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Did Gloria Allred Frighten OctoMom's Nanny?

3/18/2009 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget the 42 kids running around the house -- OctoMom's Nanny is freaked out by Gloria Allred ... ALLEGEDLY!

Octomom & Gloria Allred

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ a woman who identified herself as Nadya Suleman's nanny called 911 last night and said she needed an unwanted guest to leave. Cops tell us when they arrived, Gloria agreed to leave the house and wait outside for Nadya Suleman.

Gloria tells a very different story ... that officers came and went and she remained in the house. Allred says, when Nadya arrived, "I asked her whether or not she had wanted me out of the house. She said absolutely not and that she wanted me there."


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They were in it for the money    

Hi Everyone in Cyberland!
Well, is all I can say about the Looney Tunes. Slick and Quick side show! As I somewhat suspected, some people that were interviewed were from around the corner, some were from the cul de sac itself, Surprise! Some people were pre-picked before he came- big News Flash, though...Phil the person, is pretty nice and wears wonderful smelling cologne, although the 'Dr'. has a very adequate ego. Off camera, he is not amused one bit by this, but as he says, 'It's my job' - no guarantee all this will be shown as it was taped. BIG Shock, one of the 'media camp aides' did spill Miss Mediahype's supposedly latest secret-She is a card carrying member of actors equity union now; some nuts proposed her, aint that a kick in the head, so this in turn means her butt is probably getting scale for her video escapades, to me, this translates into JOB-Hello?. I got to ask 1 question and I let it fly: 'Why is this miscarriage of human dignity allowed to progress in the media and why is she benefacting from various scources such as government aid and your program when it is so obvious she is not entirely focusing on the babies or her other children and has not been forthcoming on certain issues? I doubt that will be shown, but I am proud I said. it. They were actually looking for an answer as to 'How do you feel and what effect has her moving in had on your neighborhood' - I asked his crew with him standing off to the side: 'Happen to watch the news about the arrival the other night? How do you think we feel' ? We left as soon as humanly possible and went down to Huntington Beach to cool off. It was pretty apparent he was Not aware of all the stuff she has been up to recently.
Eventhough this has weighed on everyone's mind and soul, I do think it is for the best to let this Octostory die a slow death as far as her MisAdventures are concerned. The babies have adequate basic provisions, of course donated-if she needs something, it is about time for her to own up being a responsible human being and mother and stop the nonsense, use her monetary resources and not be dependent for more handouts anymore. She honestly can well afford to do so. There was high friction in the area again today because it's the money issue and not caring for her children; staying home, etc.. she truly is a manipulator to the highest degree, does she care? Absolutely not!

2009 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Forgot the most important thing-2 more babies came home, under the radar so to speak- the 2 girls.

2009 days ago


Hi DamnedAngryNeighborofOctomom, thanks for the update. You're our very own James Bond (Jamesia?) in Octoland. I hope Dr. Phil uses your question on the show. (Sorry if this is a duplicate post - I'm having some trouble with the site.)

Wow, that's interesting about Nadya getting an actors union card. Oh nuts, now she can play herself when they do the Lifetime TV movie about her.

I heard about Linda Conforti sneaking another 2 babies into the house. That's good news, since it prevented another media clusterf*** and gave the babies some peace and quiet.

Wonder if Nadya will have Radar in there filming the 2 latest babies? I watched her latest blogs in which she drops hints about the sperm donor father, and the blog from the previous day where she trashes her mother ("She never showed me any affection") and said she's going to write a book and the truth will come out. Guess it will be a Mommie Dearest type of book.

2009 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Guess tomorrow we will see her taking the 1 kid to school-that'll be the new quasi radar video. I have heard of primping for the camera, but you know, she had 4 Do Not Trepass signs, placed by her flunkie videographer, Like that would stop anyone(they must have got the idea off of that Florida Grandma) The police didn't stay too long, but why the rush to get them out, nobody was really there. I do know if they are called out again for a crowd control, they will surely charge her for this, maybe will charge her for the 1st one. I hope so.
Where the homes are located, there is a semi steep incline before you get to the Lane, when you go back down, the cross St. is Whittier Bl. Her mother had a taxi ride waiting this morning and yep, she was in tears. If this is all going on the videos those guys are continually taping, I believe before too long we will see some really heavy duty stuff going on. The same hand that is feeding her, is going to be the exact same ones who will be the ruination of her. Proof is a mighty powerful weapon and what she has done once again is just gone off the deep end-How much you guys bet she will make an excuse yet again about her behavior towards her mother, she will call it post partum depression now. the video of that unfortunately hit the news this afternoon. Makes her look more of a fool tha ever.
Believe it or not, the stress has been too much, been sick all day. There's talk now she is installing an electric gate-Funny, if she wanted a grand home, she should have picked one of the Shea Tapestry homes down on Idaho and Lambert-4,500 to 5,400 sq ft, nice back yard and Security Gates all over! The prioe would have matched what she paid for her new home. she didn't get such a bargain, the place was and still is not the best on the Lane.

2008 days ago


I'm sure by now everyone in Octoland knows that octo nut fired AIW today.Now what I want to know is who is going to protect those poor chilcren from their mother? She is unstable at best. CPS, please please please keep her under a VERY high-power microscope.

2007 days ago


Dear DamnedAngryNeighborOfOctomom-You rock!!!!!!!!! I love reading all your posts, and my sister calls me on a daily basis for your updates, as she doesn't have a computer. YOu have a ton of fans in Wisconsin! Keep up the good work, and keep us informed.

2007 days ago

Womb for one    

Who is story) Allred?

2007 days ago

J. Knight    

It seemed that with Dr. Phil's help, everything was set up and ready to go. I don't know what went wrong but I would like to hear from Dr. Phil, because I know he will give us the truth.

2006 days ago


I am seeking information on my account.

2006 days ago
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