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Real Housewife

Rebounds with

Real Douchebag

3/19/2009 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Orange County" gold digger Gretchen Rossi's fiance passed away in September from leukemia -- and now she's shacking up with former "RHOOC" non-wife Jo's douchey ex Slade Smiley. Say cheese!

The media whores sucked face while docked on a boat in Newport Harbor on Wednesday.

Bereavement is so overrated!


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1980 days ago


I am an orange county native, the oc is more than what you can see on the tv, like most places, it takes time to absorb, you cannot sum it up in a day or an episode. There is a great amount of places to go to just experience nature, beach, wilderness parks, etc (watch out for the cougars ! : )
To me, Gretchen shines as a beauty inside and out, you know how you can be intuitive about a person? To me, she shines through the artifice.

1980 days ago


They are both douchebags, no morals, no class.

1980 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I actually like Gretchen...I think she and Jeff were in love(albeit a mutual using kind of love) and their arrangement worked for them. Jeff was a creep in real life who was married 4 or 5 times. Not a very nice guy if you read up on him...Jeff Beitzel
As far as Slade goes...EWWWWWW!!! He gives me the creeps. And if it is true that his young son has brain cancer, he needs to attend to that and not getting publicity.
The OC housewives?? Love Gretchen and Jeana, can't stand that insecure, two faced Tamra or crazy, controlling Vicki - she doesn't deserve Don. And the new one, Lynn?? Don't think she is all that interesting. Also liked Lauri, but she was probably smart to leave the show. Love 'em or hate 'em, they sure are fun to watch!!

1980 days ago


OK, this is bull****!!! Who cares, obviously no one has a life so they have to judge everyone else......her husband died ok, but she has to move on everyone needs a little booty!!!! and he is fine so why not!!!

1980 days ago


He is such a jerk and I liked Gretchen, but now I wonder. I can't stand that idiot Slade, who would waste their time with him! Gretchen...Run!!

1980 days ago


People Gretchen was not in love with Jeff. She admitted right on the show he was not her type. It was a relationship of convenience.

Dlisted had pics right after the reunion show of Gretchen making out with the guy Tamera accused her of cheating with. Gretchen's engagement ring can clearly be seen in the pics.

Jo shouldn't care about Slade. She wasn't interested in him as a boyfriend. That's why they are no longer dating. Thing is Slade quit his job to manage Jo so he has no money. Weird that Gretchen would waste her time with him however this isn't new news. It was reported weeks ago that these two were hooking up.

1980 days ago


Well what more can be said than that these two probably deserve each other. I think Gretchen is selling herself way short though with Slade the Slimey...

1980 days ago


Nice one.... Gretchen is hot!! But I think she can do soo much better then that dude... Gretchen can have any guy she wants, why be satisfied with that? On the show... she clearly flirted with Tamar's ugly son... But I would too if my mom had a hot friend as her..But shes young and sexy.. beautiful as hell, and hope to hear from this beauty again

1980 days ago


I'm quite happy for them. She is exactly the type of woman Slade wished Jo was. Gretchen is eager to take care of someones kids, and be pampered. Both of which Slade can offer her. I think they are a perfect match, and I wish them the best of luck. :)

1980 days ago


105. I'm quite happy for them. She is exactly the type of woman Slade wished Jo was. Gretchen is eager to take care of someones kids, and be pampered. Both of which Slade can offer her. I think they are a perfect match, and I wish them the best of luck. :)

Posted at 2:46AM on Mar 20th 2009 by angela
Are you kidding? Slade doesn't even take care of his own kids, why would Gretchen be eager to? He has a child dying, Slade is no where around. As far as being pampered? Perhaps he will spend his kids child support pampering her, might as well the kids don't get it! But you are right....perfect match.

1980 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

She is NOT a gold digger just because the last man she was with was old. You could call any of the housewives gold diggers if your sole criteria is they married or dated rich men. TMZ sucks - they have to throw mud on people to try and create gossip items.

1980 days ago


They will be the new Heidi and Spencer. Yuck. Both of them using each other to stay somehow relevant.

1980 days ago


people that post here should read all the comments to get some facts. one viewer posted that jeff's daughter was getting naked on the rock of love bus during his last dying days. they are all money hungry wanna be freaks. i do not fault gretchen for being with this old man, however, the way it was portrayed that she was in love and faithful was not true. more people would have respect if you just said straight up what the deal was...that or do a better job of PRETENDING. jeeez~

whats up with slade. he seemed to care for his kids, i cannot believe he is not more attentive to his sick son.

jo is digusting. she looks 30 something to boot.

tamara is really immature. i would love to b*tch slap her.

vicki? what if vicki is controlling and w/e else anyone says...she is an achiver and loves her kids. nobodies perfect. yo go vicki!

1980 days ago


Ummm....I thought Gretchen was Jo's friend? She was in a video shot that Jo was shooting. Doing it as a favor to her "good friend" Jo. Slade has no money so I don't understand the attraction to him?

1980 days ago
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