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Octo 911: Get Out, Gloria Allred!

3/23/2009 10:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by OctoMom's nanny to try and remove Gloria Allred from the house.

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The call was made on March 17 -- the same day two of Nadya Suleman's octuplets came home.

Allred represents the non-profit organization Angels in Waiting -- which had offered to help Nadya care for the octuplets. Nadya fired them today. Coincidence?


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The chaotic mess which we are witnessing here today with Octomom, "Plunger Lips" and "Grandma not being able to keep up with all the kids" (I stole that one from #22) is what happens when SCIENCE has made the FATHER completely unnecessary in the creation and upbringing of babies.

2039 days ago

that's all    

Free nannies my behind. Nothing is free. Gloria Alred doing this out of the kindness out of her heart? That battleaxe is always spouting abortion up unitl 9 months. Like it or not, this is sitll the US of A , and noone has the right to barge in and offer your "free" unwanted services. Let GA go to the projects where there are tons of thugs on the make that popped out and offer her "free services".

2039 days ago


So right now Suleman is at home with 10 kids (4 of the preemies) and no one else? That's a disaster waiting to happen. If CPS was called by Alred or the nannies, an investigation will happen. In the end her kids will most likely end up in foster care, as she doesn't have a relationship with her mother at this point in time. No sooner than they are removed from the home, and the four in the hospital are placed in foster care, this crackpot will be back at the doctors office looking for a sperm donor to have more kids. This is a travesty.

2039 days ago


Well bum chick I am sure they do a hell of alot more than you, whining and defending a greedy leech says alot about you..perhaps you should send a donation to OctoC*** and STFU?

2039 days ago

I. B. Trucking    

Helloooooooo Child Protective don't walk to this Welfare Queen's house!!! We all know it is just a matter of time before something BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN WITH THIS BAD SITUATION. ALL of these innocent kids need to be taken away from this CRAZY woman with the Michael Jackson NOSE and Donald Duck LIPS. IF Nasty Nadya wasn't doing anything to be ashamed of she would NOT have fired the "FREE TO HER" babysitters/nurses. This service was NOT FREE but free to Nasty Nutcase. Everything she has been involved in is FREE. She gets FREE FOOD STAMPS, FREE DISABILITY CHECKS, FREE HOSPITAL SERVICES (FOR ALL 14 KIDS PLUS HERSELF), FREE COSMETIC SURGERY AND FREE IMPLANTS (BECAUSE SHE SUED HER FORMER ONE TIME ONLYYYYYYYY EMPLOYER TO PAY FOR THESE SERVICES) SO HERE AGAIN SHE GOT ALL OF THIS FOR FREE. ANYTHING YOU DONI'T WORK FOR IS FREE. SHE IS NOTHING BUT A "FREE LOADER". Nasty Nadya thinks WE ALL owe her a living for her and her litter. She chose this way of life. We all have decisions. This crazy woman should hve to defend for herself. STOP THE THOUSANDS OF DOLLRS IN DONATIONS AND MONEY. I read where Radar-on-line paid her $500,000.00 for their exclusive pictures and stories. This is one thing the babysitters complained about. The cameramen were and are at Nasty Nutcase's house 24/7 where the newborn babies are. This is NOT a healthy situaiton with the fragile babies with health problems. STOP THE DONATIONS AND MONEY TO THIS DRAMA WELFARE QUEEN. She has been received over $25,000 A DAY plus all of the other monies she has already received from her TV apperances. THIS MAKES ME SICK. She is being rewarded for her mistakes. This is like the BAILOUTS in Washington. AIG and the Bailout Executive are being rewarded for their mistakes by OUR TAXPAYERS MONEY. This is dishonest just like Nasty Nadya. SHE IS VERY DISHONEST AND NOTHING BUT A LIAR. She lies everytime her mouth is moving. STOP THE DONATIONS AND MONEY TO THIS SICK WOMAN WITH HER HAND STUCK OUT BEGGING. She needs to have a sign in her front yard, "WILL HAVE BABIES FOR MONEY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what she has done....DON'T SUPPORT HER HABIT OF SHOPPING AND WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE??? She needs to have a DRUG TEST. She surely looks "spaced out" sitting on her bed doing the interview. She even moved her sweater over to TRY to look SEXY - NOT.......SHE WILL NEVER BE SEXY. What is sexy about a BABY FACTORY? NOTHING!!!!

2039 days ago



The link is not opening. Says something about a possible corrupted file.

Can you just put out a transcript and who it is tha tis on the phone line?

2039 days ago


Please get some help for these innocent babies, they did not ask to be put in this situation! The Octomom definitely is not all there and does not deserve all the help that she is getting, I really believe she is living in a dream world. Someone has to step up to the plate NOW, and give these babies a new home or homes.... and give them the life that they deserve, and make a couple who is less fortunate in not being able to have children of their own!

2039 days ago


It's not like the Simpsons. No one slipped fertility drugs in her breakfast squishy, no nosey neighbours were feeding them to her. She did it on her own, knowing full-well that she would end up with many, many children and has been relying on the public to support her. I am boycotting Dr. Phil, and will not watch him ever again after all of the publicity he has been giving this woman. If people stop supporting those who are supporting her the funding will stop and we won't have to keep looking at her...

2039 days ago


She should lose custody of her children as she is a risk and not a mother when she denies help from people who are willing to help her at a time that she desperately needs them. This is not about her...this is about her children and this is who she should be thinking of!!!!

2039 days ago

that's all    

Gloria Alred is a bloodthristy shark. I'm glad her and her nazi nannies were thrown out.

2039 days ago


As #33 said, she is pimping out her kids to these entertainment outlets. Entertainment Tonight had footage of the babies with NIGHT VISION cameras. Meaning Octo-nut had these guys IN the babies' nursery in the middle of the frickin' night, recording them crying, getting their diapers changed and God knows what else. Just the health risk alone to the babies, much less the utterly disgusting and freaky life she is giving them already with cameras and lights shoved in their faces 24/7. Oh, and when she called 911 last week from her black SUV b/c of the media crush? Well, turns out she had about three entertainment show reporters IN the SUV with her, and two waiting in the house. She brought all this CRAP on herself. That's why she wants to get rid of Allred (whose foundation is legit, BTW, and relies on donations)...Allred's group put conditions on their help for the sake of the babies and their mental and physical well-being. The free nannies are fighting for space in the nursery with the friggin' cameramen and lights. It's just unacceptable all-around. What a complete and total freak show.

2039 days ago


Octo kicked out Angels in Waiting?? What a shocker! (not)

Octo obviously is completely oblivious to what her children need, and they will all end up becoming nothing more than a burden on society - unless they are removed from her ASAP.

There are SO many people who would love to have the opportunity to give those children a safe and loving home.

Let's just hope that family services doesn't mess this one up.

2039 days ago

Why wasn't child services called when she had the other 6 kids? Now there is a definite need for child services, but even before 6 kids with no father, no income, no support. Now make that 14.

2039 days ago


My God, you people are retarded. SHE DIDN'T CALL 911, her nanny did. Why are you all such complete idiots? What is in the water in America to cause such stupidity?

Would YOU want this publicity whore lawyer who keeps threatening you in YOUR HOME when you came home with pre-term babies?

2039 days ago


Hey by:

She doesn't give a darn about her preterm babies, or else she wouldn't have cameras in the nursery and film crews following her around would she?

As a mother of a 26 weeker myself, I was told when I brought her home to keep stimulation and stress to a bare minimum where she was involved. Anything major could set her back. I'm pretty sure it's the same for those babies. I'm sure the cameras and crew around are not stressful, right?

2039 days ago
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