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Isaiah Washington -- Anatomy of a Deadbeat

3/24/2009 8:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Isaiah Washington owes his landlord $100,000 and if he doesn't pay up, he could be out on his ass.

Isaiah Washington

Washington's landlord claims the ex-"Grey's Anatomy" star/homophobe is five months behind on the rent for his home in Venice, California. Washington had signed a lease/option agreement to purchase the property for $3,650,000.

We're told Washington was having a dispute with his financial guy and Washington told his landlord he was in the process of getting his money back so he could pay his rent.

Washington, his wife and kids are still in the house. But the eviction process has begun. Legal papers were filed today. We're told Washington is probably going to move out shortly anyway ... but there's this thing about the $100,000 ...


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Well, it seems as if he is in the same situation that most Americans are in right welcome to the real world. I hope he finds a soluation, and it all works out.

2000 days ago


I don't feel bad for him and those that say it is in the past, well if a white person called another actor on the job the n word the naacp whoud be relenting to not only have him fired but also sued. I hate the double standard blacks have.

2000 days ago


I don't watch much TV or keep with pop culture so this might be a silly question, but what did he say or do that they are branding him a homophobe?

2000 days ago

Jorge Bush    

This is what happens when somebody in show biz offends the homo mafia. Even blacks aren't immune from it.

2000 days ago


TMZ-your show used to be tacitly crazy, but honest. Now, you seem to seek ratings schleping around in "muck".
It wasn't what Isaiah said during the show rehearsal-it was the impromtu comments at the end of the award show that sunk-him. It was unfortunate, but what it really shows is that Hollywood is not as "Liberal" as it would have the world think.
The Hollywood "fishbowl" racism is still blatant and unchecked. Far more people have been called far worse things, done far worse things and are still working.
Isaiah's talent is "extraordinary" and he will rise up again and I'm sure will have the last laugh

2000 days ago


What a loser.

1999 days ago


Easy there, Perez and Gay TMZ staff. Just because he made comments offending those, including you, who take it in the backside, you need not refer to him as 'homophobe.' How catty, shouldn't we expect more from you ... or shouldn't we.

1999 days ago


That poll question is not just ugly man and distasteful it shows some really disgusting side of sleazy tabloid media. The way the yellow media has got after the hapless Washington is nauseating. Does anyone else find this nauseating torture or does just Govt torture seem inhuman ?? How can they kick a man they have systematically already destroyed ? How do these people even live with themselves. Gay hater ? Homophobe ? why label someone forever like that ? He is a human being an actor and has done many good things ...why is so hard for media to speak good about anyone ? They destroyed the man what do they want to wait till he dies and then give him an ugly obit.....shame on them. Horrifying people ........what media did to Wahington makes me sick. They are the ones with bad karma and for TRK never to feel bad or give a public forgiveness to IW s public apology shows what kind of human being destroys another man for just one word which TRk has been none the worse fact he benefited like noone's biz. Anyone ever feel sorry for the guy ?? One bad word deserves how much revenge and words like Karma ?? Watch ur own karma people for being unforgiving mean and blood thirsty on a man who lost everything. Fie on the media and such people who keep calling IW names. You do not deserve any mercy for your bad karma.

1939 days ago


and everyone loved isah when he was on grey's. oh how the women would wither at the thought of isah and now the truth. a deadbeat renter. i loe it. these stars so hypocirtically loved one moment then dumped by the public when their true character is discovered is beyond funny.

1997 days ago


Why do celebs take out loans. I mean what are they having a mortgage for, us common folk would love to have enough to pay off our homes. They make millions and dont own anything outright, being sued for back rent or being behind on mortgage and having cars repossed? What? Pay cash and get it cheaper and be done. That way your royalties should pay the taxes and upkeep instead of taxes, upkeep, and payments.

1508 days ago

Daniel Asamota    

It's just a shame that a personal matter has gotten blown way out of proportion. Washington's comments were not even aimed at Knight, they were aimed at Patrick Dempsey. The man has apologized extensively but because he's black he can have no forgiveness. Now that football player Roethlesberger raped a girl, but no press is being given to this criminal act. The judge even threw out the case something that wouldn't have happened were he black. This simply shows that things haven't changed all that much but I will tell you that I'm going to do all that I can to get Grey's off the air coz' even now I encourage all of my friends not to watch it. With no viewers the show will eventually tank, unless they bring Washington back.

1479 days ago
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