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Jacko Faces the Cameras, Turns Kid Blue

3/24/2009 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unmasked and flashing the remainder of his reassembled parts, former King of Pop Michael Jackson left his home away from home -- a Beverly Hills medical building -- shielding one of his doomed kids with a surgical cap on Monday.

For safety, the 50-year-old held on to his child with his human hand.


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wow how could you sit there and say that about the greatest artist in the world
i uses to love tmz but you guys are ass holes
go to hell

1993 days ago


#70 -you left your comment ages ago but i still say its utterly ridiculous- what cosmetic surgeon would operate on a child?
in regards to whether or not they are biologically his, thats irrelevant as far as im concerned because i feel its none of any ones business- maybe he has a problem conceiving children, like millions of people out there who cant have kids of their own? that being the case then hes worked hard to make his money so if he wants to use a sperm donor to have kids then why not? in the eyes of the law he has done nothing wrong, they have had social services and physcologists to investigate his parenting skills and interview his children-those people found nothing wrong with the children so that should be enough for us
if i were the most famous person in the world i would want to disguise my kids, and you know hes not the only famous person to have used disguise to conceal his kids identity- gweneth paltrow has been seen doing the same thing
actually i think even if i were married to a famous person i would do the same, ok id look silly wearing a surgical cap in public but at least that way i could go see my friends and go shopping without being tortured by paparazzi and fans etc...

and btw i think mj is looking pretty good there :)

1993 days ago


When is this freak going to go into hiding so we don't have to look at his mask anymore. He is a white wannabe.

1984 days ago



2041 days ago


what a weird oh first!!!!!!!!!

2041 days ago


What a freak. Those poor kids.

2041 days ago


bastard #1

2041 days ago


Did he get a hand transplant at some point....?

2041 days ago


I so miss the black person he used to be, when people become rich and famous do alot of them just lose their ever loving minds????

2041 days ago

Black Power    

Why is the child doomed? Yeah, he lives an odd life with an even odder parent, but this kid isn't going to grow up to be a mass murderer or child molester. Many kids have weird upbringings, but this kid will have the money to back him up when he grows older.Leave the kids out of your articles, TMZ.

2041 days ago


You know, as unconventional as it is, Jacko is actually brilliant for masking his kids. Bastards like TMZ and news rags everywhere don't get to see their faces and make their lives a living hell. Team Jacko!

2041 days ago


What's this ? Wacko Jacko's kid's gettin Extreme Makeover Look Like Daddy Edition? FREAKY GROSS DUDE!!! C'mon them hospital hair nets are choking your tots. Calling Child Protective Services now!!!

2041 days ago


Poor kids, I truly feel sorry for them. Unlike the kids of most celebrities, they are not allowed to see the world. It's like living in a big beautiful prison, with your father as the crazy roommate.

2041 days ago

blue pen    

Anyone who has met his kids will tell you how well-mannered and considerate they are... unlike so many of Hollywood's spoiled brats.

Jackson knows the press won't pixilate their faces (they way they do for other celebs) so he does it himself.

2041 days ago


Almost as freakish as the people that bought out the 50 shows to see this Creeper! He should be on Dateline!

2041 days ago
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