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Natasha Richardson Autopsy Under Way

3/19/2009 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natasha RichardsonThe New York City medical examiner's office is currently performing an autopsy on Natasha Richardson, this according to the Associated Press.

According to the ME, results will be made available later today.


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R.I.P Natasha.....This is so unbelievable!

2014 days ago


My prayers go out to the entire family.

2014 days ago


What is with the blurry picture?

2014 days ago


let her rip again my deepest condolences go out to mr. neeson and the rest of the family especially the young men tmz u still suck

2014 days ago


I'm so sorry Leeam.

2014 days ago


Umm...hey TMZ? What's with the blurry picture of Natasha? Clue us in please.

2014 days ago

Frisco's not a blurry pic, it's just re-sized and that is good that they are doing an autopsy. It will answer questions hopefully...

2014 days ago


Don't u guys have a better pic of her? do her an honor.

2014 days ago


i bet u have a better picture of her... c'mon!

2014 days ago

northern gypsy    

life lesson here ??? never...ever...take things for granted !!!
if anything the report from the M.E. will help bring closure to her grieving family & friends...

2014 days ago


hey 7 - comment 5. - if you don't like tmz, get off the site. all you people complaining about them are hypocrites, since not only do you hit the site, click on the comment & bitch! get over yourself. tragic as this is, she was a public figure...and this will bring awareness to seemingly innocent head trauma. sorry as i am for her loved ones, maybe her death will not be in vain. and they are also receiving a whole bunch of support! how about the other families who go through this same tragedy?

i have the deepest sympathy for her family, especially her children. hopefully they find comfort in the memories they have.

2014 days ago


Thoughts from an RN (not me,)

"From what I have read about the accident, it sounds like she may have suffered something called an Epidural Bleed. This type of injury can result from a "simple" fall where the head impacts with a hard surface. This is what the M.D. was saying about a "tearing" or "brain shift.

People with epidural bleeds actually appear "fine" immediately after the fall but then in a time frame of 1 hour to several hours develop life threatening brain edema (swelling) as the blood builds up and "pushes" the brain down onto the brain stem. Epidural bleeds are a situation where someone either does very well (found early and removed) or very poorly (delayed treatment). The problem with the epidural bleed is that the person appears fine (i.e. talking in the ambulance) but the damage from the edema and swelling is occurring.

This story really does sound like an epidural (above the lining of the brain but below the skull) bleed and if she is this critically ill things do not look good. The highest swelling will occur in the first 24 to 72 hours.

FYI: The diagnosis of brain death is a very specific procedure and takes at least 2 separate exams 12 hours apart done by at least 2 physicians (4 exams total) plus other specific protocols including unique brain scans. Hopefully things are not as severe as they appear but the concern is that she has developed severe brain swelling which is "killing" the brain cells and once brain cells die they can not be regenerated."

2014 days ago


This is so sad, such a tragedy! My thoughts & prayers are w/her family & friends!

2014 days ago


Condolences to the family, my thoughts are with them.

2014 days ago


if you're going to use stills from video, at least properly de-interlace it first. comb lines all over the place on this site. FAIL

2014 days ago
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