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Natasha Richardson Laid to Rest

3/23/2009 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Liam Neeson -- joined by his two sons (left), sister-in-law Joely Richardson (middle), an unidentified person, and niece Daisy Bevan (right) -- wave to well-wishers after Natasha Richardson's funeral yesterday in New York.

Liam Neeson


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jerry doremus    

my prayers go out to her and her family

2018 days ago


As far as this young man's smiling, I doubt any of us who are commenting on him have had to deal with vulture photographers at our parents funerals. I think they have ALL shown an enormous amount of dignity and grace when faced with such replusive intrusions by people trying to "get a story". I can't say as I could be so gracious in that situation. They are a class act even in their worst times. May God Bless them all.

2018 days ago


Everybody ease up on TMZ. The pics and video are all over the web and even were on the local news. Entertainment Tonite is going to have coverage.

2018 days ago


Liam and the whole family are such a class act. They even lined up to wave at the cameras at the funeral. People are interesed in this family, even at this time and they seem to understand. I hope they find peace.

2018 days ago

tuna marie    

maybe he never knew his mother, just nannies.

2018 days ago


I have seen every pic with his kid in it and he is always smiling WTF???

2018 days ago

Elaine 27    

14. One of their kids (every pic I've seen him in since her accident) is smiling. Wow I would think he was old enough to understand the magnitude of this! Tragic

Posted at 10:18AM on Mar 23rd 2009 by sad
Some people laugh/smile when they are nervous. I would not take it in a negative way that Natasha's son does not understand the magnitude of his mother's death. The poor kid might just be still in shock and is confused. The reality always hit after the funeral. Lets pray for the family that God would give them the strength in the ensuing days to cope with the suddon lost of Natasha.

2018 days ago


Why would you bother this family at a time like this? Just when I think you can't sink any lower! Your pathetic!

2018 days ago

tuna marie    

celebs don't usually raise their children, nannies do all the work, so maybe that's why they are laughing and joking, they never really knew her as "mom". just a thought.

2018 days ago

tuna marie    

why do you care?? the family seems perfectly happy to wave and smile and not be bothered by the cameras.

2018 days ago


i am so happy that the media is not ridicule him or his family in there time of grieving

2018 days ago

The Dude    

God bless him and his family in thier time of need.

2018 days ago

Money Talks    

I was 12 and heartbroken when my babushka (grandmother) died. At the funeral home I was standing near the casket when an older man walked in and started talking to his dear Ida and crying a river. We didn't know him and thought he might be an ex-boyfriend. But my father went to talk to the director who said: OH no ! Not Mr. Baker again ! Apparently that man was very lonely and spent his time visiting funeral homes and took note of the names of the deceased at the door. Well we laughed hysterically, couldn't stop. That didn't mean we were happy, my babushka would have laughed too! The craziest things can happen at funerals, Remember the wonderful movie "Harold and Maude". So it's a good thing to keep a sense of humour, even at funerals.

2018 days ago


Harry and William didn't publicly cry and they were caught "smiling" after Princess Diana's funeral, too, do you all think they are thrilled that she died? Just because the cameras catch a moment of lightness does not mean they are happy about the situation. How do any of us know they were not all talking about a good memory (or musing how crazy Ms. Richardson might find the paparazzi reaction to her death! They sure didn't find her worthy of a media craze while alive but dead all of a sudden they are interested?) and having a laugh about it? And yes CNN reports that Liam and the family DID pose for a few pics outside the church before the funeral; probably hoping to appease the fans/paps so they would leave them alone. Wishful thinking. Vultures, all of them.

2018 days ago


Maybe it's just me, but I don't think I'd be very concerned with waving everytime someone yells my name after such horrific loss. Everyone grieves differently, but I just find it sort of odd he's always waving at people since his wife's passing. I would give a sh*t less to be waving at people after such a horrible event. I don't know, just seems and looks weird to me.

2018 days ago
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