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Real Housewife

Rebounds with

Real Douchebag

3/19/2009 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Orange County" gold digger Gretchen Rossi's fiance passed away in September from leukemia -- and now she's shacking up with former "RHOOC" non-wife Jo's douchey ex Slade Smiley. Say cheese!

The media whores sucked face while docked on a boat in Newport Harbor on Wednesday.

Bereavement is so overrated!


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Michael Madsen    

Human puke.

2045 days ago


You would not believe the women who believe in this girl and who think she was madly in love with her poor victim, Jeff. All the while she was carrying on with another guy AND Slade. I don't like Jo either so don't care who ends up with Slade. Would just love karma to catch up to Gretchen.

2045 days ago


I dont think Gretchen ever denied her relationship with man who died wasnt one of convenience for BOTH of them. Im sure they loved each other but was in great love deep in their hearts-prob not. He wanted to spend his last days with a pretty, young chick and so he "paid" her in gifts etc to care for him. I dont doubt there was love there but they both knew he didnt have long and knew the deal with the relationship. She didnt do anything wrong, he knew she was young and would move on after he died. and if he did love her at all then he would want her to be happy. Its a show people - not reality. Did people want to watch a couple who said outright we are "using" each other.

2045 days ago


Gretchen is only thing that made me watch that show. Tamra and that pig nosed insurance agent are the scariest 2 women on the planet!!! But again it is all fake anyhow so who cares.

2045 days ago

Get a life    

You people need to get a life, if Gretchen is now happy with Slade, let her be. She may be a gold digger, but she DID take care of a very sick man. She was compasionate enough to help him with things that he could have hired a home health aide to help with, but she LOVED him enough to do it many of you people out there judging would have taken the time to learn how to give him the nutritional suppliments that he needed on a daily basis, seems like she is really not as selfish as you all make her out to be..............

2045 days ago


Slade Slimey---I mean Smiley and Wretchen Gretchen deserve each other. I can't think of other sleeze balls who would use and abuse people.

BTW, what is Wretchen Gretchen going to get out of Slimey? He has no money! Don't tell me a "meaningful relationship". Puh-leeze!

2045 days ago


Gretchen is a hooottie!! =D Love her flirty personality. I would've never pictured her someone like Slade. He has control issues.

2045 days ago


OOoooo! And to think I was just about to have dinner! Thanks for keeping me on my diet!

2045 days ago

Criss Angels Girl    

Gretchen, you go girl. I am sure Slade has lots of money for you to go gold digging in!

2045 days ago


I knew of this before you guys...A couple of weeks ago my cousin was at the abby and saw her there with slade. I have pictures to prove it.

2045 days ago


The sad thing about this is all the money Gretchen gold digs out of him is money that could of gone to his sick child's recovery.

2045 days ago


They are both pathetic! I use to feel sorry for Gretchen but now that she is hooking up with that loser i no longer feel sorry for her.

2045 days ago


WTF GRETCHEN??? i felt sorry for her kinda.then i read all this stuff about slade that i didnt know..PLEASE TELL ME WHAT U GUYS R READING SO I CAN KEEP UP!! is tamara broke ?? PLEASE FILL ME IN !!! now this stuff is news !!! lol

2045 days ago


She is a buck toothed douchebag

2045 days ago


What the hell kind of name is "Slade Smiley"?

Both are bad. But together!? YELCH!

2045 days ago
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