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Allred Trashes Octo -- Claims She Sucks in Private

3/25/2009 9:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The media war is getting nastier between Nadya Suleman and Gloria Allred -- with the cutthroat lawyer going on the "CBS Early Show" this morning to accuse OctoMom of only "burping, changing and loving" the babies "when the cameras are rolling!"

Gloria Allred: Click to watch
Suleman just fired Angels in Waiting, who Allred reps, for allegedly filing a report against her with child welfare officials -- something Gloria says the nurses are "required" to do.

We hear there are a few porn stars who might be willing to take their place ...


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I hope Octomom,om sues the schnoz off of her

2040 days ago


Then make a legal complaint/charge. Isn't that what you do for a living?

2040 days ago


nadya is pathic , these people are not lying, the videos of octo going out of her way to be on camera speaks for itself. hope she drops off the planet.

2040 days ago


Is it public knowledge what Radar Online is paying Octofail?

2040 days ago


I do beleive the staff of Angels in Waiting. Octo-pusy doesn't interact with her babies. How many times you see her out in public? I'm sure she can get other friends to go out and buy her stuff. But, nah she rather be out in the media eyes instead of bonding with her babies..

2040 days ago


Gloria is a piece of work. Everytime there is a camera around on some womanly crisis, she is front and center. The total media whore she is. She is always pimpin' herself when she wants some airtime. Then she disapperas as fast as she showed up!

She has made such a horrible reputation for herself that even when she is making sense, it won't matter because she is so gossip-girl-two-faced-media-getting- lawyer, I can't take her seriously.

Practice some real law and someone may take you seriously again.

2040 days ago


I don't watch Dr. Phil cuz I think he's an AZZ, BUT today and tomorrow, I think I will. I want to hear Dr.Phil,AIW, and Allred bag on Octo-psycho. This is getting very interesting.

2040 days ago


Countryside Learning Center, De Sota USD 232 Kansas will call CPS on parents who do not comply with their educational plans. Any dumb butt can file a false CPS report. I think both women are trying to make money off each other here.

2040 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

I don't doubt what Gloria claims is true - but is not being a hands-on mom (i.e. burping, diaper changing and affection) reason enough to call child services? If she has people there taking care of the babies for her - at least the babies are taken care of, even if its not by her.

Is Gloria just looking for attention in the media?

2040 days ago


It is NO accident that everyone including publicists who have quit keep saying the same exact thing.. this woman is a NUT and should not have these poor babies!!!! I totally believe she puts on a show for the cameras, as Gloria said, to make it look like she is such a wonderful mom but apparently she is buying a HOT TUB with her money and not saving for these poor kids. Take them away from her NOW!

2040 days ago


Seems Octo Mom was RIGHT at least once. Allred and her AIW group had an agenda, and it was not what they presented it to be in the public eye.

2040 days ago


Ya'll leave poor Nadia alone. So what if she doesn't want to take care of the babies? That is why we live in a this society, so other people can take care of those babies for her. Every hard working tax paying citizen has an obligation to help her and anyone else that has this many kids. I'm just glad she is in California. At least there they are all about helping people that have too many kids in every way possible.

2040 days ago


All these bitches are crazy

2040 days ago



Said it before and will say it again. While I do think that Nadya has made some horrible and selfish choices in her life in regards to children, I can’t help but agree with her on the Allred Issue. Allred does what is best for Allred. Allred would love to be responsible for having the children removed from Nadya’s home, imagine the publicity it would garner for her? This story is huge…, those children will not go uncared for, Allred or no Allred. Who is really worse here, Allred or Nadya? Both attention Whores.

2040 days ago



Octomom only went through the motions to get the babies home. She claims to hire and pay for nannies herself...with what money? It's a real shame if she's allowed to keep those kids.

2040 days ago
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