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Richardson's Ambulance Ride Confirms Condition

3/18/2009 11:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natasha RichardsonTMZ has obtained information about Natasha Richardson's ambulance ride in New York to Lenox Hill Hospital -- she was "unconscious," her pupils "non-reactive," her skin was "pale" and she was suffering from "major head trauma."

We're told her husband Liam Neeson held her hand the entire time and caressed her face as he sat in silence.

We're also told when the plane landed in New Jersey, medics on board told members of the ambulance team that Richardson was "brain dead."

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Alan C    

We pray that Natasha recovers. It is hard to know via the medics what is factual vs fiction. A family friend recently had the same situation where they had to take their son off life support due to severe brain damage from an accident. Very sad. May God grant all members of Natasha Richardsons family peace through this difficult time.

2023 days ago


Those Medics should be ashamed of theirselves....disgusting! Our society is truly pathetic.

2023 days ago

Kelly R.    

This story is enough to break your heart... My thoughts and prayers go out to her hubby, kids and entire family. I sincerely hope that they can find strength in this difficult time!

2023 days ago

lost in lalaland    

I don't mind you guys messin' with stars doing stupid and/or mundane things. However, even when you do have access to this kind of information, don't you think it would be nice to allow such a private moment to stay that way? Don't you think Liam and her children have a right to come to terms with this before you tell us idiots that she's brain-dead?

2023 days ago

Arkangel Trujillo    

cnn had said that she was on a beginners course and she wasnt wearing a helmet when she fell they also say that they examined her and nothing appeared to be wrong at the resort but they advised her to get further medical attention 3 or four times which included at her hotel room. she was chilling and about 45 minutes later she began to feel ill and was rushed to the hopital so thats the scoop Im getting. nothing about her medical condition at the moment .

2023 days ago


Yes, this is tragic. My prayers go out to her family. Skiing is a dangerous sport, but safety equipment has come a long way. A simple helmet would have probably prevented this tragedy. My family and I ski 80 -100 days a year and we always wear our helmets. Has saved a life once or twice. This is not a reason to not learn to ski, but a reason to be smarter when you do.

2023 days ago

Arkangel Trujillo    

here we can do it this way....this is from cnn

Richardson fell on a beginners' trail Monday during a ski lesson at Station Mont Tremblant, said the statement from the resort, located about 130 kilometers (80 miles) northwest of Montreal. She was not wearing a helmet, the resort said.

At the time, Richardson was accompanied by a veteran ski instructor, who called the ski patrol, the statement said. The ski patrol members examined her and found no sign of injury.

"As standard protocol, the ski patrol insisted that Ms. Richardson be transported to the base of the hill in a rescue toboggan," the resort statement said. Once at the base of the hill, staffers advised Richardson to seek additional medical attention, but she declined.

Accompanied by the instructor, Richardson went to her hotel, where she was again advised to see a doctor, the resort said. The instructor stayed with her as a precaution.

"Approximately an hour after the incident, Ms. Richardson reported she was not feeling well," according to the statement.

An ambulance was called, and Richardson was taken to the hospital.

The statement offered no details about her condition or injuries.

2023 days ago


Very sad and it just shows you never know when your life can be taken or changed dramaticaly. Live every day with purpose and passion that's the message we all should take

2023 days ago


I think its terrible that there's so much intrusion into this family's misery. Someone reporting on the ambulance ride itself (Liam holding her hand, whatever) That's just wrong and if the ambulance attendants did it they should be fired.

2023 days ago


God bless her and Prayers for her family,

Interview last night on TV stated she was asked to wear helmet, but refused, so don't try to blame ski resort, this is a excellent resort and will return many more times.

2023 days ago


Brain dead? Well, I've got news for you...she has been brain dead her entire adult life, as are all of the slime out of Hollywood. Her mother, Vanessa, is worse than brain dead...Vanessa is an evil witch and an avowed marxist who recently put up $100,000 bail money for a terrorist in Guantanamo. Payback is a bitch.

Furthermore, no one EVER gets such an injury on a bunny slope. Bunny ski slopes are almost FLAT! Sooo, something is really rotten with this story of her getting a brain dead head injury on a bunny slope! Its pure BS! The story stinks to high heaven. The facts of her injury are being hidden and covered up, probably because her brain death is due to a drug overdose or something. Who knows...maybe she was assaulted by someone who smashed her head against a tree or a rock. It might even have been a hit ordered by her hubby who maybe caught her cheating. I'm speculating of course, but that would make more sense than the utterly riduculous story of her getting killed on a bunny slope! LOL! in the end though, who really gives a schitt?

2023 days ago


It would make sense to me that maybe TMZ shouldn't report anything on her condition as being confirmed until the family has had a chance to decide when to make their own statement. Allow the family to deal with this horrible and tragic accident before any "confirmed" reports are made, which should come from the family.

2023 days ago


How sad, I feel and pray for the family, my God be with her and the family

2023 days ago


I understand with fame that celebrities have to forfeit some privacy and I am all for going after celebrities acting like fools but come on… You saw her mother. This lady is watching her daughter die and she can’t do anything about it and what does she get as soon as she gets outside the hospital… cameras flashing right in her face. That and having her condition plastered over the internet and tv. I am all for freedom of press but come on, use some tact. This sort of thing is what give Paps that image of being the frog feces at the bottom of the shallow end of the gene pool.

2023 days ago

northern gypsy    

my heart goes out to L.N....what a tragedy...
this couple will need their solid circle of family & friends to get through this nightmare...

2023 days ago
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