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Pam Anderson: Spare Some Change?

3/20/2009 2:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The homeless situation in Malibu has really gotten out of control.

Oh wait, it's actually just 41-year-old mother of two Pamela Anderson yesterday. Oopsies!

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she does look younger with out any make up on.

2051 days ago

uNclear hysteria    

people, please... i'm sure her publicist will claim "she's currently on location filming a movie about a crack whore who also accepts candy bars as "payment"!!!!"

i'm kidding, of course!

2051 days ago


I'm no Pam fan, but cut her some slack. I'm her age, but I don't smoke, rarely drink, and my skin and body are a combination of good genes , exercise and a good diet. I can't believe she would leave the house looking like that. If she is detoxing and needing a sugar fix, surely she must have some household help to make a store run for her. Her extensions are ratty looking and she appears really ill. Take care, Pamela.

2051 days ago


Comment to "Canada is looking..." - Pam recently became a US citizen, so you can keep her!! lol

2051 days ago


In regards to how "sexy" pam looks, all I have to say is snicker, snicker, snicker . . . not so much!

2051 days ago

George William Gockel    

That sucks that Pamela Anderson was not totally in the nude on purpose and that will happen in another place. And one Pamela Anderson and I will meet each other on purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2051 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

Thats just the way it is

2051 days ago


What a complete wreck. My grandma looks much better.

2051 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

I crack up when people say how bad she looks when they've NEVER had a woman even close to being as hot as Pam even when she looks trashed. I have a brush and a garden tub she can use any time.

2051 days ago

The Dude    

She looks like she's looking for a boot kit (sirynge, needle and spoon).

2051 days ago


What the heck is wrong with this woman? One day she looks like an aging classless striper, the next like a poverty stricken homeless person. I think she is Bi-Polar, next thing you know she will be crawling into her neighbors kids bed or found curled up in the bushes on Hollywood and Vine.

2051 days ago


Reality Bites!

2050 days ago


Pam Anderson is a member of PETA, right? She is all about animal rights and anit-animal testing. She is always on shows talking about how she does not eat meat or wear animal products. I am a simple vegan and no membership to anything...Snickers is made by Mars Candy and Mars Candy is a well known animal tester! This justs shows she is an idiot, PETA did a huge push on getting people to stop eating any Mars Candy and here she is, eating something that her own organization is against. Great job Pam, keep it up!

2050 days ago

uNclear hysteria    

it looks like she's wearing an airline blanket, too....

there is NO EXCUSE for this even if she is a celebrity!!!

does she not realize that looking like this IN PUBLIC must truly EMBARASS & HUMILIATE her sons?

2050 days ago


To each of you who think you look so much better than this without make up - you probably don't! But really, what a bunch of nasty people feeling like they have to pick on someone to feel better about themselves!

Look, the woman has hepatitis C. It's a serious liver disease. I'm amazed that she can pull herself together from day to day, but she has two kids and she does make sure that they're taken care of. Perhaps it is time that she stopped partying, because that + the hepC will kill her. And it's not going to make her look healthy, that's for sure. But TMZ, you'd so damn mean - what's wrong w/taking it easy when you're not working. You've got a guy on your show every day who's got the exact same hair as this and you sure don't make him run a comb thru it. Why is that??

2050 days ago
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