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OctoMom Goes to Toys 'R' 14 of Us

3/17/2009 10:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taking a break from trips to amusement parks, OctoMom Nadya Suleman hit up a local Toys 'R' Us yesterday for a little shopping for someone besides herself.


"Excuse me sir, do you happen to have ... I don't know, maybe ... 13 more of these?"


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I said it    

When is your government going to step in? People do something about this outrageaous behaviour.

1960 days ago


shopping, shopping, shopping, seems all she does is shop, most of us couldnt buy in a year what she spends in a day, buying so much for kids makes them in spoiled brats, there were enough toys in her house to supply most kids in Calf. buying toys is not the answer.What would be wrong with buying used toys say at yardsales or goodwill, kids tear them up in the end anyway, It must be nice to able to spend spend spend, when so many cant afford to eat one meal a day. This is america,the land where anything goes. wonder what phils big surprise is for nadya on Wed.

1960 days ago


"13. When is your government going to step in? People do something about this outrageaous behaviour.
Posted at 11:06AM on Mar 17th 2009 by What???"

When? When she ends up killing one or more of her pet kids through stupidity or neglect.

1960 days ago

the canadian    

I'm getting more annoyed with tmz over this story than I was with beyonce and that makeup ad that apparantly made her look white... who effin cares?!

1960 days ago

Good job TMZ... you given this nobody- Angelina-psycho- just what she wanted... Attention. Please find a real celebrity to stalk.

1960 days ago


A con artist in action using the money milked from others!! Is she ever with her children???

1960 days ago


ok so why do you keep showing this stupid no good mom?
t's so old who cares about her lets all move on

1960 days ago


somethings missing, oh, the phone glued to her ear WHERES THE PHONE?

1960 days ago

Jesus juice    

HAHAHAHA....Yeah...this is the time when she told that "other tabloid" how she needs to buy ALL new toys for the safety of the babies because "dust gets embedded" in the toys!! ROTFLMAO!!! (I wrote about this in "Massive COver-up) Also, she DENIED buying Make-Up at the MAC store and said that she DOESN'T EVEN WEAR MAKE-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again....ROTFLMAO.. Either she is THAT mentally ill....or she is PURPOSELY trying to piss people off!!!

1960 days ago


It completely upsets me to see her walking around and spending like no tomorrow..she needs to learn to shop and buy bulk items and on sale and she needs to save what precious money she gets..when these kids start walking and wanting to go places and do activities she is going to need that money...heck if she has to take one to the dr. that is a $45 co pay x 14 kids...that is $630 for one dr. visit per kid...shall we start adding up meds and other necessary items? Obviously we are all going to pay for these kids, their clothes, their activities, their care, their everything and nothing makes me more upset than to have to help someone pay and then my child suffers from it....I am not getting any of that and I ama single mom no support...why her and not me? Oh that is right I had only one child opposed to the litter she has

1960 days ago


Everytime that I see this woman I am sickened! Dr Phil is merely an enabler, along with all of the other people in the US who are sending her donations. I can honestly say, that I will never watch his trashy show again. He has become another Jerry Springer of sorts.....(only less entertaining!) Did anyone ever think maybe if she didn't have the money that the state would take those children away from her? Because that is what should happen. There are millions of people in the world who are unable to have children and then there is this woman who has "litters" and then parades around as if the world owes her something! Purchasing $1000 of MAC makeup.....give me a break. If I had $1000 to spend it sure wouldn't be on makeup!!!! Not to mention that she is never with her kids....the only kids that she ever has with her are the older two, whom are merely for a photo op! Who is watching the other children? Gosh....I could go on and on... This woman is a piece of trash and does not deserve anything, especially spending sprees for herself!

1960 days ago

Katt many do I need to get pregnant with in order to live the free life?? I want money, free babysitting, free child care workers feeind and diapering my kids, new car, cash to buy makeup and clothes and a home!! So how many do I need to have to get it? Just need to know to insure my lazy, leetching future.

1960 days ago


TMZ - the best thing you can do is leave her alone - as long as she is in the news
there will be a sucker to donate!!! Check back with her in a year and see if time
has not slapped the smug smile off that fat ugly face!!! When the new wears off
and the help goes away then she will get her Justice!!!

1960 days ago


She is Octo-Beak!!

1960 days ago


This fish-lipped freak is tops on the most hated list........ and she continues to earn her spot there.

1960 days ago
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