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Bush Would Have Been Skewered for Obama Joke

3/20/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama made fun of the handicapped last night on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." He was making a joke about his bad bowling skills, but here's the question: If George W. Bush had said the same thing, would people be lashing out more? If so, why?

Barack Obama: Click to watch
By the way, Kolan McConiughey, a Special Olympics competitor from Michigan, has bowled three perfect games of 300. Yes he can!

UPDATE -- The Special Olympics has released this statement.


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I think he meant, like speacial olympics, by games that aren't played in the real olympics.

2008 days ago

Da Truth    

This schvatza president certainly has a sense of humor!

2008 days ago


Are you kidding??? President Bush would have been raked over the coals for months over that! What about the "ah,ah,ah, stutter ,sttudder" Obama is not so eloquent without his handlers and teleprompter, Everyone makes mistakes, but when you set one standard for NO mistakes for President Bush and everything is ok for Obama ,,it stinks. Actually hearing the leftists say Republicans are so mean and hateful ,is really soo stupid that I have to laugh. The lefts Carville, Begala, Olberman,Matthews ,etc are some of the examples of kind and Seems the left likes to dish it out but can't take it. Even Obama says everyone is a Simon Cowell....well suck it up O, President Bush toook it like a man, not a girly crybaby.

2008 days ago

really now    

I do not think President Obama meant anything by his little joke at all. It's just like when he called himself a ''mutt''. I think he is exactly what our country needs right now . The republicans ran our great country in to the ground for the last 8 years . Go Obama !!!

2008 days ago


If you seriously found this offensive, you are in need of a life....laughter is the best medicine right? Get the HELL over it people.....look up the word joke in the dictionary

2008 days ago


I don't feel what Obama said was offensive or even trying to be disrespectful. People lighten up.

2008 days ago

I said it    

Obama is a handicap he's black, therfor it's OK if he says it.

2008 days ago

Ted D    


2008 days ago


I honestly could care less about Obama's comments and his NCAA picks. OBAMA! Wake up! You won the election already. Stop all of this nonsense and go back to DC and get some work done. Congress and the Senate are a mess right now and you are in California trying to keep your popularity rating up.
When America goes further in the toilet, no television appearance is going to help. The ego on this man is ridiculous.

2008 days ago


If he had a child with Down Syndrome, he wouldn't be making jokes about it. It is not funny. These kids struggle in every part of their lives... now to have their President use their syndrome to tell a joke is just very sad, very demeaning.

2008 days ago


People, no reason to get in an uproar over whether it was funny or acceptable. The question was about double standards, that some people can make these jokes without repurcussions while others can't. And the answer is YES, there is a total double standard.

2008 days ago

She is hot    

People People People

Dont yall realise he DID NOT have his TELEPROMPTER to tell him WHAT TO SAY!!!

Obama is not the POTUS, he is the TOTUS( Teleprompter of the United States)!!

He is a joke!!! I agree with COACH K, Obama needs to worry about the ECONOMY not the BRACKETS!!!

2008 days ago


TMZ what are you guys Stuck ON STUPID! STHP! My God must you Make an Issue of everything? Damn I cant bowl either and will say things about bowling..but I am referring to myself and no near another living Soul. Whats wrong are you running out of crap to Print. No wonder Kanye West went off and smash some of your equipment! And TRUST ME hes a Millionare and aint diddy gonna come of it. a few lil fines which wont even scratch his wealth. NO jail sorry as much as you all want to see him get locked up..IT aint gonna Happen! Its Called being Rich enough to have your Lawyers Make out a Plea deal. You guys got issues I mean Seriously..As Seal said " Your Garbage!"

2008 days ago


This is the type of scrutiny Obama faces when he appears on a TV show. He is still campaigning, and running from state to state making speeches. Stay in the White House and get something done. Stop trying to be a celebrity.

2008 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

The main difference I see is who is going to be in charge of the coal raking this time. When Bush was in office, the Dems would have ripped him hard because they hated him. Now, the GOP is going to do the same thing and do their damn best to rake him over the coals, because they REALLY hate him. While these two idiot parties try to mutually bitch slap each other, the country will go down in flames in a worse way than any of these fools realize! United you stand, divided you fools FALL! Go ahead and shred Obama and then see how bad sh it gets! And it will, just you watch!

2008 days ago
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