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The Six Million Dollar Croc

3/20/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meet RoboCroc -- a living, breathing, chomping crocodile cyborg!

RoboCroc: Click to watch
After this Florida croc's skull was crushed by a car, a team of plastic surgeons jumped in and rebuilt its face using four metal plates and 41 screws.

Because that's just what Florida needs, more crocodiles.


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Jackiemichele I am impressed! Your post took a lot of effort, and anger I might add. It is sad that you would resort to implying that I need to be spoken to like one of "your 5th graders". I hope you show better manners and restraint when you are interacting with those rather unfortunate kids. Does it seem to you that I wouldn't know what a caption is, or is that just the best way you can think of to try to get to me? I don't need to take a breather. I am perfectly relaxed. As I said before, this is fun. Would you like the dog walking position? It seems to suit you more than being a teacher.
And to i heart mama; finally-(that hyphen was for you Jackie) someone who gets it!! I am glad you are enjoying this too. Oh, and you are right, I am hot.

2020 days ago


Ummmm, sorry guys, we have alligators, hense the name in Miami, Alligator crocs in FL, try getting your facts straight.....Im a Floridian if you want to check my credentials, lol

2020 days ago


I'm not angry, just amused like yourself and have spare time on my hands. You see like others I find your behavior interesting. When you werr proven wrong in your comments you quickly switched to your education. You boasted that you had perfect grammar and that, too, has been disproved. I challenged your 10% comment and asked that you verify it and in return you comments on my manners and reasons for dumbing down my directions. Not a single one of the comments you've made can you prove but yet you are still here and I am wondering why? It is so embarrassingly obvious that you are wrong on so many levels but you stay...

I on the other had am bored as hell looking for something to do. Reading these comments and catching up on news from various sources in the way I pass my time as night. Oh, and while my comments were far from polite, they were not completely undeserved. You see I don't like people such as yourself who use transfer techniques to get over on unsuspecting people. You know your argument is a lost cause and since TV sucks tonight I will endure the so-called witty repartee of Harvard educated Mama (notice my correct use of the hyphen). You may be proud of your Harvard education, which you shuold be, but that makes me wonder about you even more. But continue to brag about Harvard all you want. I prefer Yale myself. ;)

2020 days ago


Jackiemichele, you are my favorite TMZ'er of the day. No contest.

2020 days ago


Thanks to Jackiemichele and ramblr for the very informative posts and info concerning this article. Usually you just see a bunch of nonsense posts and trolling, and this thread was full of both so thanks for giving us the facts!!

2020 days ago

uNclear hysteria    

prehistoric reptiles have extremely hard skulls and outer hides so make sure your tires are properly inflated and carry as much heavy equipment as possible! Don't be afraid to load up that SUV!

Now that's some damn good "survival advice"!

2020 days ago


Thanks Greenie and Darwin.
I am a huge animal lover no matter how sharp their teeth may be. When I first heard about this earlier this week, I was so moved that doctors would donate their time and expertise to such a wonderful cause. I'm glad my posts have been useful as there is a lot of misinformation on this board. I will admit I usually don't stay this long on a certain board but since I am on vacation and the number of TMZ idiots is on the rise, I couldn't help myself:)

2020 days ago


JACKIEMICHELE AND DARWIN - Keep fighting the good fight. You two made this debate worthwhile. Take care.

2020 days ago


Jackie, can you prove your theory on the 10%? Can you prove that you are right about the grammar? Like I said before, it wasn't me who switched from the croc vs gator in FL debate. It was people like you who can't seem to focus on anything else but their jealousy over my education. How would you know whether or not you prefer Yale. I doubt you could get anywhere near either institution. Why would my being proud of a master's degree make you wonder about me? That makes no sense.
Oh---(can you handle it?) you never answered my question either. Would you like to work for me, as I said before, I need a dog walker.

2020 days ago


You go girl! The fact that I am the only one on your side says a lot about these ignorant hacks on this post. You are hilarious. No one is smart enough to get your point. The others may say they aren't angry, but damn they act like it. You keep chillin you genius you! I'm lovin this.

2020 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

Everyone one can look up BIG words...and blow them out of thier asses without any meaning what so ever so what feel free.If you go on and get that PH-D you won`t have time to write blogs.If you get two PH-D`s you will write your own books and SOP`s and you can change the world...A little.Five PH-D`s in the sciences and you will be called on worldwide to kill underground unwar mindsets and anyone they tell you to.Take a pill MAMA forget the books chemicals rule the human race and thats what your school will all your schoolin will get you.Give them all a pill that you don`t understand how it works and do what all the school of thought tell you too do.Try 20 years of bioelectrical studys of the human mind than hook a satellite up to your brain and broadcast it worldwide.MARFE TURUS war mindsets put us at midnight once again.Is harvard in florida?.The keys are so cool but I know to be careful there also.

2020 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

You should write...with some help from?.Brain sciences are the real study of the brain mind..chemical electrical action reaction funtion disfuction.WITCH doctors are a dine a dozen and just plan wrong.Try the smart brain softwares than talk won`t.So MAMA who does this CROC that fell from the skys feel about not being from florida and it`s head being wired togather? you shoud know if your in the know?.Love and peace natural rules

2020 days ago


Mama, maybe you are confused but I don't need to prove anything. I did not state that only 10% of people (you did not specify whether this was worldwide or only America) knew how to use grammar correctly. Now, according to the 10% you threw out but have yet to prove, the grand total of people who can use grammar correctly is still roughly 30,000,000 based on the current U.S. population of 306,050,485 taken from here

As for the hyphen usage, a tricky type of punctuation, you can look here and see rules for appropriate hyphen usage. According to this trusty website, attaching I to any word like you did is simply unnecessary and wrong.

Please explain to me how I have expressed jealousy over something as easily attainable as a Master's degree. Not a single statement I directed at you has been tainted with jealousy or envy and I fully admit being jealous of a lot of things. A person's education would not be one of them. So you have a Master's, great, woohoo! That's not what makes me wonder about you. What makes me wonder is your need to bring it up after it was clear you could no longer debate with anything. Twice now I have shown you in great detail how to prove one's statements and you don't seem to get it. You continue to fall back on your jealousy and anger comments instead of simply saying, "I was wrong." This is why I wonder about you.

And of course there is also the fact that you simply don't seem intelligent enough to have graduated with anything from Harvard. No Harvard grad would tell me that I need to prove their theory during a debate or whatever the hell this is.

Not once tonight have blatantly stated, "I have a ____________ degree from ______________." Why? I don't need to. I am secure in my statements and have the ability and intelligence to back them up without trying to make other posters feel they have less intelligence due to my higher learning.

2020 days ago


I just gotta say thanks to Jackiemichele, Liz, and Greenie. Two pages of comments later and "mama" still hasn't acknowledged my posts or my articles. Why? Because she is wrong and she just can't find it in her heart to admit it. And the fact that we are jealous about your education (mama)? I don't care where you got your education. If your institute of 'higher learning' told you that there are no American Crocodiles in the wild, I don't want to be a part of that education. If you're institute of 'higher learning' taught you that it is o.k. to have a debate by belittling people (by saying we're jealous, under-achievers) and by not backing up anything you say with real sources, once again, I do not want to be apart of that education. Doing that is just plain immaturity. Funny how anytime anyone has something smart to say against "mama" and she just calls them angry.

Oh, and I love the internet. Funny how you can be anyone right? Hey guys! I went to Yale!

2020 days ago


Mama, you should go back to Harvard and get a refund. Your posts are riddled with grammatical errors, including spelling errors and punctuation errors. No one is impressed with an education that you have invented for the sake of backing up an improper argument (not ARGUEMENT, by the way). Anyone with a degree that you purport to have would not boast about it in an attempt to intimidate others (unsuccessfully, I might add). It appears as though you are the one who has unresolved anger/issues. I suggest that you address them with your own psychologist. Oh, and having a gardener and a Mercedes do not make you successful....or rich. Finally, despite your indication, living within ten minutes of the Everglades does not indicate whether you have money or an education. That clearly shows what an idiot you really are when it comes to Florida geography.

To address the initial argument, there are currently wild crocodiles in a few areas in Florida; one of which is Turkey point:

"About nine-tenths of the Turkey Point property remains in its natural state of mangroves and fresh water wetlands. There are more than 60 known species of birds and animals that inhabit the property. Of these, 17 are endangered.

The endangered American crocodile enjoys a favorable habitat in the plant cooling canal system. We protect the crocodile and conduct research by counting crocodile nests annually to record population changes. More than 3,000 crocodiles have been marked and released, and FPL is committed to continuing protection of the species while encouraging ongoing public education. This program and the plant's unique habitat for crocodiles has attracted national attention by CNN Headline News, Disney and National Geographic.

FPL is also involved in the Florida Everglades Mitigation Bank. We are returning nearly 13,500 acres of wetlands to their natural, historical condition. We preserve this area to best serve Florida citizens and our own company goals because of the site's ecological value.

Turkey Point was recognized with the top industry award for land management and environmental stewardship.



2020 days ago
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