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Congressman Schock Can Sure Stomach It

3/23/2009 8:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So all this talk about Congressman Aaron Schock and his mystery abs ... well, the gentleman with the steel midsection from Illinois has the floor.

Aaron Schock

We raised the question who would win the 6-pack-O-Rama: The Prez or Schock. Debate closed.

By the way...the pic is not Photoshopped. It's the real deal. Photo was taken in 2007.


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while my brothers and sisters are fighting our wars,
our esteemed conressmen and senators are....
we are the new rome...

1852 days ago


I've just added Schock to my fan list on facebook. it's on now!!!

1852 days ago

Well if Bush was elected President 2 times then what's stopping this guy over one douche-bag picture?

1852 days ago

Don Normann    

SURE it's not Photoshopped. And if you'll give me just an hour or two, I'll be able to show you the pic of the 'fourgy' I had last night with Chris Meloni, Hugh Jackman and Ben Bailey. HONEST!

1852 days ago


I'd do him. Gay, BI, Straight. who cares!

1852 days ago

Sebastian Stoker    

Ugh!!! He waxes his chest. Guys out there...don't wax the chest and leave your hairy legs. When your legs are exposed, it looks like you are wearing freaky cahsmere-like long-johns

1852 days ago

Illinois Republican    

It's been widely rumored for a long time in Republican circles in Illinois that Aaron Schock is GAY, GAY, GAY. In fact I would say it's beyond widely rumored, maybe assumed to be gay is a better way to say it.

But that's only in the insider political community. He wants to keep his voters in the dark. He comes from a mostly rural, downstate Illinois district, couple hundred miles from Chicago.

I can see why Schock wanted a photo of himself with a hot woman in 2007. He was in a tough 3 way Republican Primary then where the gay rumors were heating up. Schock was the only single person in that Republican primary.

1852 days ago


I don't get it, so what if he's gay, no big deal? You red-neck, ignorant morons make it sound like a crime. Anyways, Obama is way better looking!

1852 days ago


To the people making "Oh this is what our Congressmen, etc. are doing" or "This is where my tax dollars are going"....

1) It 2007 - I think he was BARELY considering running for Congress.

2) Clearly, he was on some vacation or free-time, so, so what if he was. Do you work 24/7? THought so.......

3) Your tax payer dollars became his salary - they are free to do with their paycheck what they want. After you buy that burger at McDonald's, you don't tell the cashier what not to do with the money you just put towards her paycheck.

You people are idiots!

p.s. I can't believe I just defended a Republican. I guess the Ads must have hypnotized me.

1852 days ago

Mary Worth    

He's average lookin'
No sexiness, there!
Maybe that's a good thing!

1852 days ago


Those breasts above him are weird looking, and I hope those aren't his abs. That's a lot of time he should be spending at work for us.

1852 days ago


rofl! he doesn't have much to talk about between his legs, but hello, look what is on top of his head, a pair of plastic ta-tas. :-P

1852 days ago


Nice Stimulus package there!

1852 days ago

Freak On A Leash    

All the people accusing him of being gay...fine HE'S GAY, we'll take him on our team, very HOT with his nice chest and legs.

1852 days ago


Reading these posts are hilarious!!! What's ironic is that every douche on here accusing him of being gay is a flaming anti-American Democrat. Funny people that falsely "claim" to support the gay community would use their sexuality as an insult against others. Dems have never been the sharpests tools in the shed, just tools.

For the record, California is a very BLUE state that said f*ck no to Proposition 8. Just like every other state that's voted on gay marriage over the years, the majority of this country rejects it. Now please, get back to mocking and making fun of your constituents!! Your hypocriscy makes me laugh!!!

1852 days ago
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