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Real Housewife

Rebounds with

Real Douchebag

3/19/2009 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Orange County" gold digger Gretchen Rossi's fiance passed away in September from leukemia -- and now she's shacking up with former "RHOOC" non-wife Jo's douchey ex Slade Smiley. Say cheese!

The media whores sucked face while docked on a boat in Newport Harbor on Wednesday.

Bereavement is so overrated!


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So What    


So you can guarantee with 100% that the comment was for sure "Sharon" and that her comment "Cleared the Air".

And what makes you %100 sure what Sharon, a scorned X wife had to say was absolute. Where is all the negativity from Jeff's other wives?

Yeah, didn't think so.

2030 days ago

My, My    

I think it was awful for Gretchen and Jeff to agree to air their story on reality TV. No matter what their "agreement" wasn't fair to his kids/family to put this on TV for her fame and media attention.. If she really cared about him/his kids, and not just herself/her looks, and getting all of the attention she can...and still is ...she would not have signed for this show. She and Bravo also made her look so cutesy/innocent and ruined the former show/cast by focusing on Gretchen all of the time. No wonder they didn't like her. She is too young, not a wife/mother, and the only reason they put her on the show was to stir up trouble and gain younger viewers who are so Narcissistic that they see nothing wrong with women focusing on their looks and using men for money. This attitude is taking women back to the dark ages of prostitution?? It's sad.. Lots of reality shows are creating that goal for young people. Why work/get an education? Just get on a reality show and act bizarre and make money..sell your looks.. Get tons of surgery to look like a Barbie doll...and use men for their money? Sad state of the nation..

2027 days ago

My, My    

I think the reason that Sharon , the ex. wife, spoke out, was she had 3 kids with Jeff. She seemed tired of her kids being portrayed as "adoring" Gretchen and hearing them tell her that Gretchen left him alone in the hospital a lot. Maybe the nurses at the hospital told them that. They had to stay at her house, so, I am sure they were not going to be mean in front of her and they were probably intimidated by the TV crews/cameras/media attention. In fact, they showed one girl on the show, with Gretchen at her house, that wasn't even Jeff's daughter. She was a friend of one of Jeff's kids....and she is the one who spends the most time talking to Gretchen while Gretchen is flaunting her $65,000 ring she gets in "the mail". Who has a $65,000 ring MAILED to their house?? That all looked so staged. Those kids now have to go to school and hear all of the gossip and see their dad so ill on TV. ....while Gretchen goes on and shakes her bikini butt for the cameras. Wonder how much therapy his kids will need now??

2027 days ago


Gretchen was and is a SELFISH B iotch. The only reason she pretended to cry when Jeff was ever discussed was for the viewers. It is called ACTING people. Slade has been her Manager / lover / Acting coach,all along even before one episode was even filmed. I believe that Gretchen did do something in Tamra's bathroom with her Son. I truly believe Bravo didn't show everything only to protect Jeff's kids. Can you imagine if Bravo showed or let us listen to all of the audio that was taped that night?

2025 days ago


WOW, is this the mom who is speaking highly of her children YET one starts on another reality show with a rocker? lmao- OK we believe ya, Sharon. lol

2024 days ago


Gretchen is beautiful and you know it! I can't wait to see her fun self again. As for the other OCH's ya suck!!!!
Sharon ( ex wife) is jealous of Gretchen as well, she wants her kids to dislike Gretchen because she herself dislikes Gretchen
plain & simple.

2024 days ago


I change my mind, I DO adore Gretchen. Thank you all for reading my ramblings prior to this post.
Ugh, suffering from brain diarrhea!

2024 days ago


SLADE SMILEY?????????? WTF!!! Who has that name!!?? WHO on God's Green Earth has that name??? He's about 55, so you know his Mother DID NOT name him SLADE SMILEY!!!! What a skeezy name!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

2024 days ago


GRETCHEN is PATHETIC!!!! its so obvious that she is a Bad EVIL person. she makes me sick, honestly. its sad that she is so unsatisfied with her own life that she goes out of her way to make others lives miserable. not to say she succeeds, but her pathetic attempts are enough to disgust me and the rest of America. shes an embarrassment. Her and Slade are the LOCAL IDIOTS in OC. They are the JOKE. Go suck Slade GRETCHEN and STOP POSTING HERE.

2023 days ago


I just saw Gretchen and Slade leave the Standard hotel together downtown together this afternoon. They were holding hands and looking very lovey dovey...

2023 days ago


GRETCHEN IS GROSS. She is such a Sausage Wallet !!!!!

2022 days ago


No one could really think that Gretchen ever “took care” of Jeff during his illness. There is not even one scene of Gretchen “taking care” of Jeff or even visiting him in the Hospital!

All Gretchen ever did is get plastered and act cheap, party, berate Jeff’s blood daughter on national TV, shop, travel, and whine about Jeff being sick.

My husband was sick and in the hospital for months dying of pancreatic cancer and I never ever left his side!!

Like Tamra says - if Gretchen really even cared for Jeff just a little - she would never be taking vacations and trips while Jeff is in the Hospital especially ICU, or even when he’s out of the hopital and at home very ill.

Gretchen is just your very average looking typical gold digger. Her smile looks like a Horses - huge teeth and gums showing. And what is up with that Donald Trump Hair do?

2022 days ago


I actually really like Gretchens personality! How can you like Tamras behavior on that show? She was basically nothing but mean and catty. Show me one scene where she was genuinely nice!! Sooo over that woman, and Vicki as well.

2020 days ago


Nice way for Slade to get back on HWOC. Jo's "music" career is nonexistent, why not hook up with Gretchen and get back on? Probably needs the $$$. I always found him very creepy.

Gretchen? Whatever! Jeff had been married five times before her. It's not like he was some vulnerable widower or divorcee.He wanted a beautiful hot thing and Gretchen filled the bill. So what if it was convenient? It worked for both of them and it was nobody else's business.

Tamra needs to have some botox shot into her tongue so it can be as frozen as the rest of her face.

2013 days ago


Gretchen wears DONALD TRUMP PUBIC HAIR WIGS!!! Gretchen is a smelly pole hole CHICKEN HEAD!!! Gretchen likes to get her PALETTE CLEANED (by having Co- ck PUDDING clean her tongue) lol lol lol lol

2012 days ago
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