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Liam Neeson -- Thanks for The Support

3/21/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Liam Neeson returned home last night after the wake for Natasha Richardson at the Irish Historical Society in NYC.

Liam Neeson: Click to watch


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Bac k off, TMZ sleazebags.

2044 days ago


You people are heartless,,,,this is not gossip! Find someone else to stalk.

2044 days ago


Still so tragic. Yeah, kinda tacky of TMZ to go after Liam like that, but if you notice in the video there's tons of paparazzi, so it isn't just TMA. Also, we're contributing to this as we come to this web-site and read the stories and post comments. So we shouldn't point the fingers at TMZ, after all they are giving us what we want, yeah?

I wonder if after Liam and the family have had time to grieve and move forward if they will sue the province of Quebec for not having a trauma air/helicopter service in place. I continue to be shocked to find out Quebec didn't have anything, especially considering the notability of Tremblant (iin Canada all one has to say is Whistler, Banff, or Tremblant and we know what you mean). While the medical care is top-notch in Montreal, that was the problem, it was in Montreal, an hour's drive away.

So maybe it isn't that she didn't wear a helmet or refuse medical attention (where she signed that waiver--she would have been cognizant (sp?) to do so, right?), but once she hotel realized she wasn't well and called that second ambulance, that is where the trauma helicipter would have been called in and likely would have at least bought some time. We'll never know now, but even so, Quebec does need such an air service especially in remote areas like Tremblant.

I'm Canadian, and I want private health care. If you can afford it, great, buy health insurance and go to the private hospitals and doctors. If you don't that is okay since the rich people are out of the queue and waiting lists will be shorter. However, if I had cancer or something serious I would go to the USA simply because the kind of treaments there are not available in Canada. So yeah, universal health is not a good thing. Sure, it means when one is in the hospital we don't have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars or be nit-picked for every Kleenex or sheet of toilet paper we use, but we did have huge waiting lists (it took me 7 months to get a MRI--I got fed up of waiting and paid a month's rent to get my own MRI at a private clinic), and medical school graduates and nurses are leaving Canada by the droves because they aren't getting paid well.

So yeah, lots of things would have helped Natasha, namely that trauma helicopter.

2044 days ago

She's Dumb    

Zoya. I have a problem with YOUR comments. "Live in the public eye, die in the public eye" garbage. No, there is human decency and guess what? Alot of people have it, i guess not you. Hello! The photo hounds are the ones that should stop this and regardless if he is "in the public eye" or not. He should have some respect to be able to be left alone to grieve wherever he is.......the photog's need to get a life and you do too!

2043 days ago


I wish the photographers and 'video' people would LEAVE HIM ALONE. What if this was reveresed? Would you want cameras and video cameras in your face while you were mourning????????? NO! Leave the guy alone!

2043 days ago



2043 days ago

She's Dumb    

To private: Thanks for sharing the same feeling i have. I hope Zoya reads yours as well.........

2043 days ago


So how's it feel to be single again?

2043 days ago


First, l like your show. Now - not so much. I understand the public craves Hollywood info. But, remember we are all human beings on this planet. There are many careers out there. From dishwasher to president. Clebrities become that way based on popularity. I agree ... hey, you pursue a career on tv, movies, whatever, and become successful you now are in the public eye. But there is a line. The man has lost his wife. She will be immortal, just like him and you guys (which is sad). Just like hyppocratis said "Life is short, art eternal" so true. The sad thing is you guys stooped to this level. Let all the other paparazzi do that, believe me there is enough out there. You could have been like "we didn't bother Liam but look at what these other shows did (and still got your clip and been better for it)" I hope no one of you have a tragedy in your families soon, but if you do and someone shows up with a camera, I guess deal with it huh? Anyway, let the man grieve. It seems no one gives a crap unless it's them. Well what if it was you? (read that agin and really think about it.) Let's be real people, show compassion. That's what this world lacks, These peolple are here to entertain us and they do. You guys wouldn't even have jobs if it wasn't for the celebrities... oh wait... yeah you would... dishwashers or the guy who cleans the booths in adult video stores. You went that low. Actually that guy now has hope. Now this for Mr. Neeson - "You and your wife have given me and my family great joy over the years with your acting and movies. Our heart goes out to you and your family. You are in our hearts and minds."

2043 days ago



2043 days ago


this is what paparazzi is all about unfortunately there is not much he can do about it other than stay indoors or have a load of big burly black guys with guns to keep them at bay.. now since liam neeson is not a rap star and doesnt move with gangstas this is what he will have to endure.. if i where him i would come back here to the uk where he will be treated with a lot more respect than than where he is now as the whole redgrave, and richardson clan where treated with a lot more respect by the press out here..

2043 days ago


Please leave the man alone, TMZ I will stop browsing your site if you can not find it in your heart to leave the poor man alone. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

2043 days ago


I guess when a family asked for "privacy during this time" it doesn't mean anything to some news hounds.

2043 days ago

tuna marie    

why would he go back to the uk when he just buried his wife in america? and the paps were just as agressive toward princess diana in france and england, so it is not just an america problem

2043 days ago

tuna marie    

and if liam and tasha loved the uk, why were they living in the us?

2043 days ago
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