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OctoMom -- First Your Money, Now Your Man

3/21/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Nadya Suleman flashed the press some shoulder during a trip to the mall in L.A. yesterday. Looking like she's shed more pounds, it seems like it's just a matter of time until Brad leaves Angelina.


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remember REALITY    

Are the rest of the older children instutionalized? You know, the ones she obviously does not want!

2040 days ago


Thank you to #44 Chrissa..... My husband and I have 4 children. I have always stayed at home with them because I wanted to make sure that they got the best care that I thougt was possible. At the times, we chose to have all 4 kids my husband had a great job. Well, he got laid off. We almost lost our home and everything along with it. My husband whom will not accept a handout from anyone including the government took a job as a sub-contractor in Afghanistan to provide for me and our children. It allows me to still stay at home and raise my children. If you are able to work then you need too. There is no reason to expect the government or anyone else to help you out. Octo-mom is an insult to mothers!!!!!! She needs to do what's best for not just the 8 babies but all 14 of her children and give them to married couples who can't have children that can provide them with a safe home without paps!

2040 days ago

another over 40 mama    

Here she is, on the phone again. Does she ever pull that stupid phone off her ear long enough to listen to any of her 14 children? I agree with all the other people who ask, " when does she ever stay home and take care of her children?" Sure, she is at the mall with some, but who in the hell ever has time to even go out of the house with 14 children. Oh yeah, there isn't really 14 children, I forgot, 6 are still in the hospital WHERE SHE SHOULD BE IF SHE ISN'T WITH HER OWN CHILDREN AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is such a loser. Even if cameras weren't after her 24/7, she would still be at the mall, out buying thousands of dollars worth of useless crap and not home taking care of her children. I'm not saying that if you have children you should stay home with them all the time, but my goodness, this woman CHOSE to have FOURTEEN DAMN CHILDREN. Stay home with your children woman!

2040 days ago


The real OctoDad is Hispanic , admitted today in a interview. No surprise there. All the kid look almost 100% Hispanic. That piece of Crap Denis Boudoin (african american) claming to be Octodad is now proven to be a low life liar. Hey Denis, news flash: None of the kids look anywhere near African American. Crawl back under your ROCK. Also Octomom says, the father is not a citizen of the US. She tells the interviewer " Let the people search all the countries to fiqure out were he is from" Hey Octo-Animal we already Know the country. it is called MEXICO.

2040 days ago

Lori Peters    

This lady is as nutty as they come...but I am GLAD that the babies were not with her. Fragile newborns do not belong out in the community, their immune system just can't handle it. I also totally understand why she would not be out with all the older kids by herself. I know from personal experience that six young kids out and about by yourself is just not safe. I have 6 grandkids age 2-10 that I care for quite a bit...I never take them all out together unless their grandfather is also with me.
Having said that, she is a piece of work and has the art of scamming down to a fine science.

2040 days ago


Adding to my comment (post #90)...I would love more children. I would have another two or three!! BUT I have enough sense to say stop! I know that my husband and I can't afford to have any more children. OCTO MOM is CRAZY!!!! She couldn't afford the 1st 6 much less any more. If these babies go up for adoption, I have a perfect person that would love to adopt a few of them!!!! They can't have kids! People need to ignore this crazy woman and stop giving her money! Take the kids and give them healthy homes and then donate the money to their new families!

2039 days ago


First of all i CAN NOT stand this lady...beging with her face! She makes me so angry to know that i am UNwillingly contrubuting to her luxurious life. She knew what what she was geting herself into from the begining. Starting with the birth of her first IVF kids. I love kids and it sucks for woman who cant have kids and this "LADY" is having kids like she a freaking machine!! what the hell man?!?!? She needs to get her butt back home and be a MOTHER to her kids instead of spending my tax money.

2039 days ago

They were in it for the money    

1. She is contratced with Radaronline to follow her around and do the photo ops.
2. She is out shopping because her dream of getting everything for ree didn't pan out. Plus, she has to buy new clothes for at least 1 child for new school on Monday.
3. She isn't on the phone with anyone but the air. This is a publicity stunt as are all of her outings.
4. Her disability ran out in 2008, so she got a new scam going for this multiple birth.
5.She was working part time at that hospital when she injured her back-not. not from a riot, but from lifting a patient in 1997. she was no more that an aide, 22 years old, no credentials. She was there less than a year.
6. She went on disability yet again for depression and left the job in 1998.
7 The total money she receieved from her disability totaled $165,000 over a 10 year period. this stopped 1 month shy of her being invitro'd.
8. She paid for that invitro with a mortgage taken out by her mother.
Her actual name is not Nadya Suleman, it is Natalie Guiterrez.
9. She has never filed for tax exempt status for her donations.
10. she is the biggest scam artist the country has ever seen not to mention the biggest BS artist.

2039 days ago


Let see now the sperm donor is 100% Hispanic (mexican) the Trash mother of the kids is half Arab and half european.
I would say that makes the kids, 25% European 25% Arab and 50% Mexican. Do I have that Right?

2039 days ago


Except for photo ops does anyone really believe she'll be a hands on mom to those babies? With all that free help?

2039 days ago


Good post #96. All your info is 100% correct!!!
Also your right about the new cell phone trick, she is talking to the Air. Won't answer any question in public unless miss STINK-Hole smells dollars!!!!

2039 days ago


Her actions are one thing, but the hideous nature of the 'haters' who comment on every aspect of her being is another. Where's the love?

2039 days ago


Octo power!!

She's spitting out more babies than a Honda factory in the 90's! I wouldn't be suprised if she still has one or two inside her somewhere that they missed.

Poor kids, they shouldn't be photographed like that though.

2039 days ago


Qeutou I have read your posts, several of themYou are a disgusting speciman of a human being.less than ratfilth, not worthy of pigswill. In fact you are an amoeba, the lowest form of life. Yor mother must have caused you severe braindamage, as she quickly closed her legs, during delivery , to run away from you. you bitter twisted POS. You are the epitome of all that is so Ugly, beauty wouldnot give you the time of day.

2039 days ago


1) Nadya seems to have several names, birth name is Natalie, last name Suleman, she's also gone by Soleman, maybe others. Multiple ailiases are a commonly used by people who commit fraud and run scams.

2) Has anybody ever checked up on her for presciption pill abuse? Among all her other tricks, perhaps she's been enjoying painkillers for her fake back injury for the past 10 years. She does sound just like a drunk or an addict with her constant conflicting stories, self-serving half-truths, changing the focus to something stupid, etc. I've yet to hear her give a straight answer to any question. Also there's that typical addict's sense of special entitlement. She does have that typical addict logic. Just wondering.

3) To the few who think it's none of the taxpayers business, who do you think you are? By definition, someone who thinks it's their right to do whatever they want and leave astounding costs for the working people to be forced to pick up, is in no way parent material. The very first requirement with parenthood is what you want doesn't come first anymore, often it's not even second, third or fourth.

2039 days ago
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