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Did Gloria Allred Frighten OctoMom's Nanny?

3/18/2009 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget the 42 kids running around the house -- OctoMom's Nanny is freaked out by Gloria Allred ... ALLEGEDLY!

Octomom & Gloria Allred

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ a woman who identified herself as Nadya Suleman's nanny called 911 last night and said she needed an unwanted guest to leave. Cops tell us when they arrived, Gloria agreed to leave the house and wait outside for Nadya Suleman.

Gloria tells a very different story ... that officers came and went and she remained in the house. Allred says, when Nadya arrived, "I asked her whether or not she had wanted me out of the house. She said absolutely not and that she wanted me there."


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I agree with comment 67 and I'll add that Dr. Phil and Gloria Allred do not care about anybody or anything other than their bank accounts. They are disgusting people. This ocotmom is the most irresponsible person I have ever known about. The media giving her all this attention is the saddest. Ignore her and maybe she will just go away. She is spending so much money already and it should just be for her kids but she goes and buys ugly expensive clothes for herself as well as thousands of dollars on make up. I'm sure as soon as she is allowed to she will be getting a tummy tuck. She only wants fame for herself. Any money she is getting she be put into trustfunds for all her children she should not be able to spend a penny of it.

1983 days ago

KIDS AT RISK karen lee    

This is precisely the LEVEL OF MADNESS sane adults KNEW was going to surround OCTOleach since she sold her (babies) SOULS to the media DEVIL (Dr Phil and his cherub -- Gloria Allred who is bending HEAVEN and EARTH for "her CLIENTS" (ANGELS in waiting).
While EVERYONE ELSE in the known world KNEW this day of reckoning would COME -- Gloria Allred AND OCTOleach BOTH expressed "TOTAL SURPRISE AND HORROR" AT what their EXPLOITATION of those kids -- has actually wrought! (DIM BULBS comes to mind). Dr Phil was NOWHERE to be SEEN because of course, HE WANTS ALL THE "Show" to BE ON his stupid TV SHOW,
This entire CIRCUS will be the death of everybody LOOKING TO GREEDILY SCORE off the backs of INNOCENT BABIES.
The only people cheering OCTOLEACH on are HER FELLOW DEADBEATS! (WHAT A cheering section). DEADBEATS, LEACHES, FREE LOADERS everywhere -- hitch your wagons to OCTOFREAK Nadya.
It was really PATHETIC to see Glo girl Allred appear on SHOWBIZ Tonight and express COMPLETE DISMAY and abject HORROR at what "danger" the babies and her AIW nurses were in. Her APPEARANCE was a total INFO-mercial for AIW. Every word was ALL ABOUT HOW “professional, caring, etc” THOSE NURSES are and how SHE couldn’t WAIT to get them INSIDE THE OCTOPIG sty. The fact she seemed BLOWN AWAY by the furor around that house (INSIDE as well as OUTSIDE) GOES TO demonstrate HER marginal mental capacity. She should have worried HOW TO DEFEND herself, Dr Phil AND OCTOLEACH from all the LAWSUITS sure to come their way COURTESY OF SOME LEGITIMATELY PISSED –off NEIGHBORS.
WHAT ELSE DID the TRIO EXPECT their manipulations would engender? You live by the media sword -- YOU are certainly gonna DIE by it -- BECAUSE RATINGS is all anybody in the MEDIA cares ABOUT. You are only as worthy as the EYEBALLS your stupid story brings to their product.
ANYONE/everyone who is SICK TO DEATH of OCTOLEACH and her merry band of FELLOW USERS and ratings WHORES ... should do ONE THING: NOT WATCH anything featuring OCTOPIG, Dr PHIL or Gloria Allred. TUNE THEM ALL OUT. BOYCOTT (and tell everyone you run into) to also BOYCOTT Dr Phil -- and ANY OF HIS ADVERTISERS stupid enough to put their products ON TRASH TALK TV.
DO NOT contribute one cent -- NO MATTER HOW MUCH THE URGE moves you -- to AIW, DR PHIL'S FOUNDATION --- or anybody ELSE involved in enabling OCTOpig to scam the system and DRAIN much=needed resources from her county, state and federal bodies. JUST SAY no. Let her get a JOB and figure out HOW TO SUPPORT HERSELF and her litters of innocent KIDS. LET THE KIDS be FREED to be ADOPTED by stable, well adjusted LOVING FAMILIES who desperately want to PROVIDE FOR CHILDREN (and not EXPLOIT them).
WHEN covering OCTOLEACH becomes a YAWN -- and nobody IS WATCHING any more -- IT WILL ALL BE OVER.

1983 days ago

I. B. Trucking    

Nasty Nadya with her MICHAEL JACKSON NOSE AND DONALD DUCK LIPS will next DEMAND A LIMO WITH A DRIVER. She will say she needs the LIMO AND DRIVER to talk her litter for their doctor appointments, etc. After all, she is now RICH and FAMOUS with OUR taxpayers money. I bet Nadya will be VERY DEMANDING and BARK ORDERS to women who are now "RAISING HER KIDS". She will have to "PLAY" BOSS with them to show them SHE IS IN CHARGE OF HER KIDS. We all know everything she does is for "SHOW". She will pose holding the babies then when the cameras are turned off she is off "doing her own think - like shopping for HERSELF. She is the most self-center SELFISH person I have ever seen. PLEASE DON'T SEND THIS BABY FACTORY ANY MORE MONEY!!!!!! Let Nasty Nadya see how the rest of us have to live that WORK EVERYDAY. She is NOT TOO GOOD TO WORK!!!!

1983 days ago


God, this is just the first of the 911 calls.

GET READY P.Department and neighbors. You're in for a bumpy ride.

1983 days ago


Gloria probably knows that people see her as an evil, scary demon-seed spit forth from the bowels of hell, and is probably quite proud of that.

1983 days ago


OMG! i just watched segment on "radar" and this broad is nuts!!!! she is talking about mentally unstable people possibly getting too close to her family...TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE!!!!

1983 days ago

stacy feinstein    

911 is not her personal answering service. As if she hasn't exploited every other resource. I'm sick of this woman.

1983 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Oh Riiiggghhht! Allred was walking out of the home as the cop got there, she did in fact drive off as this was at about 7:pm and Octowomb didn't get home until 10:pm
Interesting news: Yestreday, Octoshopper was spied at the local JC Penneys, shopping again-she had command of the center aisle of the store and a lot of the clerks were catering to her-I shop there, they never catered to me like that-you can nevr find a clerk when you need oneand I spend a lot there. What was so odd is that there was a helicopter hovering overhead, didn't knwo why at first until walking into Penneys. and seeing the fiasco of another publicity stunt-why isn't she home taking care of those babies-she had 1 child with her. she could have sent Grandma to shop.

1983 days ago

I. B. Trucking    

SINCE THIS WELFARE QUEEN IS OUT SHOPPING EVERYDAY AND THE BABIES AND KIDS NOW HAVE A 24/7 BUILT IN BABY SITTERS/NURSES, WHY CAN'T NADYA GET A JOB LIKE THE REST OF US? SHE CERTAINLY ISN'T TAKING CARE OF HER KIDS OR BABIES!!!SHE IS NOT DOING ANYTHING WITH HER BABIES/KIDS EXCEPT TO POSE FOR THE CAMERAS THEN PUTS THEM DOWN AS SOON AS THE CAMERAS ARE TURNED OFF. SO WHAT IS KEEPING HER FROM WORKING LIKE THE REST OF US? OOPS, STUPID ME, I FORGET ABOUT HER DONATIONS EACH DAY OF AROUND $25,000. NO WONDER SHE IS LIVING LIKE THE RICH AND FAMOUS? SHE IS RICH AND FAMOUS. STOP SENDING THESE DONATIONS TO THIS PERSON WITH THE MICHAEL JACKSON NOSE AND DONALD DUCK LIPS. This crazy woman made the comment the other day that all of her kids have her nose and mouth - NOT!!!!! She had cosmetic surgery. This MOOCHER, WELFARE QUEEN, TRASH is CRAZY and needs to be locked up. She is nothing but a tax payer burden with her Disablity Checks and Food Stamps she receives each month. She is USELESS!!! I expect any day now for Dr. "Needs Ratings Feel Good" to BEG for Nadya a stretch LIMO with a personal driver for Nadya to have to take her litter to their doctor's appointments. The government will probably have the Government Health Department to come to her house since she is now rich and famous!!! STOP SENDING THE DONATIONS......she is all about MONEY for HERSELF. The kids didn't benefit one bit from the expensive makeup she bought the other day with the DONATED MONEY!!! The ones donating the money are total IDIOTS themselves to actually believe the money is going to "the kids/babies". NOT!!!! The money is going to Wannabe Nasty Nadya.

1983 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Medicaid ( or in the state of CA it's called med-cal) is going to pay angels in waiting for the daily care of the babies. So what is angels in waiting doing with all the donation money they are getting???? Angels in waiting needs to be investigated for fraud!!!!

1983 days ago


the best we can hope for is TMZ is there to capture on camera when someone finally walks up to PRINCESS NADYA and knocks the s--t out of her .PRINCESS NADYA is special, see, she had a plan, to her , her s--t dont stink , she could have thousands surround her and thow eggs at her and the unstable nut would still be smiling at the cameras , she dont care how people view her so so as the MONEY KEEPS FLOWING IN. to me what she has done is a crime but who is going to take the royal HIGHASS before the courts, NO ONE WILL.

1983 days ago


All these emotional responses are well and good for the readers, but they don't really accomplish anything. Keep in mind that NS is a criminal. Are there ever going to be charges brought against her or are the authorities just going to wait until things die down and sweep it under the rug?

1983 days ago

They were in it for the money    

To #86 HA! I know about 100 people right in the area just begging for that opportunity. I would perfer to go about it a different way To snap the $25,000 picture of the stamps coming out of the pocket book at the market along with whats in the shopping cart.

1983 days ago

I. B. Trucking    

How long do you give "Angels in Waiting" to QUIT taking care of Nasty Nadya's babies/kids? I give them a month at the most. Nadya is a VERY DEMANDING LYING PERSON so she will HAVE TO BOSS them around and act like she is a concerned Mother. She will NEVER be a Mother. Just because you have babies does NOT make you a Mother. She will USE these babysistting/nurses to the max until they get fed up and leave. She is the BIGGEST CON ARTIST I have ever seen. How is she still getting Food Stamps and FOUR DISABILTY CHECK - (disability for herself and three of her six kids.) This whole SCHEME is all about money. Next, she will insist on a stretch Limo with a personal driver. Her litter surely can't all fit into a mini-van. I guess the government will buy her this too if her donations run out. I have heard she is getting more than $25,000 per day from donations. PLEASE DON'T SEND THIS WELFARE QUEEN ANY MORE DONATIONS AND MONEY. She is laughing all the way to the bank and designer stores.

1983 days ago

Princess Mononoke of She-Rah    

octomom needs to date chris brown, gloria needs to date OJ. Correction. They both need to date OJ.

1982 days ago
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