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Jessica Lange Breaks Several Bones in Cabin Fall

3/18/2009 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica LangeJessica Lange got extremely lucky yesterday after taking a fall at her Minnesota cabin.

Family sources tell TMZ the legendary actress grabbed for a railing that was not secure and fell over -- breaking her shoulder and collar bone and dislocating her arm.

She also suffered lacerations and received stitches at a local hospital. As one family member put it, "She's OK ... but very lucky."


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Meg Gordenier St. Paul, Minnesota    

Jessie, Sam and their family are personal friends. They both live very private lives. Jessie is a gracious women and very involved in her children's lives ( P.T.A. and all ) My husband and I have been to many social events with them and have NEVER seen either one of them drink. We all have regrets, let them live in peace. Jessie I am so sorry this has happened and pray for your speedy recovery. Warmest Regards, Meg

2012 days ago


Jessica is my all-time favorite actress. Blue Sky, Frances, Tootsie, Country, Sweet Dreams, Cape Fear, Music Box, Losing Isiah, and Rob Roy are just a few of her great movies. She's won 2 Academy Awards and 4 Golden Globes. She looked radiant in Normal in 2003. Get well soon, Jessica!!!

2012 days ago


14. A class act that women every where should aspire to be like. You never see her in the press unless she presents herself with class. I loved her in Tootsie,that movie about Fannie Farmer, and of course her first one King Kong(76). My best to her speedy recovery.

Hey Wanda, that would be "Frances" Farmer, the very troubled actress forced to undergo a lobotomy. Fannie Farmer wrote the cookbook.

I do agree every time I've ever seen her she's had style and grace. I've seen her sign autograph after autograph at rope lines during premieres, a right and proper place to sign autographs. I don't for a minute think she threw a glass of anything at someone else. I think that's a total fabrication. I expect she politely refused the autograph because she was at a private dinner and should not have been interrupted. There's a time and place for everything. And interrupting someone while they're eating is not the right time.

And for 9. who questioned her being legendary. She does have two Academy Awards for best actress and a whole host of other awards. Sounds pretty legendary to me.

2012 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I am from Minnesota and was a nursing assistant who took care of Jessica's grandmother, Teena, in the 1970's when Jessica was just starting out. When she did "King Kong" everyone in our little town was so proud. But Jessica never really returned here after she made it big. She also lived in Stillwater, MN for years and left because it was growing too fast (although it is also the hometown of creepy Rep Michelle Bachmann, who Jess dispised).
I have also heard that she and Sam drink, as did her father. So what if she was a little tipsy when she fell? Alcoholism is a disease, and we should sympathise, not judge. She is a wonderful actress who never looked for the limelight, just wanted to perform.

2012 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

At nite in the GRAVE yard a diffent oowafor?.I saw a spot on her arm when she was at the oscar`s with barrymore-What was that?.A age spot or a bruse or...anyway.That`s talk about me...about putting me in the BLANK.

2012 days ago


Too damn bad she didn't break her neck!

2012 days ago


this is what I hate about the media. "broke several bones." she broke a couple and the last time I checked that meant two. 3 or 4 mean a few amd 5 or more would be several.......You just cannot believe the media they are liars that will put anything in print.....

2012 days ago


Jessica Lange is one of our finest actors. She was SO hot in "Postman", but equally great in "Country", "Crimes of the Heart', "Frances", etc. She is a private person who has chosen to live her life on a ranch far from LA. Accidents happen; this is not newsworthy.

I don't believe for one second the poster who stated that she "threw a drink in his face." If that indeed happened, you probably deserved it.

2012 days ago


I'm NOT a fan of Jessica Lange, and I do believe she and her buddy Sam abuse alcohol, but good grief, why be so nasty? People who are drinking, and who are rude to other people, generally have deep pain in their lives. It doesn't excuse their behavior, but perhaps explains it.

2012 days ago


Nice nice woman. She was a neighbor in a small town in Minnesota. She was always kind and approachable.

2012 days ago


Drunk or sober?

2012 days ago


You can't get good help today. Sounds like they should hire Mr. Haney as there new handy man.

2012 days ago


It would take a really sturdy table, but I believe we could get that dirty job done.

2012 days ago


She's actually a very down to earth lady that appreciates her privacy, much the same as most other people that grew up in small town Minnesota. She's still seen around these parts quite often and acts just like a 'normal' person, rather than some Hollywood 'star'.

Nice to see so many people that haven't a clue who she is or what she's like have such authoritative opinions though.
Yah sure, you betcha.

2012 days ago

truth teller    

Jessica, quit drinking so much and you'll avoid falls like this in the future!

2012 days ago
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