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Liam Neeson -- Thanks for The Support

3/21/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Liam Neeson returned home last night after the wake for Natasha Richardson at the Irish Historical Society in NYC.

Liam Neeson: Click to watch


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maegan m    

leave him alone!!!!!!

2008 days ago

She's Dumb    

Zoya Correction: There is a line called human decency. The paps job should be to leave him alone then the public won't see these picture's to feed off them. I think you forget who makes the money from the picture's. Bottom line. Just leave the man alone!

2008 days ago


Leave this poor man alone. It's one thing to post investigative pieces on how she could have been saved, but it's another to kick a man while he's down. He needs his space, and should be able to walk in peace, for now.

2008 days ago

hook, line and sinker    

Hey Harvey.................always knew you would sell your soul for a buck.........for crying out loud......this is real life. this family has lost a wife, mother, daughter, etc...........where is you humanity????????

2008 days ago


Enough already- give the poor guy and his family a break.

LIke I said before- isn't Lohan having a meltdown or fight with her man friend somewhere you guys can be covering- this is too low- even for you guys.

2008 days ago


TMZ, this is tasteless. Leave this poor man and his family alone. I love TMZ for the funny stuff... but this.... come on.

2008 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

IT`s a portible Radar satellite TV/radio age...WE all have about a trillion R/F waves running tough our DNA.Thsu the 2/3 of overweightness age of superxecited by R/F DNA just as predicted as the digital age was.They steal you blind kill you all off at the end of it cover it all up(CRIMEWAVE) masonics) and hide like a jew...A fake jew at that.I`am more jewish then harvey will ever even know machal since age four billions to jewish defence funds.I staill hate the MOB= mADOFF jewish GODfather and all the MOB.You need about 20 more radar techs over here and about 500 more satelite lows and chopters sun of a sun of a gun HUGHES`s.Not needing a gun I`am much higher tech than you`all.killroySS

2008 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

by TMZ

2008 days ago


Why can't you just leave this man and his family alone?

2008 days ago

arte help    


2008 days ago

Oh Please    

To all that have lost their mate.

If I should go before you
and you are left alone
don't think that I've forgotten,
because I've only gone back home.
You'll see me in the gardens
and in every seed that grows,
you'll me in the cloudless skies
and in the breeze that blows.
I'll be here in each snow flake
and in every drop of rain,
I'll be here when the Robin sings
and springtime blooms again.

I'll be here when your tears fall to soothe your aching heart,I
'll hold you close and love you for as long as we're apart.
The when your time has ended
and you're needed here no more,
I'll be waiting there to meet you
at heaven's golden door.

2008 days ago


Karen I would like to add that when u live in the public eye you die in the public eye. Thats just the way it is right or wrong. If you have a serious problem with this can I ask why your even on a gossip site where these pictures/videos are being posted much less posting on something. Afterall if you avoid it your not adding to the demand

2008 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

Is in thier hearts and heads...your public has voiced thier view and you don`t hear,just as I said your MObSTERS...pick on someone your own size like a anzt hill POOPAH!.Or just kill on me I like it I love it more death drill sarg.

2008 days ago


god bless you again and again,
may you find peace and comfort in your sons arms
and they, in yours, your lover and best friend and Angel is still here,
inside you... you will see her everyday, in the face or
the look some one is expressing, and you will know
shes just a whisper away... god bless you Liam, Micheal, And Daniel...

2008 days ago


Could someone help me?? In Vansessa's IMDb bio, it states she is married tp Franco Nero and they have a child, yet I have seen no mention of him. He would be Nataha's step-father. Where is he???

2008 days ago
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