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New Twist in Natasha Richardson Death

3/20/2009 3:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natasha RichardsonNatasha Richardson wasn't admitted to the hospital until nearly four hours after her ski accident -- three hours longer than initially reported, according to a new report.

And there's more. A ski resort spokesperson said Natasha was laughing and walking around after the fall. But according to the New York Times, paramedics who arrived shortly after the fall say they did not see Natasha laughing. To the contrary, they saw her sitting on a stretcher. The paramedics were told to leave.

A resort spokesperson said Tuesday Richardson was taken to the hospital an hour after her fall, but ambulance records obtained by the Times reveal it was nearly three hours after the fall that the second ambulance was called.

And when the ambulance arrived at the hotel, paramedics spent more than half an hour in Richardson's room before transporting her to the hospital. The upshot -- she must have been in really bad shape when they arrived.

The medical examiner has concluded Richardson died of blunt impact to the head.


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You don't need anything fancy to find out if she was in trouble. A trained paramedic conducting on-site evaluation would have probably spotted trouble. It's also helpful to have air ambulance support readily available. I've seen them show up at the most remote stretches of I-10 in Arizona and New Mexico for car accidents. I think we take that kind of stuff for granted in the U.S. Hope folks start using helmets more often. It's such a shame. Pray for her family.

2005 days ago


So much for medical care being better in Canada than the USA.

2005 days ago


So Sad for their entire family and the world. Such a classy lady. Another tragedy here is that when people become brain dead, it is the only time that something positive come out of such a horrible situation and that is organ donation. If she was brain dead and on a ventilator, they must have been offered an opportunity to save lives through organ donation. Does anyone know if they donated???

2005 days ago


There is nothing "fishy." She had an accident. She felt fine initially and did not want an ambulance or medical treatment. MOST people who suffer this type of injury make the same fatal mistake. This sad situation is not the result of malice. It was just plain bad luck. Since helmets are optional, the instructors cannot force someone to wear a helment if the student refuses. If an accident victim does not want medical treatment, you cannot FORCE him/her into the ambulance. Leave this family in peace and stop trying to create a tabloid news story that you can feed from for the next year. Drop it.

2004 days ago


An autopsy was performed. This negates the possibility of organ donation. Besides, after reading the story of the parents who feel their son was hastily declared "brain dead" so that his organs could be harvested, I'm not so sure I'm ready to sign an organ doator's card.

2004 days ago


It's very normal to refuse immediate assistance after banging your head and even more likely for immediate medical evaluation to say "watch and wait". Helmets are no guarantee either. She made it to that first hospital in plenty of time after beginning to show symptoms that a med student could diagnose as epidural hematoma with 10 minutes with a case history, simple neuro exam and CT scan.

The focus that they didn't have a "trauma center" or helicopter is even more infuriating as they could have taken the maintenance man's Black and Decker drill, drilled a small hole over the bleed and she would have had a better shot then sending her on the Tour Du Quebec!

2004 days ago

Canada Rules    

It's very unfortunate that a few morons, otherwise known as George Bush Republicans, are using a tragic accident to bash the Canadian Health Care system.

The fact is that the Canadian health care system is far superior to the American system. First, we don't refuse to treat people because they don't have money. Second, we don't have sleazy HMO's where bean counters are decision makers and not doctors. I could go on and on and on.

40 million uninsured Americans would say the U.S. has a very bad health care system.

2004 days ago


Who was with Natasha on this ski vacation??? That has never come up - I don't believe that she went to a ski resort alone. Perhaps this is why she was delayed getting to a hospital...getting rid of a secret someone???
Come on TMZ - do what you do best - investigate who was along on that vacation with her.....

2004 days ago


sounds like someone made a mistake. when people have accidents they should a least advise them to get medical treatment no matter how insignificant it is. if she was bleeding in her brain then she had to be in tremendous pain so why did it take so long to call another ambulance. they is a lot of questions that need to be answered and o lot of people are going to lose sleep knowing they could have prevented this tragedy!!

2003 days ago


I am reading lots of new ideas in these comments that I haven't heard since this first happened. My first question has always been "how do the sons receive their education?" To my knowledge school breaks occur in February. Are they home schooled, attend private schools, or have tutors Was this a case of being taken out of school to go on a vacation to wind up seeing their mother dead?

2003 days ago

Concerned and Horrified    

Its sad when someone can’t lay another to rest before everyone is jumping in trying to find even more gossip to keep their headlines on top. Regardless, what is not being told to anyone is “what drugs” were in Richardson’s system at the time “911” was called to the scene. Specifically, after news hit the “medical case management teams” responsible for many of the celebrities health, she was immediately told (by fax, email and phone) that despite refusing medical treatment, IF she developed any symptoms (i.e. headache, slurred speech, nausea) NOT TO TAKE ANYTHING; especially a acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) based product. Patients who are on blood thinners and suffer similar injuries are much more likely to develop a “clot” in the brain and that is why she was told not to take anything such as an analgesic because of the increased risk for developing a clot aka epidural hematoma. It was only hours afterward that sources learned that she didn’t get that information because of the hotel and other sources and consequently as she began developing symptoms, she did exactly what she was not supposed to. Yet the medical examiner is withholding this information and we are speculating that it is being withheld either because of the implication to the messengers who failed to transmit the information to her, or lawsuits against the hospital(s). You didn’t hear it from me.

2002 days ago

A Mom    

The rest of Canada has air ambulance. Quebecers need to get their act together. All that money they spend anally policing French only signage would be a great place to start.

2002 days ago

Some guy who thinks a little    

She was in Canada - with that nationalized health care that Obama and the rest of the liberal looonies want. If she fell at a US ski resort with helicopter medievac she'd be alive today. But, since Canada has free health care, she got what she paid for - as did the rest of her family. And how come they did not give her organs away - selfish buttheads.

2002 days ago

Dave Mathew    

Canada cares responsible for Richardson's death? FY (Canadian reply)


1997 days ago

cynthia gonzalez    

thats too bad that she had to dying that way and i feel so sorry for her family because of her

1442 days ago
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