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Jacko Faces the Cameras, Turns Kid Blue

3/24/2009 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unmasked and flashing the remainder of his reassembled parts, former King of Pop Michael Jackson left his home away from home -- a Beverly Hills medical building -- shielding one of his doomed kids with a surgical cap on Monday.

For safety, the 50-year-old held on to his child with his human hand.


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Papa Bear    

He is not the talented "genius" people would like you to believe. In all of his videos, he has the SAME dance moves..time after time after time...his music has the same beat...nothing different.

As far as Prince goes, he is much more of a talent than MJ ever was. MJ was a child gimmick that stayed around for too long. People were confusing other people's genius as his own. Then when he had control of everything..his music, his life, all went downhill and nose dived right into the ground. He's not smart and sounds like a clown when he speaks. I agree with the poster who said that the fact that people are actually going to see his proof how stupid society has gotten and we as a world are doomed. He's only doing this because he has more "little boys" to pay off. It's sick...people are enabling a pedofile and it's sick!

2039 days ago


Haha! I hope those people who say these are not his kids hold the DNA paternity test results in their hands, otherwise they shouldn't even comment on if they're his or not. But I guess for them ignorance is bliss...

2039 days ago


Invasive media life is more likely to be damaging than masks. He is suceeding in allowing thm to be vitually unrecognisable without their masks on, so when they are without him they can try and have some kind of normal life and not be bombarded by everyone. If everyone knew what they looked like, growing up in the public eye would be terrible. They only wears this when there are paps around or likely to be,

I've never lived in a fishbowl and I value the fact that I can make decisions and live life in relative anonymity. Michael has given his children the opportunity (by very unorthodox means) to do the same. It's not that often that they are forced to cover their faces and if he explains it to them in a caring parental way that makes sense, it's not traumatizing.
What is weird is not being able to step outside your house without a camera in your grill. It seems worse than it is. When they are free to travel by themselves to a friend's home or the mall, they may thank him for the masks they used to wear because they will blend in as unknowns. If they want to shed their anonymity as adults, that is their choice. I like the fact that he gave them choice, other celebrity children don't get that. Look at Britney Spears kids for example. There are so many pics of her kids when the kids are only out with their nannies, and where she is nowhere around. Everyone knows what her kids look like. This is NOT the fact with MJ kids. am thinking that MJ knows how horrible it is when you are a child and all you want to do is regular stuff without having it shown in the newspaper the next day. He really has succeeded in protecting his children. They are not going to grow up having every little fart printed in the papers and this will be a bonus for them.

Thats the different, because he is MJ, he has to do this to give them an opportunity to have a private life. And its not like they wear masks all the time. Its when they move from one spot to another. The pic is taken when hes about to leave the doctors office. He takes maxium 5 steps and then jumps into his car. I can guarantee you that the kid has not that thing on his face in the car, Lol!

Other celebrity children also don't wear masks so it's def a tradeoff. As a mental health professional that works with kids, I recognize their lives were already going to be weird by virtue of being children of the most famous man in the world so throwing in a mask makes little difference in that regard. It makes a big difference in maintaining their privacy, however.
They are only "Michael Jacksons children" when they are with him. Many times they do things and go places with just security or someone from Michaels staff and no one recognises them. They have even walked past paps at an airport and not been photographed, and then Michael was photographed alone and it was reported in the media that he had travelled without the children! He is trying and suceeding in giving them something he never had as a child, the chance to blend in with the general public and not be recognised and photographed

2039 days ago

Papa Bear    

If Micheal didn't want anyone to recognise the kid..then HE should be the one in disquise...NOT the kid. What an IDIOT times ten!

2039 days ago


What's this talk with Prince and MJ? How did Prince come into the picture? Both are geniuses in their own way. All the rest is bull... sorry.

I'm also trully saddened by the amount of rubbish people are fed by the media. But...well, if Stalin could do it...

By the way, celeb kids are always treated differently and learn to behave accordingly. For those who say this is not normal, well I guess you your kids necer experienced paparazzi following you in the shops, the street, outside your house and even the doctor. Imagine your life like that for a moment. So you can't compare apples with oranges i.e. celeb kids with normal kids.

2039 days ago


SOULA #100

Is that even important to know if the kids are his biological or not? Is that even newsworthy? Is it even newsworthy to know what races his kids are? For what sake really? He have said that they are his kids. Thats all we need to know, right? We dont need to know their race or their DNA's. Everyone can be a father, but not everyone can be a Dad!


MJ is not broke. He just moved into a house where the lease is 100k/month. He co-owns the SONY/ATV psublishing. It has all the songs from The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Mariah Carey. That publishing is worth a lot!
He sold Neverland to a company which he also co-owns.

MJ is far from broke. Stop believing the press.

2039 days ago

Papa Bear    

I don't need a DNA test. THOSE KIDS are NOT MJ's. Debbie Rowe even admitted they used a sperm donor when she was trying to get them back a few yrs ago. Then, he paid her more millions and she shutup..she hasn't been heard of since. It's sad that money can buy off someone..but that is the story of MJ's life. Money buying people off to shutup about the truth.

(the first 2 kids are white) No half black..they are full white. I don't know about the last one.

2039 days ago

vile comments    

Michael Jackson protects his kid from the paps (= workers for tmz). what hypocrisy to poke fun at him!

i guess 95% of all celebs over 30 had plastic surgery. not only michael jackson.

2039 days ago


What are you talking about JJ? MJ can be recognised anywhere he goes, no matter what he wears. The fact is if those children have their faces exposed the least amount of time in public, the chances of them not being recognised when they're on their own are hundreds of times better. This way they can have a more normal lifestyle compared to other known celebrity kids.

2039 days ago

Papa Bear    


MJ sold the rights to "The Beetles" last year IDIOT. Paul McCarty has those rights now. He has sold everything except the kitchen sink. He is being sued by several banks, credit card companies, and individuals for millions he owes them. When you owe as much as MJ does, YOU"RE NOT RICH...those people will get their money. THat's why he has started this TOUR...he couldn't come back in the country owing so many now he's made a deal, and saying he's going to pay them back with this tour. How dumb are you not to be able to see that?

2039 days ago

Pedro De Pacas Jr.    

The other hand is what he uses to feel up his victims with. Sick bastard!

2039 days ago


Mmaria #104: I was defending MJ actually...

2039 days ago


KikI, Paul MacCartney does NOT have those catalogue songs back. Re-check your sources.

Anyway, broke or not, he's not our kind of broke, it just means he has less flow of cash. And he won't be broke anymore after those concerts for sure... lol So haters should enjoy it now while it lasts... haha!

2039 days ago


KiKi 108#

Provide me with a link that says MJ sold the right to The Beatles, then I will shut up. But, you are NOT going to find that.

He still co-owns it and makes a fortune of it. He cant just NOT sell it without talking to the head of SONY. Dou you really think that SONY would accept MJ to sell The Beatles songs? HAHA! The Beatles songs provides SONY with alot of money. No way they would sell it. But, please.. provide me with a link, then I will shut up.

Maybe, he does this tour for the money, but he is far from broke and by touring he will get any richer :D

2039 days ago


Having them wear baseball caps and sunglasses is protecting them from the media. Covering their faces with blue surgical caps is humiliation which is child abuse.

2039 days ago
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