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A Model Child

3/22/2009 2:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jack Paris Brinkley Cook is the son of supermodel Christie Brinkley.

Christie Brinkley

Jack's biological father is Christie's third husband Richard Taubman, but was later adopted by her fourth husband Peter Cook.


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Pumpkins Mom    

You know I bet his older sister is pissed that he looks like mom and she doesn't . Man what screwed up those genes with those 2 kids. The eldest daughter looks like her dad (poor billy joel) and her brother looks beautiful like mom. That doesn't seem fair does it.

2041 days ago


i swear he kinda reminds me oliver twist (original musical) looks like him dont he :p

2041 days ago


that kid doesn't look like her at all! he looks like his real father. her daughter looks lookslike her. her name is Sailor

2041 days ago


alot of your rude comments about this handsome boy of christie brinkley is just unreal!! jelous and igorant can one person be over a picture of "jack brinkley" a wonderful looking people just wish your children could be this cute or handsome when they are his age!!....get a grip and quite with the bad comments....he is going to be one heartthrob in life...and her daughter Alexa is a beautiful girl too!!! must not have seen her recent pictures....christie and the men that were in her life for whatever reason at the time, had beautiful children with them!!!.....

2041 days ago


To #12. Unfortunately, his father disowned Jack from day one. He never provided anything, including monetary support to this young man. And Taubman is a very wealthy man. Being one of those kids myself, I see why Christie did the name change. Even though Christie has bad judgment in men, she is a good mother. Taubman never met his son, nor had any desire to make him a part of his life. It take more than a shot of sperm to make a father; and obviously, Taubman was not a father-figure for this young man.

Billy Joel is a good father to Alexa. That is why the name change for her son and not Alexa.

2041 days ago


He looks like a girl. He'd better get a haircut before some guy who's just gotten out of prison mistakes him for one.

2041 days ago


Christie youve been married 4 times..give it your apparently a dead lay or your a bitch..or both disgust me .

2041 days ago


And I bet just as messed up as Tatum O'Neal.

2041 days ago


Thought it was another Hanson brother!!!!

2041 days ago


I see another model in the family!!

2041 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Obviously not Billy Joel's kid - he looks human.

2041 days ago


hey #21-you are completely wrong about Taubman disowning his child from "day 1" with Christie in fact she was pregnant at the time of their wedding on top of a mountain in Telluride and they happily announced what the sex of the baby was after they took their vows together-it turned out that he was not what he protrayed himself to be to her and in fact was in terrible debt etc- anyway she gave him and he readily accepted $1million dollars to stay out of Jack Paris' life -because he needed the money at the time so badly but this all down sometime way after the baby's birth-he is definitely not a wealthy man at all--not even close--

2041 days ago


He's one great looking kid. All her kids are beautiful with the exception of Alex. That girl got the junk gene milkshake, poor thing looks like dog vomit.

2041 days ago

he's adorable!

2041 days ago


wow if i had all that money too i would always look younger than everyone else around me...... i dont think she is hot .. maybe pretty but she will die soon. cus she is old..

2041 days ago
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