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Isaiah Washington -- Anatomy of a Deadbeat

3/24/2009 8:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Isaiah Washington owes his landlord $100,000 and if he doesn't pay up, he could be out on his ass.

Isaiah Washington

Washington's landlord claims the ex-"Grey's Anatomy" star/homophobe is five months behind on the rent for his home in Venice, California. Washington had signed a lease/option agreement to purchase the property for $3,650,000.

We're told Washington was having a dispute with his financial guy and Washington told his landlord he was in the process of getting his money back so he could pay his rent.

Washington, his wife and kids are still in the house. But the eviction process has begun. Legal papers were filed today. We're told Washington is probably going to move out shortly anyway ... but there's this thing about the $100,000 ...


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Does TMZ shut down early for the night or something? FAIL.

2040 days ago


TMZ, you are so judgmental...I guess in your eyes, if someone makes a mistake, AND apologizes for it, you have the authority to bring up their mistake time and time again as if they NEVER apologized for what they've done...PEOPLE LET"S LEARN TO FORGIVE AND MOVE ON...GOD does NOT need our help in determining who is righteous and who is not...HE ALREADY KNOWS!!!!

2040 days ago

SF Treat    

Ok Seriously, you all need to come off the bull and stop calling the man a homophobe...years later at that. Is this because Levin is gay? Did a black man break your heart? And exactly what does this have to do with the story? Talk about beating a dead horse. Interesting how you will call Isiah out for that old BS but you don't mention Paris Hiltons or anyone elses slurs much, especially every single time a story is posted about them.

And your golden child TR is probably looking at a civil suit for the accident he caused. Soon enough between that and his god awful acting "skills" and his soon to be leaving Greys he'll be looking for couches to crash on in a few years himself. Maybe everyone can take a nap onb Heigl's ego, that should be big enough to house Paramount's cafeteria.


2040 days ago

Carrys F.    

Sort of silly to move into a home that grand when you never were that big of a star - and then blew it on your own foolish ego. Sorry. There's lots of cheap rentals in the Midwest.

2040 days ago


TMZ I'm waiting for the day you are BLACKBALLED, its coming, what goes around comes around, and you surely kick a black man when he is down.....

2040 days ago


Poor guy. He got carried away by rumors that there was free speech in the U.S. and now both he and his wife and children have to be crucified for it.

2040 days ago


Isaiah Washington is a very good actor and his current problems are only for a time. He will pull through. Great people always do.

2040 days ago

spring fling    

When you're black and work in Hollywood, you walk a thin line. Isiah slipped.

2040 days ago

Old School    

This 'Politically Correct' society where we have to walk on eggs with what we say is bull. we should be abel to say the F word what the hell why not, some people are against different ways of living but no we all have to walk on eggs so that we don't hurt someone feelings. Look at TMZ they go out of there way to hurt peoples feelings 100's of times a day.

2040 days ago


Why does this article have to describe Washington as a homophobe?!?! What does that have to do with this issue of eviction? I'm so tired of bias media and I see it's rampant. Homophobia = freedom of religion and speech. It works both ways baby! : )

2039 days ago


if he was white he would hv been out months ago typical deadbeat

2039 days ago


he should hv been kicked out months ago

2039 days ago


To susan: Just because gay men call each other the "f word" doesn't mean it is okay for straight people to use it. Do you think it is okay for non-black people to call black people the "n word"? I highly doubt it, and let's face it, if T.R. would have called Washington the "n word" he would have gotten in a lot more trouble. Double standards suck!

2039 days ago


looks lik his big mouth cost him

2039 days ago


Well, another buck wheat who cannot pay his bills, who would have thought? Yea right, none of them in hollywood are worth a crap at handling money. I was going to move out shortly anyway, no you were not, but you are now dummy!

2039 days ago
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