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Cops, Drunk Chicks ...and Taylor Hicks?!

3/19/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Craziness exploded in Hollywood last night -- and it all went down mere inches from our cameraman ... and some guy named Taylor Hicks.

Taylor Hicks: Click to watch
The drama started after Taylor's show at the Roxy -- which the "American Idol" WINNER(?) performed in front of an audience of people who got their tickets for free because nobody would pay actual money for them.

The cops came, the cops helped a drunk chick, and then the cops got back in their car, flipped on the sirens and chased after something else. It was super intense, but we only caught bits of it ... because, for some completely unknown reason, our guy thought keeping the camera on Taylor Hicks would provide better material.

Even Taylor Hicks knew Taylor Hicks couldn't compete with that.


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Taylor is such a one would actually pay for his you blame them? Please go back to Bama where you belong and kine Simon said, sing at weddings.

2009 days ago

Your mom    

Taylor is too smooth for TMZ, you guys didn't faze him. Taylor you're cool in my book!

2009 days ago


The epitome of a Southern gentleman. I love Taylor Hicks and I don't care how many more times TMZ slams him!

And *news flash* TMZ, yes, he did win Idol. And deservedly so. He kicked Chris Daughtry's ass! Get over it already.

2009 days ago


"Get out of jail free card"!! That was hilarious! He's not only talented and handsome, but witty to boot!

2009 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

Who let this hick out of the barn?

2009 days ago


Guess he handled you a**holes with his patentedTaylor Hicks aplomb.
Not so brave up close and personal, are you?

2009 days ago

blah blah    

Camera man: How was the show?
taylor hicks: "It was actually?......FULL!.

LOLOLOLOL......... even Taylor "HICK" was surprised people even showed up to his show........OR should I say "a waste of time.".............

2009 days ago


Come on, Chick. What would expect Taylor to do for a drunk passed out on the street? The police left her there, too.

2009 days ago


The show was absolutely great last night! I was there. Definitely at the top of his game - the voice was spectacular and the songs strong! Good time for all! Keep on keeping on Taylor! You ROCK!

Just keepin it real.........

2009 days ago

just me    

All of you who make such nasty remarks about him should go to one show of his and you would chabge your attitude! He is amazing and puts on a fantastic show!!!

2009 days ago


And TMZ says take care , Taylor. Awww TMZ loves him. Me too, hes great!
Not enought nerve to be nasty to his face. putz.

2009 days ago


You really should not be commenting about his live shows unless you have been. I have and they are incredible so don't knock it unless you've tried it. Love how Taylor was cracking Bill up.

2009 days ago


Cute little video and pretty much any night on the strip as I recall.

I don't go clubbing any more, but when I did I NEVER paid for a ticket to the Roxy or pretty much any of those venues. Either your TMZ people aren't very Hollywood or LA savy that you normally pay to play or :::gasp::: you're poseurs.

2009 days ago

What a Legend!! Tom Jones    

I have been to two of Taylor's concerts, which were sold out to the nosebleed seats. It is very poor newsmaking to constantly hound a fantastic performer...just to get some kicks out of it. Taylor does not disappoint those who come to his shows; he is fabulous in giving the most energetic show one could pay for. I have never regretted showing my support for Taylor; he deserves much better press than he is getting. If only a news writer would go to one of Taylor's shows, they would see all the bad press is totally untrue and blasphemous.

Poor low will you go to get readers???!!!

2009 days ago


First of all, let me say I am not a professional writer and not really good at words. It's really a sad state of affairs that TMZ and TPTB at AI have an agenda to diss Taylor and print twisted information to TRY and hurt people's careers. To them, it's ALL about the money. I was in attendance at this concert and TMZ points out ONE "drunk chicks"... like that had anything to do with Taylor's performance. Also, free tickets are handed out at many different artist's concerts ALL the time. Taylor Hick's fans are tired of most of the style of music coming out today and appreciate his style! Why can't people honor the fact that there will ALWAYS be an allegiance for Mr. Taylor Hicks and leave it at that? Every concert, no matter what the capacity of the crowd, have people smiling, singing, dancing, and hearts filled with joy watching and listening to his soulful renditions of ANYTHING he sings. Taylor is an amazing artist, performer, songwriter, etc. You can tell it's not "just a job"'s his life! We, the people who appreciate Taylor and his music see through the dirt thrown his way. AI wants the money, and Taylor was very smart to get out from under their thumbs. Taylor's CD sales are very possibly lower because ALL the Targets and Walmarts we went to have had NOT ONE CD to sell, yet had plenty of K.C.'s Her release date was supposed to be after Taylor's...yet TPTB probably decided to up the date to coincide with his release date and promote her big time, such as having her live on AI at the same time. Something very fishy I believe. Yet again, it's all about the money and lining the BIG WIGS pockets. Taylor will have dedicated fans who will love his music for a very long time despite biased media critics, sore losers, and the like. BTW....could TMZ have printed a better picture of Taylor to start the video....really nice intention TMZ! Again, we see through all of it and your purposes. Nothing better then all the trash rag magazines to get a buck!!!!!
Thank you Taylor....Keep on "Keeping It Real" Soulman!!

2008 days ago
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