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Real Housewife

Rebounds with

Real Douchebag

3/19/2009 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Orange County" gold digger Gretchen Rossi's fiance passed away in September from leukemia -- and now she's shacking up with former "RHOOC" non-wife Jo's douchey ex Slade Smiley. Say cheese!

The media whores sucked face while docked on a boat in Newport Harbor on Wednesday.

Bereavement is so overrated!


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Lea the playa    

I LOVE GRETCHEN.. so she's a gold digger... To all you ladies out there just hating cos she got what she wanted and more. stop b****ing!!!!! Obviously she wasnt gonna stay a widow. She's way too got to be. Life is to short to mourn. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU'Re THAT HOTT!!

1954 days ago


How can anyone call Jo "a cougar." Jo is only in her 20's. Everyone knows 'a cougar" is someone 40 and up. I like Gretchen. I wish her all the happiness in the world..

1954 days ago


I live in Newport & have met Slade and seen the Housewives around a lot. First, its been really cold here so I have no clue what those two losers were doing half naked on a boat. Second, Gretchen is a media whore & a successful one since she is in the newspaper and on TMZ three times in 3 days. Lastly, Slade is an arrogant loser, but you gotta give the guy some cred for scoring a hot chick with that spare tire he's wearing.

1954 days ago

Fan ofShow    

you call her all these things - but what about him - he is not better. He had Joe - then Lori now Gretchen. He is a douchbag also. He needs to learn to keep it in his pants also.
Why always pin point the woman -

1954 days ago


SHE IS GROSS!! The way she partied it up when her "fiance"/ actually more like a client was dying of cancer was gross. If you are going to be a prostitute on television at least have some decency about how you conduct yourself.

Also she needs to have someone fix those horse teeth of hers. Was she crossbred with a buck tooth rabbit and a horse!

1954 days ago


I believe that Gretchen and Slade dated BEFORE he dated Jo. That was her connection onto the show. The man is dead, get over it people. You can judge her all youwant, but at some point a person has to continue on in this life. At what point are we entitled to some happiness in this life? Who sets the time parameters on mourning? As long as she brought some happiness to Jeff's life, do we really need to roast anyone over the fire and try to define their relationship for them?

As for her and Slade, whatever. I just couldn't stand Jo Nasal. GAWD whoever told that chick she could sing? And who said that straight line bangs looked good on anyone over 8? eee gad! IMO if anyone can find even the smallest bit of happiness in the times we find ourselves in, well goody for them.

1954 days ago


Gretchen is charasmatic and somone everyone would want to spend time with because she is simply FUN.

NO MORE TAMARA PLEASE!! I cant take anymore of her. She is a pyscho and her life is so boring to watch. What is that thing she says over and over...boing shacka boing waw? WTF??? Give me a break BRAVO!! NO ONE ENJOYS WATCHING INSECURE PEOPLE!

1954 days ago



1954 days ago


She is such a beautiful woman that I am surprised that she would want ugly Jo;s left overs. Plus the fact that he has small kids. Who wants to be home raising kids, when you look like that!!...Yuk

1954 days ago


I hope they keep her on the show for good. Shes the reason I love watching now.
Miss Piggy and trailor trash tamra (with the bad wig) are getting boring....Also that episode where she was drunk and the trailor trashes son tried to get her, was repulsive. He is one of the ugliest and inbred looking man I have seen in a long time.

1954 days ago


those two trash items deserve each other. what a k=joke, both of them. i bet jo is really proud, well maybe not she starred in that horrific reality tv trash date my ex.

1954 days ago


Geez Louise Maycotts! I don't know what is worse hooking up with someone when your fiance hasn't been gone less than a year or can't wait until a marriage is over to get remarry

1954 days ago

So What    

All of the real celebrities are laughing at these people. How embarrassing. I would be totally humiliated if I were involved with any of them.

1954 days ago


Like Gretchen or not, we ALL want her back for the next show! You cant get enough of her!

Dump Tamara. Keep Vicki, Jenna, and Lynne.

1954 days ago

tammy deland    

these two deserve each other,they are both horrible horrible peole and i could not think of a more perfect match. he is a crep and that is why he ends up with women who have bad skin and horse teeth

1954 days ago
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