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Debra's New Lawsuit -- What a Messing!

3/20/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra MessingIf you thought Debra Messing was cursed because she starred in "The Starter Wife," wait 'til you hear why she's being sued.

Messing is one of the defendants in a personal injury lawsuit filed earlier this month. According to the suit, someone else was driving her car back in 2007 when they smacked right into a California Highway Patrolman on his motorcycle!

Since Messing was technically the owner of the car, she got thrown into the suit as well.

The plaintiff is seeking damages in excess of $25,000.

UPDATE -- The plaintiff's lawyer tells TMZ he has spoken to Messing's lawyer and will drop her from the lawsuit later today.


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2023 days ago

Michael Madsen    

I'd like to get in on that... I'll, uh, take.... i dunno... 5 grand... okay who's next?
My gawd, TMZ! What's next? Laura Linney's Dad stubs toe - sues Florida condo association.
YER LOSIN' ME, MAN. Hit the streets and get some real filth... Tom Cruise marries Tom Hanks best man... The Shaw of Iran Rises from the dead and steals Joan Rivers act. Dane Cook licks his own wee doodle then sues himself. Martha Stewart, Jon Stewart in fight to death for last name.
Spielberg kills Chevy Chase with VHS copy of Fletch. TOM Selleck isn't Gay but only has sex with men.
Frito Lay brings back Frito Bandito - is then killed by border patrol agents who thought he was carrying bag of crispy cocaine chips.
Tom Sizemore... nah, forget Tom Sizemore. Now come on!
Go! Go! Go!

2023 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Backwards into some wires than doing standup untill they are cloned into funnyer acts.Gaydar needs a life and I`am not my friends your friends forwards or backwards or upside down.Gaydar did U get that ONE?.Sad so sad dude eye for the in the OUT scout bacwards off dude yet again.One day you will cross that line 4sure than lifttime BIG GAY AL HOUSE forever go ahead puke make my hey.

2023 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

is calling you back homemo2 yourself

2023 days ago


What's with all this homemo talk?

2023 days ago


TMZ, with all the lawsuits you personally get, you should know better. When someone gets in an accident driving a car that is under your name, you will most likely be part of the lawsuit... Even when you had nothing to do with it.

2023 days ago


that doesn't sound like that big of a price for the damage of the accident with us knowing this much. with her loaded i'd think she would just pay it and move on. just my opinion

2023 days ago


first of all she "stared" in The Starter Wife...the show was not renewed for another season. secondly, the show was quite good!

2023 days ago


that's what insurance is for.

2023 days ago

April Showers    

I hate to break it to whoever sued her, but you can't sue someone for simply owning a vehicle that someone was driving when an accident occurred. Her attorney will file a motion and she will be dismissed. Better luck next time *@$ wipe.

2023 days ago


actually 11. April Showers, yes you can. it is the registered owner whom is required to furnish a valid liability insurance policy. The owner (or the owner's insurance company) can then sue the driver and recover what he paid. That is why it is so important when you sell a car, to change the name in the license asap!

2022 days ago

April Showers    

Well, Laura, I work for an attorney who defends a major insurance company and I see all the time where a car is loaned to someone, that person gets into an accident, and the owner of the car is sued as well as their insurance company. And never in my five years of working here has anyone ever recovered money from the owner of the car personally simply b/c they owned the car. The driver of the car wil face liability and their insurane will become primary insurance, if they are underinsured or uninsured, then the owner's insurance comes into play. Maybe its different where you live, but thats how it works here.

2022 days ago

yeah even if she had nothing to do with it, she will get sued because people want to get paid. to the comment above, you are right, owners are always sued, regardless of their involvement. a lot of times owners are sued because whoever was driving the car has no money/insurance and you want someone to be on the hook for the accident. but sometimes, especially with a celebrity or someone rich, you are sued because you have money and may just pay out a settlement to make it go away.

2022 days ago

CA Lawyer    

Reply to April, Bald Outing and Laura:

As an attorney practicing in California, I can assure you that the owner of an automobile is always on the hook if someone to whom they have given permission to drive it causes an accident. Also, in California, the insurance policy that specifically names the vehicle at fault for an accident is ALWAYS primary, regardless of who is driving (unless that person is listed specifically as an excluded driver), and whether or not that person (if other than the owner) has their own insurance. For this reason, it is quite common in a situation like this for both the driver and the vehicle owner to be named in a lawsuit that is brought as a result of an accident. Once insurance coverage for the driver is confirmed, it is fairly common for an innocent vehicle owner to be dismissed from a lawsuit, unless the plaintiff can establish that the driver of the vehicle, prior to the accident, had a bad driving record or some other condition that made the driver more likely than the average person to cause an accident, and that the vehicle owner either knew or should have known it. Because Debra is being dismissed from the lawsuit, I suspect that the plaintiff's lawyer was able to confirm that the driver had valid, adequate insurance coverage, and that Debra had no reason to believe that the driver was more likely than the average person to cause an accident.

Laura, you were right on. April Showers, I'm not sure where you are located, but it is you who appears to be the *@$ wipe.

Bald Outing: I'm not sure of the plaintiff's motivation in naming Debra, but since, according to the story, he was on a motorcycle and was hit by a car, I would wager that he was probably injured pretty badly and looking for those responsible to compensate him. Squeezing a few bucks out of a celebrity doesn't seem to fit here, especially since she is apparently being let out of the lawsuit.

2021 days ago

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