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Kanye West -- Charged With 3 Crimes

3/18/2009 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West has just been charged with three criminal misdemeanors -- vandalism, battery, and grand theft -- in connection with the camera-smashing incident at LAX.

Kanye West: Click to watch
The L.A. City Attorney has also charged Don Crowley, Kanye's manager, with the following crimes -- two counts of vandalism, two counts of battery and two counts of grand theft.

TMZ happened to catch the incident on tape. In fact, Kanye broke our camera light as we were shooting. Crowley is charged with breaking both the TMZ camera and the still camera. Kanye is charged with breaking the flash accessory to the still camera.

The incident occurred last September 11. Both men are scheduled to be arraigned on April 14.

Kanye could get up to 2 1/2 years in jail if convicted on all counts. Crowley could get five years.


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YAA!! kanye should be happy he made the news AGAIN!! me me me me eme mem ememeeeeeeee DO SOMETHING POSITIVE OR WORTHWHILE FOR A CHANGE.....

2047 days ago


he should be charged with being a dungbeetle!!!!!!!!

2047 days ago


Trust me I am no Kanye West fan, but I would smash the camera of some jackass who constantly followed me around everywhere. These people are human too.
Can someone explain to me the difference between a stalker and the paparazzi?

2047 days ago


Jailtime? HA. Celebrities don't go to least not for more than 90 hours. He'll get off on a fine and community service.

2047 days ago


These celebs think that can get away with anything!! They want the camera in there face until they get rich, then its leave me alone.. Like Julia Roberts is pushing a movie & shes all smiles for the camera, but any other time she won't even smile.... I'm sick of them getting away with murder (Literally) O.J.

2047 days ago


Thank you #34 Slanky.

2047 days ago

Never was a fan of Maya    

Sadly, I don't think much will come of this. I do hope this either goes to trial or is pled out, and that Kanye will be required to take some obviously needed anger management classes. There is no excuse for his behavior - none. He's just a pitiful loser with a piss poor attitude and a misplaced sense of entitlement.

2047 days ago


Seriously this will stop when this PAP give people space...there is no need to follow them to the airport, hospitals, to their homes, to the gym, to the restaurant...jesus those are just things that do in their private time.... followe them on the red carpet and that's the end of that... if I see someone up in my face 24/7 trying to take my picture even in the toilet for real.. you will get a complete smack down... as well.

2047 days ago


That is crap! He should get some sort of punishment! He should not be above the law! What audacity to say "there aint no police!" They are both really dumb!!

2047 days ago


I'm sorry but this is too funny to me. I just assumed that he got off for it. Kanye is so arrogant, I can't WAIT to see him in court. PLEASE TMZ get us the live feed like you did with Chris. Whats even funnier is the way Kanye tried to defend Chris. Maybe they can be cellmates. LOL. I can't picture Kanye going to jail. He seems like the type to just flip everybody the bird and leave the country if he was ssentenced to jail time. I truely believe though, that he thought he could do whatever he wants and just felt that he would just have to pay for the camera and go on about his business. I also think he was trying to make his friend do the dirty work too.

2047 days ago

Larry Frost    

Man somebody didn’t have there mourning forty, maybe you should go get a fresh forty, and a smoke, and chill a little bit, and when you start seeing that “OFF BOTTON” on your remote, dude it's time to stop.

2047 days ago


I am surprised it took this long for someone to go off like this. I think a lot of times, all these Paparazzi's do nothing but aggravate & pester people, just like in the Richardson ordeal, asking "so what's it like? How do you feel?". Are you that big of idiots to know what they are going through? Give them the space they deserve. They are getting out of control. They get out of their cars and clog up streets to get a picture of Brittney Spears? There is going to be more of this going on, mark my words! Imagine having a group of people following you around EVERY DAY during EVERY moment of you life, even with your family. Think about it, after a week, you would want to shoot someone. And that is going to happen someday, and I hope I am on that Jury to take a stand for the person that was tired of being stalked.

2047 days ago


To: katiejean ... See Julia Roberts don't see to be smiling only in the red carpet other than that she is like you and me... do you smile when you walk down the mall ..or in downtown..please... this got out of control.. it was never like that in the past... there was never these many magazines and webistes ..This is all from a few years ago to now... that people are going nuts over celebs... there are a lot of sick people out there that follow them on a daily basis... they make a living just like you and me however you feel like they sold their soul to you ..that's whack... lets see you no their shoes how long you last...

2047 days ago


Wow, he can get locked up for 2 and a half years for breaking a camera? That's pathetic, why don't they just have him pay or buy another one or something.

2047 days ago


All they do is pump them up so they can do what they do and react the way they do..that's all the pap is doing ... just pumping them up to get the best of them get that good a$$ picture and ridicule people... He simply reacted like Britney did when she hit the pap's car with her umbrella... you pump people up to get the best of them.... ... is sick

2047 days ago
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