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CNN Host Asks Congressman to Disrobe

3/22/2009 12:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Congressman Aaron Schock was grilled today on TMZ's coverage of Washington D.C. -- specifically our controversial interview asking Schock who had better abs: Prez Barack Obama or him?

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CNN's "Reliable Source" host Howie Kurtz probed deep, trying to get Schock to take his shirt off, but the 27-year-old Rep kept it professional.


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Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Obama said Republican Abraham Lincoln understood that self-reliance was at the core of American life. BUT Obama said "Individual liberty is "served, not negated, by a recognition of the common good". The Common good of Collectivism as Obama stated a 'Collective Union' (which is opposes Republican Lincoln ideal of individual liberty). It is Individual
Liberty that lead to the Ideology of freedom ,for all. The Democrats of Today seem to be engaged in the same Collectivism of before (From the Democrat Collectivism of slavery ,Jim Crow or George Wallace To Al
Sharpton or D Durbin, , is still the same ideal.) An example of a Collective strategy is when one Leader suggest that ' A Negative Comment on him is a negative comment on all of Us (referring to a particular group, without reason).'.

2010 days ago


Wow, I am waaaayyy too stoned to understand that one...

2010 days ago

love it!    

holy crap folks, this whole story was about the guys abs and now it's turned into both a political debate and a debate on whether he is gay or not! americans really do need to lighten up, ALOT!

2010 days ago


Why doesn't this congressman, the rest of congress, and the pres concentrate on all the problems in this country instead of abs? The white house is just a sideshow with a bunch of clowns vying for the most media coverage, any coverage! TMZ, quit adding to the problem, please.

2010 days ago


Ms. Mott - there are too damn many problems that demand immediate attention, and they can "play" around AFTER all the problems are solved, and all our troops have been brought home from the wars. Families of service members can't find anything to smile about! We want our young men and women HOME as BO promised!

2010 days ago


A Gay man who opposes marriage equity or even civil unions. Coward is too good of a word for him.

2010 days ago


well if he's gay..he may as well come out now

2010 days ago


Why do Left wing people everytime they don't like someone call them Gay?
Its nice that some politican from IL isn't a crook.

2010 days ago


Taking directives from the New World Order, huh TMZ? Well, of course you are. Oh, and hey "go obama" morons, have you signed up at yet? Surely your vote for him expressed your intention that you are ready to serve. Well, if you haven't, don't worry. They'll get you involved soon enough,

2010 days ago


this congressman is hot hot hot hes got my vote.

2010 days ago


A good looking smart, young , intelligent guy in washington wow,how rare is that

2010 days ago


my vote is for this congressman to take his shiirt off and show Urkel i mean Obama what real abs look like.

2009 days ago

Linda Mott    

Dear Judi,
Every morning my sister and I pray for our soldiers and their families. I am sorry if I ofended you. I hate to see the way we treat our soldiers and their families. I am a very compasionate person. I think we are so overwhelmed with sadness that some people handle it different. It sometimes seems like Rome is burning while the polititions are playing, but I do have hope that the men and women will soon be home. I will keep a spot in my heart for your family.

2009 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

I hope he has a layover at the Minneapolis Airport so I can trap him tappin' his foot in the men's room. He's gotta give a good hummer!

2009 days ago


Megan Fox moved out this weekend ...

2009 days ago
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