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Liam Neeson -- Moving Forward

3/20/2009 12:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Liam Neeson returned home from a walk last night just hours after the lights were dimmed on Broadway in honor of his late wife Natasha Richardson.


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PLEASE leave him alone - show some respect.

2011 days ago


Please give Liam and his family some space. We don't really care to see pictures of him and I highly doubt they want to be bombarded by photographers during this time. Have some respect and back off!!!!

2011 days ago


He'll be pounding a new puzzzie within the week. That's Liam for you.

2011 days ago

Bob Barnett    

You're a real POS

2011 days ago


Leave this poor man alone. Take the photo down for decency's sake. The photographer should thank his lucky stars Mr. Neeson didn't smash him in the face. Sometimes, just because you 'can', doesn't mean you 'should'.

2011 days ago


Leave him alone. This is absolutely disgusting. Let him grieve in peace. What is with you people?!?!

2011 days ago


Please leave this poor man and the rest of his family alone right now, they need their privacy and our respect to grieve.

2011 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Mr. USA: Are you really stupid enough to compare these two situations? First of all, the pictures taken at the Kennedy Procession were not taken 24 hours after JFKs death. Secondly, they were taken from a distance at an event on a world stage. This poor guy's just out trying to collect his thoughts, alone. You can't see the difference there? McCarthism couldn't be further removed from how vulgar this intrusion is.

2011 days ago


Come on. Nobody is THAT classy.

The bitch had faults just like they all do, and she su.cked the sausage the same way.

2011 days ago


whats next? maybe follow their boys to school and start hounding them and their teachers?

2011 days ago


Vanessa, the commie, gave her daughter a Russian name - Natasha. Figures.

2011 days ago

Ms. USA    

To Mr. USA: It's not a matter of censorship, it's a matter of poor judgment and bad taste. Just because you have the RIGHT to post these photos doesn't mean you SHOULD. And the Kennedy photo is a ridiculous comparison. That photo was taken at the state funeral of an assassinated US president by a legitimate journalist. This man has asked for privacy and it would be the decent thing to do to respect his wishes.

Oh...and TMZ: Please stick to the entertaining moron celebrity stories and TAKE THIS DOWN.

2011 days ago


For crying out loud - WHO THE HELL WORKS IN THAT TMZ OFFICE? Have some respect leave this man to grieve his lover and the mother of his children in peace! We are Americans AND WE DONT LIKE GRIEF - GET IT!

2011 days ago


This grieving husband has been so polite and nice to the media, Please just let him be now. He is hurting so badly and doesnt need cameras in his face. This walk should have been peaceful for him, not bombarded by media. I cant even imagine his pain. He and his wife seemed like the perfect couple. Stay out of his face, please. The story is out, why do you have to publish the tears?

2011 days ago


Leave Your cameras OFF his face and Family You SOB S..He is very Broken and Sad, No words really.. This will take a LONG time to heal..This is so dam Sad..All their money cant bring her back..Walking Helps it really does..What else can He do..He is A great Actor..I like Him and Pray 4 him and His Kids..

2011 days ago
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