly able to stand outside the Key Club -- struggling to keep her eyes open, shouting maniacally, and of course, making out with her lady friend.

Unfortunately, it's more tragic than entertaining .. especially the part where Mary shouted "I'm not sober anymore, but I love Dr. Drew!"


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Mary Carey is an idiot. I blame the producers for having her on the show in the first place. She never had any realistic plan how to make a living away from porn, and blamed David for everything.

2054 days ago


Beside pathetic, how do you even describe that?

2054 days ago


SKANKITY SKANK SKANK! No one can help this incredible DRUNK! She's disgusting!!!!

2054 days ago


Wow,that is just sad. I really thought after seeing Mary Carey on Sober House,she was taking her soberity seriously this time. She's such a sweet person when she's sober it's such a shame. Now she just looks like a sloppy mean drunk.She's need to stay from Brndie C from ROL. She is trouble.I think the both would benefit from not drinking even for the figures alone. They both look chubby. I guess the drinking caught up with them. Just show's how fattening booze is.

2053 days ago


that guy totally grabbed her boob. what a pervert

1992 days ago



2051 days ago


#15 You are a moron. Her relapse has nothing to do with Dr Drew...he offered her a solution to her disease and she is not willing to take it! You can lead a whore to water , but you can't make her drink....oh, did I say whore and not horse...I meant WHORE! Fat & ugly too!!! Dr Drew why don't you quit wasting your time on trashy whores that don't want to get sober and give the treatment to someone who wants it but can't afford it!

2050 days ago


Well, at least she wasn't driving and had some sober people to get her home. Sad.

2050 days ago


I wonder what you look like Hawk #11 And before you say anything about me, I am 5'3 weigh 125 pounds black hair blue eyes I wear a 34D bra and a size 7 dress, You would say I am a cross between Demi Moore and Connie Sellaca Got pix to prove it too


2045 days ago


Monique,,,I got married at 30 years old, so if you got married a few yearsbefore that, you probably aren't missing anything..I have been the "party girl" before booze drugs, the whole nine yards. Be greatful you didn't get into that because at first its a blast, but one day the party is over and then it becomes a job...I was as bad and worse than Mary, She is still young and hopefully she can one day quit using drugs When I quit drugs in 1983, I didn't even drink for 18 years, and I still don't unless my husband and I go to Las Vegas, or if we go out dancing..It isn't worth it to get into drugs. Some people are lucky though, I have a girlfriend and we partied in high school, we ate reds quaaludes. uppers, and she just put the drugs down when she starting working, and now, if she goes somewhere, if there is pot, she will smoke it, and she will even do a line of cocaine but then she wont think about it for years, I cant take drugs at all, if I do, I am back to zero,,I even have to be careful with pain medication. I need it because all of my teeth are being pulled and I would be crazy not to take them, but I only get a small amount and my husband holds them because I asked him to. Booze, I don't like it, I just drink to be like eveyone else, I don't even finish my drinks...Anyway, if you do feel like you missed out on something, there is nothing wrong with a once in awhile all girls night. My friends and I will go out on a Friday maybe 3 times a year, have a drink, and maybe a dance then we are greatful that we are married and have someone we love to go home to....Try it..If nightclubs offend you just go out to eat or to a movie..Every marriage needs a time out once in a while


BTW I am glad you didn't say bad things about Mary... The people who do either are jelious of her, or maybe they see themselves in her..

2045 days ago


Chuck U.. She was working,,,,,, What are you to say anything bad about her. So she does porn. Hey, if I was her age and knew what I know now, I would do it,,,It is great money, and it can be fun. I would have no back door action, and I don;t swallow, and I wouldn't go down on a women, everything else is fine by me,, You have no class for talking crap about a woman you have never met.I bet yyou are a virgin too


2045 days ago


I agree with you # 46, but the reason these morons are talking is because ignorant people like us (And I will own my statement) are reading this garbage. If we don't read it, people will have no one to talk to and this kind of horrible news persons will lose their jobs...I quit as of tonight.. We need to boycott these photo junkie sites..Does anyone agree. Just think how Mary is going to dfeel when she sees this, espcially with the comments? I would get loaded too if I were called a scank, a ho, fat ugly..PEOPLE Mary is HUMAN ahe has feelings don't most of you care? YOu would care if it were your mom or your sister....think about it


2045 days ago
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