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Kanye West -- Charged With 3 Crimes

3/18/2009 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West has just been charged with three criminal misdemeanors -- vandalism, battery, and grand theft -- in connection with the camera-smashing incident at LAX.

Kanye West: Click to watch
The L.A. City Attorney has also charged Don Crowley, Kanye's manager, with the following crimes -- two counts of vandalism, two counts of battery and two counts of grand theft.

TMZ happened to catch the incident on tape. In fact, Kanye broke our camera light as we were shooting. Crowley is charged with breaking both the TMZ camera and the still camera. Kanye is charged with breaking the flash accessory to the still camera.

The incident occurred last September 11. Both men are scheduled to be arraigned on April 14.

Kanye could get up to 2 1/2 years in jail if convicted on all counts. Crowley could get five years.


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uh? Hahahahahahahahha Such a wuss.

2012 days ago

Denis Sardina    

what do you expect hes ignorant. I'll just keep it at that. I hope he does go to jail but all these idiots live by a different set of rules. If anybody thinks that the court system is just needs to wake up. Let's look at the curent list of rappers looking at prison time and probably wont spend a day in jail. The biggest jack-ass is Lil Wayne hes fighting charges in Arizona,New York and the charges in Atlanta have been dropped. Nah he doesnt have a drug problem. Ja Rule is looking at gun charges in New York. Baby aka Birdman was arrested with a large amount of marijuana and also a gun that was never resolved. The list goes on and on. They have it all and risk it all. IGNORANT Perason what does that define.

2012 days ago


Yes he should be convicted if he is guilty. Just because he is famous does not mean he is above the law! Also, he is a spoiled brat and maybe this would teach him a lesson or two!

2012 days ago


im soo mad!!!!!!!! kanye did not do anything wrong he should NOT b convictied if he is i will go crazy!!!!!

2012 days ago


I love Kanye. I mean, I wouldn've probably broken the camera too and
you're all saying that celebrities have to deal with this stuff when really they don't .
How would you feel like if every moment of your life is being photographed and videotaped?
Just because they're famous doesn't mean they need to be followed and stalked everywhere they go.
They need some privacy too. Paparazzi;s are the ones who should be put in jail. They're just forcing people like Kanye to get all pissed so that something like this would happen and then they would get a good story. That's just messed up. Stars have a life you know, and if paparazzi's have a life, then they shouldn't go bugging other people's. Let them be, jeeze.

2012 days ago


If someone was following you around public taking your picture, which is perfectly legal, just because you dont like it doesnt mean you are above the law. The law does not say paparazzi's cant do that. But it does say that you can not smash someones equipment and break other peoples' property just because you don't like what they are doing. 1st thing.... K has enough money to fly a private jet out of the valley (he insists on flying out of LAX cuz he will be seen there) instead he makes a choice, to be where the cameras will be and to put himself in that situation. I dont like the traffic jam the photogs cause on Robertson Blvd, so instead of crawling by the Ivy and being a part of the mess I use an alternate route. I make a choice. Just like Kayne did. He CHOSE to go to LAX (where every celeb makes their appearance) where he KNOWS cameras are, and then lets the paparazzi's get the best of him. That doesnt sound like adult behavior. And if you can not stand having a camera in your face all the time then dont be a celebrity. It's easy. When you have the kind of money This no-talent @ss clown has, he can AVOID the paparazzi. And who ever avoids a camera being pointed at them at a X-mas party, only 1 conclusion, you ugly.

2012 days ago


He should be fined...

No jail time, just charged for the camera.

He's a talentless douchebag, but it was only a camera.

2012 days ago


While I do strongly feel that he is a no talent egotistical hack.. the cameras need to back off! It's insane.
When they are at certain restaurants you know that they want to be seen. But at the grocery store, going home, dropping the kids off at school, walking through an airport it's gotta get to them at some point in time. Others have
blown their temper too. He shouldn't do anytime; they should just pay restitution.

2012 days ago

vile comments    

if the paparazzi don't have respect for the privacy you can't blame someone else for freaking out. in europe it's different. if someone says he doesn't want to get photographed the paparazzi have to respect this. celebs sue the paparazzi... and win!

2012 days ago


Maybe celebrity stalking should be a crime too...?

2012 days ago


2 1/2 years in jail? get outta here. that's insane. everyone loses it at some point when they feel violated. what he did was wrong, but just pay for the camera and don't do it again. 2 1/2 years is ridiculous. i bet you anything if he goes to jail it's cause he's black or because he's a rapper. when bjork freaked out on a camera person, there was no jail time. the system is racist/unjust.

2012 days ago


You can dress up these rappers, give them money, beautiful homes and successful careers and they still can't behave, they will still revert to their thug ways.. They're ignorant wannabe's...and they are NOT cool. Shudder to think of anyone deeming those actions as cool.

2012 days ago

Troy Quinlivan    

I think the papparazzi should ask permission before bothering someone and if it is not given then their camera should be broken...Hello didn't we learn anything from the Princess Diana incident!! Kanye should not be punished and the Papparazzi should be fined for harrassment!!

2012 days ago


Are you people serious?
He should not be convicted to what there throwing at him... come on how would you feel if people shoved cameras in your face 24/7??....celebrities are human too..and everybody has a breakin point..3 years for breakin a camera??..i bet if he wasnt famous the charges and penalties would not be so guys sound like a bunch of jealous doesnt matter whether or not you like his music..or if hes famous..NOBODY should go to jaill for breakin a camera..he could easily be fined and easily pay the cost of the damage..and maybe be issued anger managment classes for th outburst..smh@society

2012 days ago


Mr. West is a bully as well as his manager.

Mr. West has an ego bigger than that Pacific Ocean. He really needs to pay for his crime and do the time.

2012 days ago
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