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Real (Crazy) Baby Name

3/23/2009 3:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We got our hands on singer M.I.A's new baby's birth certificate and, as she disputed on her blog, the baby's name is not Ickitt. That's just ridiculous, who in their right mind would name their baby that? The real name happens to be Ikhyd.

M.I.A.According to the document, Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam officially named her son Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman, common spelling.

Another interesting fact -- baby faced M.I.A's birth date is listed as 7/18/75 which makes her real age 33.


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That woman makes me laugh! I guess her "rap" angle is related to some sort of Pakistani political cause which is supposed to make her seem "cool" and "militant"? Funny then that her baby's father is Jewish and very very wealthy. What a poser, lol. Nobody in the western hemisphere really has an interest in her, though. And why is it that whenever Asians (especially S. Asians) try to appear cool, they just end up looking even dorkier? Funny stuff.

1978 days ago

Mega Jimmy    

How come TMZ has'nt said anything about M.I.A.'s support of Terrorist groups like the Tamil Tigers, of which her father was a known member

1978 days ago


If TMZ staff members can't even pronounce Delhi right, you think they could possibly bring up the Tamil Tigers for discussion?

1977 days ago


Ikhyd Bronfman?? How treyf.

1977 days ago


Who is this b*tch anyway? I've never even heard of her, nor do I care about her sh*tty little kid. Post real news TMZ, not spotlights on half @ssed celebrities whom nobody gives a sh*t about. Ok?

1977 days ago


Edgar Bronfman?? WTF he' was or is the heir to the Seagrams whiskey company!!!

1977 days ago


To all you little whiners crying "Oh what a weird name! They should stick with 'TRADITIONAL' names!" grow up!
Just because you think the majority of America is comprised of Anglo-saxon/British names doesn't make it true. Go to and see how many of you actually have an English name.
Also go somewhere else on this vast globe and tell them to name their kids something else...see how far that gets you.
All kids get teased, part of growing up- yes even the "Tradtionally named" ones. Instead of gripping about their kids getting teased, why not pop the foul mouthed little twit carrying on the teasing? Worry about that instead of what someone has the freedom granted by the lovely US constitution to do.

1977 days ago


Stop giving this attention-crazy ding bat publicity. No body cares about her.

1977 days ago


I'm sure growing up with a name like Ick-Hide will not cause her kid any emotional problems.

1977 days ago



where you under the impression that I was really going to look up the name Ikhyd to confirm that it's not the same as callin someone "Ickitt"?

Well I didn't. I just heard the name, put racism and prejudice aside, accepted the fact that someone (who's not even American) dared not to give their child an American name, and moved on with my life.

1976 days ago

Spindle Fan    

Dumb name, but I've seen worse. See for pages of hilarious horrible baby names.

1976 days ago


Ikhyd is not a sri lankan name, i am from there so i should know. most sri lankan names are derived from Sanskit, an ancient Indian language.

1976 days ago


It's disappointing how just because a name doesn't sound so American, some people automatically think it's really weird. Well, the world is filled with different cultures and therefore, different kinds of names.

1964 days ago


shes a man!

1574 days ago


screw her and her support for the terrorist Tamil Tiger group. i hope she reaps what she sows...and her little rugrat too.

1574 days ago
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