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God Is a Four-Letter Word

3/20/2009 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While you and everyone you know was watching President Barack Obama piss off Special Olympians, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, aka McLovin, said f**k on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" -- and it wasn't censored.

The word "God" however, was bleeped.


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Ok ToyaG(T.O) I hope you never have babies because that was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Where as I am not offended by what Obama said, it was highly offensive to the mentally handicap community. Remember kids just because it doesn’t offend you..Doesn’t mean it doesn’t offend everyone.

And CJS.... please.. You don’t have babies either; we don’t need a bigger army of bible thumpers thinking they will spend eternity in fiery pits of hell for saying God damn......

2040 days ago


Someone dropped the ball on "f*ck" but hey..religion has done more harm in this world than f*cking has. F*cking brings joy, religion brings pain, misery, hatred and war.

Posted at 6:05PM on Mar 20th 2009 by Nikki

F*cking brings babies who grow up into morons like yourself who believe that f*cking has no consequences and never causes anyone pain or misery.

2040 days ago

Nikki M    

"Ok People I’m a Christian and I must say that I do agree with the censoring of the word God on the way it was used. In fact he made a bad word out of the Lords name and that is called blasphemy . He used his name as a cuss word and that to me vulgar and offensive than the F* word.
Exodus 20:7 “ You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God”"

CJS, who do you believe says people go to hell? God! therefore God Damns people. Which means the words "god damn you" are not a misuse.

And to: "I'm Nikki &I'm an idiot".....You must be religious, you seem pretty miserable. Religion will do that to ya!!!

2040 days ago


You want to know who'd make a cute couple??? McLovin' and Sara Silverman. I'd buy that porno.

2040 days ago


if you don't like what they say on tv turn it off. bunch of g*d Da*n F*ckin crybabies. It's because of you the US sucks.

2040 days ago


#14 Nikki You are an idiot. It's people like you that ruin the world.

2040 days ago


Actually I'm an atheist and you're still an idiot.

2040 days ago

montana mike    

why aren't jessee jackson and al sharpton demanding obama be fired-this rates right up there with nappy headed ho, but i guess color does make a difference here.

2040 days ago


#16, I know you're going to get sh!t for it but I agree with you 100%. Even though the F word IS a bad work I would much rather have the G***Dammit bleeped instead. It IS taking the lords name is vain and I cant STAND IT when ppl do it.

2040 days ago

stupid women & the religious right    

Seriously? Honestly, even as a Christian I have to agree with Nikki. There's alot more pain in our world stemming from religion than there is from fcking. More people are offended by having our God shoved in their face than are outraged by that Superbad kid saying fck. Must just be FOX, but I don't understand why SO DAMN MANY of you uppity ass conservatives would frequent such a trash website.. it's hilarious.

2040 days ago

You know who I am    

10. All you idiots just think that King Obama can't do anything wrong. Where are all these jobs? When do they start? How much will they pay? But that's ok, let's just focus on the cuss word from a white guy. Jackasses!

Posted at 5:42PM on Mar 20th 2009 by STEVO

Wow ..The American Christian Taliban seems to be out in force today… somehow I Knew it would all come back to Obama in the end.

2040 days ago


Personally I don't care if they say "F*ck" on tv 24 hours a day. If it offended me, I'd turn it off.

I also don't give a f*ck if people want to follow organized religion. It's not for me but since I live in America, no one is forcing me to join.

What's more offensive are people like Nikki claiming/implying that f*cking never comes with consequences. Ever heard of AIDS? Unwanted pregnancy? Any number of STD's? And it's women who suffer these consequences at a higher rate than men. Be realistic. The hippy lovefest B.S. if just that.....B.S. And it's a dangerous message to send to young girls unless you're a misogynist.

2040 days ago

Rebecca ATX    

I am angry about Barack Obama disparaging Special Olympics and its Olympians due to his inability to bowl. His comment is mean spirited, cruel, and unkind. Barack Obama’s comment is disrespectful and should not be tolerated.

Not only are people accepting Barack Obama’s comment but they are defending Barack Obama. Barack Obama’s comment was not a mistake but a slip-of-the-tongue type comment that discloses his contempt for a group of individuals.

It is not and never has been acceptable for any group - minority, majority, or otherwise, especially not a president, to use another group as an excuse for ineptness.

Once again, YES, character counts as does integrity and honesty.

How dare Barack Obama say anything against men and women that are born with mental and physical deficiencies that are striving to do incredible things.

Had any president before him make this same comment they would have been "tarred and feathered" or “hung by the rafters”.

My brother is an active Special Olympian. He was an Olympian when he was younger and volunteers and coaches. He loves to bowl and has always bowled a high score.

I take personal offense at Barack Obama’s comment.

I am a woman of mixed heritage who is an American and who will stand up for American virtue, standards, and ethics that seem to have been long forgotten.

2040 days ago


Wow, judging by your reactions to Nikki, none of you are having good sex.

2040 days ago


Well I understand why they bleeped out God, but in this case, they should have bleeped out the second word. D***!!!!! Really, people have no sense of morals or standards anymore. And all of us who agree with me should just worry about our selves and our families, because people who don't beleive in God, are obviously lost, and when there time comes they are going to feel pretty dumb. Seriously, what, we just got here out of no where, I don't know who would be so close minded as the beleive this all just came to be. The way the earth is, the way our bodies work.....HELLO???? This guy whoever he is... will eventually face the consequence of so openly using the LORDS name in vain, good luck to him!!!!!!

2040 days ago
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