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Kobe Bryant in Court

This Time It's Consensual

3/18/2009 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant lost on an L.A. Court last night, and he's rebounded in the O.C. today -- Kobe's on jury duty.

Kobe Bryant
Kobe is at the Orange County Civil Courthouse in Santa Ana, waiting to be called for service. We got a pic of the famous Laker/former defendant clearing the metal detector. He was escorted into the building by Sheriff's deputies and taken to a private room near the Jury Assembly Room.

Now get this. Kobe is in a pool that has been assigned to a case. He'll be questioned and then the lawyers will decide if he's a true juror of their clients' peers. Will Kobe get picked?

Stay tuned ...

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Silent Few    

I wonder why people who don't have anything good to say about others do not shut their big and ugly Mouths? Here are some clearifications for the hitters. Kobe is consider to be the best basketball player in the entire world. He is also loved by many all across the world, including the most populated country in the world, China. Also, he was never convected of the crime that he was acquiesced of. He was duely acquitted by a competent court in the State of Colorado. Is it not fair for these fools to keep calling him a rapist? They need to scrub their mouths with some acid water!!

2044 days ago

OH Nasty Tina    

Guilty!!!! Send him to my dark room!!! Mmmmmmmm!

2044 days ago


Funny but scary posting title considering he got away with it.

Hopefully his rape victim is doing ok.

2044 days ago


This is why America will always be a racist country! Damn, white people prove everyday why we used to call them devils.

2044 days ago

Lakers Rule    

We never really heard the final results on the Colorado Case. I always felt the woman went after him for money. She knew who he was and claimed whatever she could to get whatever she could. He cheated yeah, but I really doubt it was ever rape. If you had a lot of money and some woman hooked up with you, she would probably claim whatever she could to get whatever she could outta you. There are people out there that target celebs to either bask in their afterglow or get something outta them. If you heard the "Accusers" friends and people who know her during that time, even they described a person who was desperate for attention and suffered from mental problems. Even the DA in the case prosecuting it, was accused of leading and setting a lot of questionable actions in motion. everybody wanted to make the name for themselves. Yeah Kobe was most likely guilty of cheating, but he didnt rape anyone.

Its funny how she got her identity protected with blurred shots, yet Kobes name was plastered everywhere. The country is definitely biased in a case where the "accusor" can say aything they want without closer scrutiny.

2044 days ago


RAPIST M@*%R F&@$#R!!!!
can't believe this guy is walking on the same streets as I am.

2044 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Who'd he rape this time?.. Better yet..where is the whore wife he has, who likes payola. "Gimme diamonds.."

2044 days ago


i got my zoom kobe 4's signed!!

2044 days ago


This is why America will always be a racist country! Damn, white people prove everyday why we used to call them devils.

Posted at 3:34PM on Mar 18th 2009 by Quetou

And your ignorant, racist comment is why America will stay a racist country.

2044 days ago


Kobe didn't rape anyone. So you guys stfu.

2044 days ago


OH YES HE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2044 days ago


Kobe's cash was green as a Celtic's jersey---that's how one gets off, usually----

But slut--ness was not crime so neither was guilty

2044 days ago


NO HE SHOULDN'T SERVE!!!!!!!! end of story

2042 days ago

The Queen of New York    

Kobe is not an upstanding citizen. I feel sorry if he gets selected. He may not of been charged, but everyone knows what he did. A rich rapist who can pay his way out of things.

2036 days ago
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