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OctoMom Goes to Toys 'R' 14 of Us

3/17/2009 10:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taking a break from trips to amusement parks, OctoMom Nadya Suleman hit up a local Toys 'R' Us yesterday for a little shopping for someone besides herself.


"Excuse me sir, do you happen to have ... I don't know, maybe ... 13 more of these?"


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I'm so sick of hearing about her. I'm sick of seeing her on here.

1861 days ago

I. B. Trucking    

Wonder how long it will take Nasty Nadya to "trash" her new house? She is what she is - Nasty. I feel so sorry for her "new" neighbors. They didn't ask for their neighborhood to become a CIRCUS. I'm sure they are all hard WORKING people. The key word is WORK. Nadya has never worked a day in her life except when she worked for a mental hospital that she sued for $185,000.00. She is ALL about suing and getting something for nothing. To have 14 babies was another scheme so she would NEVER have to work. She planned this all out very carefully. With her first six kids she was getting THREE (out of six) DISABILITY CHECKS AND FOOD STAMPS FOR ALL SEVEN OF THE (including her). She did the math and found out she could NEVER have to work and the government would take care of her and her 14 kids. She would gets thousands and millions in donatons, her hospital bill would be paid by the government, etc. She figured it all just exactly right. Now she has more money than she has ever had in her life, she has a "new" house that has been remodeled to be a new house. Her Dad put the house in HIS name so the hospital or creditors couldn't put a lien against her house when she gets ready to sell it for a bigger house. She is just like all of the other CROOKS in this country. Crooks KNOW how to "work the system". She is NOW SET FOR LIFE. She has someone to take care of her kids while she is upstairs getting her "beauty rest" for her next day apperance on TV so she can BEG for more money. I bet the next thing she will want (and someone will buy her) is a 16 passenger limo for her 14 kids, herself and her boyfriend. Has she actually loved at herself in the mirro? She looks like a FREAK with her "MICHAEL JACKSON NOSE" AND HER "DONALD DUCK LIPS". She should have been scared over the weekend while she was at Disneyland. They could have snatched her up to perform as a Donald Duck look alike (NOT AS AN ANGELINA JOLIE look alike). Who was that UGLY Dude with Nasty Nadya? I bet she won't be able to keep the men away from her now that she is RICH. They wouldn't care that she looks like a FREAK and has 14 kids, they will just be SMELLING MONEY!!! It's all about MONEY!!!! The men will USE HER like she is using everyone else AND ESPECIALLY THE GOVERNMENT AND THE STUPID PEOPLE DONATING HER ALL THESE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Hey, all that goes around comes around!!! IF the money should EVER run out.....Nadya will do something drastic to get attention. I wouldn't be shocked to hear that she has killed all 14 kids. She is a VERY UNSTABLE WOMAN THAT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND ATTENTION!!!! STOP GIVING THIS MOOCHER ANY MORE MONEY. SHE IS LAUGHING ALL WAY TO THE DESIGNER STORES.

1861 days ago


More sad news for people in CALIFORNIA: the sale tax now is going to be 10%, how do you like this? The state is broke and part of it and the tax raise to blame on OCTO-WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1860 days ago

Stop rewarding fraud!    

I also smell fraud.

I have back problems too and I have trouble doing my housework. Sometimes I can't get out of bed without help. My mother has told me she understands I'm sick and she'll do most of the housework, but that's it, no more responsibility. My mother would embarrass me off the planet earth if I made babies on purpose and expected her to take care of them. My mother told me she don't want grandchildren bad enough to actually raise them. That if I played games with her, any kids I might have might wind up in foster care. I don't think my mother is bluffing. She don't like babies. She don't even want to be around them at family get togethers.

I can't imagine getting pregnant on purpose 6 times and using the doctor's office to do it. These are not "oops" babies. She actually paid thousands of $ per pregnancy to do this and seems to have been on public aid the whole time.

What she did took planning. Somebody belongs in jail. I'm guessing more than one person belongs in jail. I would put Nadya, both her parents, everybody who worked in the IVF clinic and the sperm donor in jail.

Isn't it interesting that she had 4 single pregnancies and then a set of twins then the big 8. Maybe the whole group had been planning on this the whole time. Nadya wanted a litter and knew the government would probably stop her so she waited until the money was gone to do it. Now she has the 14 kids. There is no stopping her now. Is there? Oops too late they are already here. No peer pressure can stop her now.

1860 days ago


Once again, she's using someone else's money to buy that! When she goes and buys $1,000 makeup, $200 shoes, $200 sunglasses, hiseous outfits and then has the audacity to take everyone and their mama to Disney Land/Knott's Berry Farm one has to wonder if she's flaunting it at this point? GET A JOB AND STOB SCABBING OFF OF PEOPLE!!! Shame on you for calling yourself a mother!

1860 days ago


Octo is not...I not the mother of the 14 children. The State, Taxpayers & donators are. Oct was the vessel that carried the babies. She has notbeen, & is not looking after these children She is a casual visitor to them. Her mother housed, paid, cared for the first 6 children. The State & taxpayer is paying for everything to support them., those children at home, & those that are hospitalized. The Angels in wWaiting, are not working for free. Their salaries will be paid for by Donations, paid by..the taxpayer., these Nurses are hoping to continue their work { which is not for free} for 18 months.....Badya is planning to go to school,, as early as next fall. The school, she states , is making arrangements so that they can be "DayCared .."??????????? Yet again someone else will be looking after her,,,,,,,,,no, not "her"..............the children. Oh yes, it will be th State & taxpayer, yet, again. Well, we all know about the perks.the house renovation, nauseum. Badya is making's, interviews.whatever, she can sell Well...........that boils down to The Children. Then of coures, there is Badya's Beggar Website".............also proving to be lucrative, financially, for her. So, all in all, this basically being paid.........rather well to visit the "States Children"., from time to time. Swell "mother"...........................NOT !!!!!!!

1860 days ago


tomorrow the world will finally know what phils big surprise is for nadya, could it be court papers, if not then its a even bigger house , new van or whatever eles she may WANT. does anyone know why he had to wait until WED to give her the surprise?

1860 days ago

brandy in tennessee    

you know what i am so tired you ignorant people who keep downing her need to get of of your lazy ass ! ya i am taking to you !!! a get a job b find your baby's daddy c go to hell and mind your own biznez the poor woman would have been damned if she didn't damned if she don't had she had an abortion it would have been talked about she would have been called a killer so leave her alone she did the wrong thing hello people try watching some of these sappy shows on cable you will see that there is a lot of people out there who are having more than one baby at a time and some of those people dont live in big fancy homes or have a mil just sitting in the bank so what makes it so wrong BAM nothing ok .. and if i were her i would sue the hell out of every media outlet who show her home on tv do you not think that there are crazy people out there that would want to bring her harm gosh lay off and if the hospital is just being ass holes and will not give her children for no good reason will get thier if she sues them they are wrong i wonder if it is a race thing at all get lives people and stay out of hers


1860 days ago


This woman has 14 children and is always out (shopping, amusement parks, etc) I have one baby and can't for the life of me work out how she does it - unless of course she is only the birth mother and not her children's actual full time parent!!!

1860 days ago


It won't be long before the idiots who are enabling this creature by giving her money and freebies will wise up. Once that happens she'll loose it. She's already nuts but that'll make her certifiable for sure. Then the children will be taken away and have a chance at a normal life.

1860 days ago


Please anyone out there, REMOVE HER BEG SITE, by any means possible. Also remove Dr. pimps website of the "support the octuplets'. He could care less the misery he is causing others for his personal gain$$$$$.

1860 days ago


everyone and me is fascinated and infuriated by this woman's accomlishments because we actually see a real u.s. citizen come up out of nowhere and receive fame & fortune and we cant eavesdrop on the lives of all the people out there pulling the same sh*t and getting the easy life and we all know they are out there, we just cant see them in the media 24/7

i think its great tmz follows her because its intrigueing to me her lifestyle and makes me feel better about myself and proud that i work hard for everything me and my son get

i think i read the comments to feel better too because even tho there are a lot of scammers out there, there appears to be lots and lots of people who work hard and have it tougher than me

so i am just saying that i read about octomom because it makes me feel better about my situation

PS / it make take a long time, but one day the karma is guaranteed to come and the media will be covering her downfall too....

1860 days ago

Bob Booie    

She looks like she's carrying two more kids in her lips

1860 days ago

I. B. Trucking    

I wonder IF Nasty Nadya is even a US Citizen. Both her mom and dad have heavy accents. She and the whole family are probably illegal. This is what "burns me up", these people come into OUR country and get millions and millions of dollars from the government. Her hospital bill is over two million dollars already and now she will have BUILT IN baby sitters round the clock. I will have have to say she is smarter than I am. I have two children and had to go back to WORK when they were six weeks old. The key word is is WORK. I resent this MOOCHER!!! She is the BIGGEST LIAR. She was on Dr. "Has Been" and said she didn't realize Good Stamps and Three Disability checks were from the Government. I bet she had to go to a Government Office to sign up?!?!?! Where did she think the FREE MONEY EACH MONTH AND FOOD STAMPS WERE COMING FROM? The Easter Bunny!!! She is such a CON ARTIST!!! She knows exactly what she is doing and how to do it. She has had a lot of experience. This has always been her "WAY OF LIFE" so iher actions just seem normal to her. Her Dad is a liar too. He said on The Oprah Show that ALL HE HAD was $100.00 in the bank.....what ANOTHER LIAR!!! HUMMMMMMMMM how did HE buy the MOOCHER A HOUSE? He didn't buy it. Nadya paid a SUBSTANTIAL DOWN PAYMENT BUT HER DAD JUST PUT THE HOUSE IN HIS NAME SO A LIEN COULDN'T BE ATTACHED TO THE HOUSE FOR THE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN HOSPITAL BILLS. They know how ot "work the sytem". Are they all from Iraq? I know her said said on Oprah that he was from Iraq. I wish the Nadya, her Dad and her Mom would go back to Iraq and put the kids up for adoption. This would be the decent and right thing to do. I hate to talk about GLOOM AND DOOM but something bad is going to happen to this situation!!!! Nothing good can come out of this unless the babies are put in NORMAL HAPPY HOMES. We all know the babies don't have a chance for a normal life if they live in this CIRCUS ATMOSPHERE with an INSANE BABY FACTORY.

1860 days ago


Just saw Ed Doud (OctoGrandpa) at the new house in LaHabra. That lyiing A-hole was on Oprah a few weeks ago CRYING he only had a $100 in the bank and that he had to be back in Iraq ,in a week. For a man with a hundred dollars, he was sure wearing some fancy new clothes , new cell and I see a new vehicle in the garage. Lying SOB. Looks like that POS taught his low life daughter well. A family of pathological LIARS!!!

1860 days ago
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