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Jennifer Aniston: Prisoner of War

3/24/2009 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a hood over her head, a newly single Jennifer Aniston was escorted by security into a NYC studio on Tuesday.

We're told the tortured 40-year-old was having a bad hair day without her army of stylists. No further investigation is expected.


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I hate hypocrits like Jennifer Anniston. I don't understand why celebrities pretend they hate the paps when it's obvious that they love the attention. You don't go to the Ivy or talk and joke with the paps on a long walk to your boyfriend's apartment like Jennifer did if you want to be left alone. If see didn't want to be noticed she wouldn't wear such a ridiculous jacket. This screams "I beg you to look at me".

1947 days ago

ex lax    

are U sure that aint another prisoner that walks free from qmo bay?

1947 days ago

Fake Is Fake Is Fake    

If she's really moving on then she should get her "close friends" and "sources" who are always quoting her to shut up. Every week there are people who claim to be close to her talking to the media about how she has absolutely NOT moved on, how neurotic she is, how she's obsessed with her looks, etc. You would think that she would figure out who those people are and tell them to stop talking to the media, AND that she'd stop telling them anything in the first place -- IF she really wanted them to stop leaking info. But the info just keeps coming, month after month and now year after year, which tells me she either has really horrible friends (in which case she should dump them), or she wants the info to get out so people will feel sorry for her and pay attention to her.

1947 days ago


Ummm, maybe the bright flashes hurt her eyes? Perhaps she didn't want her picture taken? Maybe a bad hair day? WHO CARES! At some point the papparzzi always around must get old. Why speculate....geez....she's just a person like everyone else! Cut her some slack.

1947 days ago


I just had to comment on this dingbat. She definitely needs a reality check, along with a few others but she is the absolute worst. Sorry, we just aren't that into you!

1947 days ago

Brenda R.    

A total improvement I say! Big Chin Maniston looks best when her face isn't shown. This is the best pic i've seen of her in ages.

1947 days ago


Meet the neweswt CONEHEAD! She is such a loser! Why can't she just act normal, smile & wave and not create MORE attention??? Wait, what am I saying.............she adores the attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is why she always brings up Angie & Brad........................Jen needs to take a long vacation to a 3rd world country and help starving children and become a better individual.

1947 days ago


OH..... MY...... GOD.... SHE'S.....A......CONEHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1947 days ago

really now    

I bet Jen had plastic surgery , she had swelling and brusing I 'm sure. I agree with post # 23 by nikki . I think she is way too phoney and full of herself . Face it Jen , we ALL get old , it's only a matter of time . I used to be a fan too. There is more to life than just your looks . She is so very shallow now. tsk tsk .

1947 days ago


Never been a Jen fan. I agree it's probably plastic surgery or injections, which make you bruise in certain places.

1947 days ago


I am so glad that Jennifer got rid of Mayer! She just doesnt know how to pick men! I never thought any of her men suited her not even Brad Pitt. What Jenn needs is a down to earth guy thats not in the business so theres no jealousy concerning careers. Keep your chin up Jenn I know theres a great guy waiting to cross your path soon. Or take it from me.... being single is the best way to go cuz then you dont have to worry about supporting some lazy arse.

1947 days ago


She looks good in this picture!

1947 days ago



1947 days ago


74 are you so stupid that you actually think that the friend and the source that is talking about Jen is even someone who
actually knows her. The Star has printed at least five stories in about the same amount of weeks that have been out
and out lies, not just about her. First of all she was pregnant or getting married, John is going to write a story,
Brad probably didn't feel up the nanny and a host of other things. It is always from a source, probably in their news
room. I don't think that any of their friends are saying a thing. For some reason news services that used to write
actual news are repeating all this trash. People break up, who knows or cares why. They all seem to be nice people
that work, pay their bills and mind their own business. They know the stories will sell so they add, make up or print some-
thing that they think you want to read. I haven't seen a ring on Reese's finger either. All star get their hair fixed, and
make up for public appearences, Jen is no different. We have seen 5 or 6 breakups and there was not this circus about
them. She seems nice, likes to act and likes her fans. Most of the people that work with her like her. Who she dates
and breaks up with has nothing to do with her job. She doesn't have to get married and have a dozen kids to be
a nice person.

1947 days ago


Do you silly people really think they did plastic surgery on the movie set? What a bunch of losers.

1947 days ago
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