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Did Gloria Allred Frighten OctoMom's Nanny?

3/18/2009 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget the 42 kids running around the house -- OctoMom's Nanny is freaked out by Gloria Allred ... ALLEGEDLY!

Octomom & Gloria Allred

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ a woman who identified herself as Nadya Suleman's nanny called 911 last night and said she needed an unwanted guest to leave. Cops tell us when they arrived, Gloria agreed to leave the house and wait outside for Nadya Suleman.

Gloria tells a very different story ... that officers came and went and she remained in the house. Allred says, when Nadya arrived, "I asked her whether or not she had wanted me out of the house. She said absolutely not and that she wanted me there."


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Octoskank was out shopping today at Brea Mall with 4 of her clan. Nice to have her time freed up by all the TAXPAYERS.
How about cleaning up your new Welfare Home. Oh, I forgot everyone else does your job. Octo-pig has a new trick now.
When she is out and about spending her BAD BACK money, she stays on the cell phone as to not talk to anyone that is not paying big bucks. She couldn't be worse, Ungrateful PIG!!!!! And Dr.Pimp McGraw, thanks for freeing up her responsibilities you were the Ass that said it woud take 16 caregivers around the clock to care for the kids. Any stinkin lie McGraw to scam your audience. Your an over paid TV host and Liar.

1856 days ago

They were in it for the money    

After thinking over what she is getting, she truly isn't getting welfare as we know it. the checks are for social security disability on the kids who have it and the food stamps(which are a part of Welfare system), are part of that deal, although I don't know what child could eat $550 per month in food stamps unless they are on one very strict diet of maybe nutri system-Food stamps designated for children are not designated for her.. If she is getting a disability check because of her back, well...She is then being investigated, not by Welfare, but by Social Security-Welfare is State controlled, SS from the Government. There is enough video of her on rides at Disney especially space mountain where there are signs all over saying 'if you are pregnant, have back problems,' etc., you should not be on that ride. The strange thing out here is, if on Welfare, the case workers come around all the time, especially if there's a problem, if it's SS, then you only have to prove you or a child is disabled via a Dr's report, they do not come around for a child check up, unless the child is not being cared for properly. She is probably is on medi-cal(Once again, a part of Welfare) as well and you can bet she will be taken off of that, once again, the video's do not lie. Just getting into some of those rides alone will put strain on your back, not to mention the G forces. I'd say in some respect the woman has done cooked her goose on some of that stuff. As for her shopping excursions...Do you guys get the idea that her video taped outings with phone in hand all the time are nothing more than that? All for publicity-she isn't really talking to anyone except maybe the guy at the end of the line of her group. It takes 12 minutes to get to Brea Mall, 16 if traffic is heavy. This was all done as another 'look at me' excuse-Hogwash! Awww...we have a group out here tonight, won't last long, the fog is coming in heavy-least I won't be able to see anything out the window tomorrow monring for a little while.

1856 days ago


If you have chidren and need home renovations for FREE contact:Witaker General Contraction. He Does not care about the money, That is why he Renovated the Suleman Home for Nothing. below is his contact informatiom.
Phone: (909) 792-6508 Cell: (909) 801-4745

Name: Stan Whitaker
Title: Owner

1856 days ago


Hi, DamnedAngryNeighborOfOctomom, thanks for your comments. We appreciate hearing from someone on the scene. I just wanted to know if it's true that Dr. Phil will be coming to Madonna Lane on Saturday at 3:00. I have been reading the online paper,, to keep up with Octomom news, and in the comments section on a story titled "Suleman's rep apologizes for neighborhood chaos," comment no. 54 from a poster named Sick and Tired says that Dr. Phil will come to interview Madonna Lane residents for any complaints about Octomom. If that's true, he's probably going to film material for his next show on Octomom. Give him a piece of your mind! Of course he might not use the most critical complaints on his show, since he's trying to make Octomom look good (gotta keep those donations rolling in).

I feel sorry for all the uproar your neighborhood is enduring, and I do hope they sneak the other 6 babies in without announcing it to the media ahead of time. But I don't think you will have to put up with her for very long. I doubt that Octomom will stay in that house more than a year. Once the 8 babies are up and walking and old enough to need their own bunk beds, she won't have enough room, and the lot is too small to build an addition to the house. Also she's violating code by having so many people in a 4-bedroom house. (How is she getting away with that?) She'll be moving on to larger quarters. If her donations dry up, she or her father won't be able to keep up payments on the house and the former owner, who financed the sale, will evict her. I bought my house through seller financing, and believe me, if I hadn't transferred the loan over to a traditional bank mortgage within the agreed-upon time frame, he would have thrown me out.

I wish somebody could find out how all the money is being handled. Did her first PR firm set her upas a company, with donations going into the corporation (or foundation, or trust), or is it all going to Ed Doud? Any bank they are using would have to report deposits over $10,000 to the IRS, so I hope taxes are being withheld by now. The mystery is whether it's reported as her income, Ed's income or other, such as corporation revenue. Joann Killeen of Octo's first PR firm said recently she hadn't released the Suleman website donation funds yet because she was waiting on Ed Doud to bring a tax number. That number would either be Octo's or Ed's SS numbers, or a federal tax ID for a corporation. I suspect Octo is trying to keep the money in Ed's name so she can still say she's indigent despite her "little opportunities," which she always illustrates by holding her thumb and index finger an inch apart. Little, my foot. I've heard estimates that she's made over $500,000 so far between media appearences and donations.

1856 days ago


Million Dollar Baby, would like your thoughts on all the FREE baby furniture they gave octomom. Contact them AT:
Thank You

1856 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Could this possiby be the 'donated furniture' from Dr. Phil? As I heard some of the items (Cribs) that were donated and delivered were sent back because they were made illegally, not up to code?
OK, so the big Dr. without a license anymore is showing up, right? I just wonder which neighbors will be chosen? From the actual cul de sac, or around the corner which is not the actual neighbors. you know, I can be very innocent and then drop the hammer like Nancy Grace over all of this and swipe them with mud. As to date, I would love the opportunity as eventhough I am humble, given the right amount of forum, I can ask the right questions and get them all right into a quagmire. Well, I did have other things planned for tomorrow, but now, I will do the hair extra nice, put on MY paid for legally MAC Make-up and strut my stuff, all the while fenging innocence-Octounglam thinks she can do this, She hasn't met the master yet-ha ha he he ho ho. Wish me luck everyone!

1856 days ago


As an RN who has taken care of premie triplets in home health care situations I was appalled by the homecoming video on radaronline. Why were there camera crews inside the home in the first place? It was late at night the other siblings were still up. Nadya put the car seats on the floor multiple times to be filmed. Encouraged the other children to touch and kiss the newborns with obviously dirty hands and faces. The premies were putting up their hands to shield their faces, a sign of stress. The so-called nurses said nothing and Nadya was oblivious as usual. The only one making any sense was grandma who reminded Nadya that it was late and the children needed to go to bed. Her response? "Oh but they're so excited".

It is still RSV season. Most infants who contract this very serious virus get it from older siblings. It can kill a newborn or premie very easily. You can baby proof your house until the cows come home, but if you don't follow basic sanitation and common sense the babies will not be safe no matter what.

It is so sad to see the innocent babies being exposed to all this media circus. Papparazi can't be helped, but the indoor crew were obviously there by invitation.

1856 days ago

They were in it for the money    

The media, her personal contractual media people were of course there by invitation. even gloria Allred could not get rid of them, do you honestly think the nurses would have any sway. this is mom's ballgame-I say throw her to the officials to deal with and not a smarmy Dr. Phool.

1856 days ago


DANMEDANGRYNEIGHBOR, go for it if quick draw mcgraw comes around. heck as far as this site goes you are becoming more popular than the 'PRINCESS of the WORLD' at least we have someone with first hand knowledge to give us the truth not all the lies they want us to believe . if this happens, try if you can get in his face and ask for the rest of us this, NOW QUICK DRAW MCGRAW JUST HOW IS IT YOU ARE DEFENDING A BACK INJURY FRAUD CASE. AFTER THE WHOLE WORLD HAS SEEN THE VIDEOS OF ACTIVITY THAT NOONE WITH A BAD BACK COULD PREFORM? wouldnt the workers comp board jump on this seeing now she must have the money to pay it all back? and correct me if i am wrong, but if she puts everything in other peoples name can the state still seize it.?i am going to write to the email address that was posted to see if i and my neighbors can get Whitter to come and give us new floors also. i totally agree with you because i thought the same thing with the phone stunt, oh and i see she was wearing Hollister clothing are they giving her free clothes because if so then we need to write to them and demand our fair share of free clothing also. and are there any neighbors there that are helping her? i hope all of you are banning together and letting her know that , as she stated she dont have a computer, that you all do and so you all know pretty much how the rest of us feel. good luck today and we will be looking forward to hearing from you as to what took place. FROM A FAN OF YOURS. thanks

1856 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Good Morning and Greetings from 'Octo Lane'!
Aww...4Beagles..Awww...Thank You :) It's fun to know I have 'fans'-lol!. That is a very appropriate and excellent question you typed, I admit! It opens the door for more probative questions.
FYI: There actually are 2 people in a group of approximately 7 families that do somewhat support her, from the baby aspect; cute babies, feel for them, leave her alone, etc. I'm not nosing in the window, but I know nobody is actually going up to her door, bringng a covered dish. For the ones going up to the door, they are curiosity seekers.
Do you realize, except for 'her own publicity', things have come to an almost screeching halt in the media? They know when to give it a rest, people are very angry, especially when all the little loose ends are now coming to light, the phony name, the back injury, the paying for the home with cash, who owns what, the governmant assistance, the handouts-the list is endless.
I do know one thing. unless she has a 'non profit' listing, her donations are in fact taxable. If she had such great PR people, why didn't anyone think to file for the tax id beforehand and why is it such a bother for the family to give that information out? Isn't the picture getting clear here? I think when she did that crazy 911 call, she was setting up the stage; police coming out, her thinking this would make the evening news, open opportunity to say she was having 8 babies-That didn't work as she isn't very bright. I also wonder about this one and only job she had. If I am correct in thinking, Metropolitan Hospital(aka Norwalk State I believe) closed down for the most part in 1998 because of huge state and county cuts in the system. wonder if she set them up as well? It's all fishy and in due time, I'm sure she will be throughly investigated.

1856 days ago

I. B. Trucking    

Hi Damned Angry Neighbor of Ocotmom, We love you here in Tennessee. You are "RIGHT ON TOP OF THINGS". I hope that soon you will be writing that the Police came to Ocotmom's door and handcuffed her and took her to jail for FRAUD. This would be THE BEST NEWS!!!! She has been planning for years how she can GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING and this was her way of doing it. She liked getting the FREE FOOD STAMPS AND FREE DISABILITY CHECKS EACH MONTH FROM THE Bingo.....she would just have as many babies as she could and hoping with multiple births some of the babies would be born with disabilities so there would would be MORE money each month PLUS MORE FOOD STAMPS then......she knew that the US Citizens are generous when it comes to babies and kids so she knew she would get all of the freebees and THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM DONATIONS. Well, you know what? Her plans all worked as planned. I have heard she has been getting at least $25,000.00 a day in donations PLUS all of the money she has received from the Dr. Need Ratings Show, NBC, etc. This is how she can afford to go to Disneyland, buy $1,000.00 makeup from MAC, buy Hollister shirts, and designer clothes, etc. She IS rich (and famous) as she planned. One thing she surely didn't plan though from her cosmetic surgery was to have a Michael Jackson NOSE and Donald Duck LIPS. She was trying for the Angelina Jolie look but this didn't work out too well froh her cosmetic surgery, All of her other plans are "right on the money". She had no plans in ever paying back her hospital bill. She didn't pay the hospital to have her first six kids so why would she even think about paying the hospital for these eight plus HER bill? This NASTY NADYA NEEDS TO BE LOCKED UP BUT BEFORE THAT THE DONATIONS NEED TO STOP. SHE IS LAUGHING ALL THEY WAY TO THE MALL AND DESIGNER STORES. Wonder what she will be spending money on this weekend? She had her teeth whittened the other day so it's too soon for that - probably a facial or something like that will do. It won't be long now before Nasty Nadya will be demanding a stretch LIMO and personal driver so make way neighbors, the 16 seater Limo will need space on your street. Notice I haven't mentioned anything about the kids and babies......Nadya is NOT taking care of the babies.....she now has built in baby sitters/nurses. I bet these women could already WRITE A BOOK ABOUT NASTY NADYA and they probably will. I give them a month and they will be gone. They won't put up with the DEMANDING, SELF-CENTER NADYA BARKING ORDER TO THEM AFTER SHE COMES DOWN STAIRS FROM HER BEAUTY REST. This woman is disgusting. Most people can see her and her scheme. I don't understand why these people are still sending her money?!?!?!? Are they STUPID OF WHAT? STOP THE MONEY FOR NASTY NADYA. The money is NOT going to the babies but to support Nadya's habits - SHOPPING!!!

1856 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Well thank you Tenn and I give a Big ol Howdy to the state that gave us the Grand Ole Uproar(M. Pearls' terminology).
The crowds are a garthering and the police are watchin' - all because of the news that Dr. Phil 'can cook your goose and make money at the same time' McGraw will be here shortly. and yes, I do have a good chance at the MAC Makeup Faceoff. This 'interview' won't be shown until maybe next Tuesday, maybe later that that, but I will try and get in on the action for my adoring, wonderful chums on here, to hear the voice of reason, speaking out for all of you.
As I posted on the newest Octothread-this shopping excursion was in Orange County yesterday, not in L.A. and she did have her 4 kids as I may have probably indicated prior...I love this; being able to get the 'news' out before it comes out 'officially'-lol. Damned, I'm good!
I'm going to post one more thing here, clarifying some aspects of this disability money maker scammer. Until later this afternoon, when the sun sinks heedlessly in the West, I'll be back to inform some more, from the new town known as Octoland...

1856 days ago

Think about it... You be the Judge...    

DamnedAngryNeighborofOctomom Thank you for all the current posts you’ve been listing. You are so right on when it comes to Octomom. I have been losing sleep because this has brought back many problems we’ve experience in my own family. I’m not well and dying of cancer and when I saw your post, I felt so much better to think someone has really seen through her whole scam. I was able to get 6 hours of sleep last night after reading your posts. There is a God in the world. Thanks again for a little piece of mind.
You know when they say, you have a twin in the world that is a mirror image of yourself, we’ll my son married her twin 9 years ago and it’s been nothing but craziness’. His soon to be ex-wife took everything she could from friends, family and anyone else she could sink her teeth into. I don’t want to hear that is poor woman was an only child and this is the reason why she’s having all these problems. Her twin sister is the youngest of eight children in her family and she’s a carbon copy of Octomom.
Now let’s talk about Worker’s Comp….. If she received a settlement of $165,000 she would have had to sign a C&R. Once this is completed and filed with the court, she can do cartwheels in her front yard and their isn’t a darn thing worker’s comp and do about it. To them the case is closed. Now as far as Social Security, you had to have worked 40 quarters in order to receive permanent disability. When she files a claim with Social Security, any settlement she received must be stated and it affects the funds she receives. If she signs off on future medical, she is responsible for any medical costs and now becomes a pre-existing condition. Worker’s Comp will pay for vocational rehab if she’s not able to return to her current job because she’s not capable of performing her dues. They will pay for retraining, even letting her attend school, maybe this is how she’s been attending college, so she can still collect worker’s comp. Now, if this is the case, why is she able to get all these school grants!! Just another one of her scams to add to the list.
What a tangle web we weave! They are all connected in one way or other. Between Dr. Phil, Gloria Allred, Angels in Waiting and her Attorney (maybe her current Publicist) they all have a piece of the pie. They’re either connected by family member or part of the associations. Talking about letting foxes loose in the hen house, they all need help. She thinks just because this house is in her father’s name, this will make is possible for Government assistant, she better think again. Loops holes in the law!! Sounds like Madoff and AIG all rolled into one. Ha Ha And we all foot the bill on all of these.
I would love to come down to Madonna Lane this afternoon to watch the show, but my children would kill me and I don’t have time on my side. Lol My next Chemo is May and I have to stay well. I live alone and have two therapy dogs that take care of me. They don’t get public assistant, so I’ve had to teach them how to do the house work. I’m working on training them to go shopping for me. My little girls are Yorkies, one is 3.2lbs. and the other one is 5.5lbs. They are the best; all the money and things in this world couldn’t give me the comfort they so easily give me. I’m blessed, I may not have things but I do have character. As they say, People first (love of family and friends), Then money (enough to care for yourself), then Things. All I can say, there are four things in life you really need to be a good person, Honesty, Integrity, Trustworthiness and by all means….. Common Sense!!! You can have all the book smarts but if you don’t have common sense, you’re dead in the water…lol
DamnedAngryNeighborofOctomom, please keep us all posted on all coming
I would like to leave you my e-mail but I’m just afraid, I might have Octoman leaving me messages.

1856 days ago


Alright Allred, you got your 15 minutes, time to go away and chase another ambulance.

1855 days ago


Dear damned angry neighbor of octomom,
Hooray for you keeping us all posted of what is happening.
My thoughts and prayers go to your neighborhood.
I am a previous foster mom, I have volunteered in several NICU"s in my town. Had many preemies
I have been a nanny for several years, What makes me mad is DOC Phil and Allred's involvement
Angels in waiting are making a fortune also, Look at their web site they get MEDI- CAL as Private Nurses.
We were led to believe they were getting care with out tax payer money. HA HA HA what a joke!!!
The babies could have been taken a care of certified nannies payed by Nadya's media if in fact she is getting paid which I believe she is. I feel for those little Angels all 14 of them. I wish she would give them up to responsible families. I told my husband I would like to be taking care of those babies so I know that my tax money is being used for the babies not ALLRED OR PHIL OR ANGELS IN WAITING. Imagine the threat they have hanging over Nadya and her family. She screwd up for sure, but she is their mother. I am not supporting her but what a night mare for all involved
Please keep us informed. We need to keep the public up to date with this. Good Luck in your neighborhood

1855 days ago
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