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Allred Trashes Octo -- Claims She Sucks in Private

3/25/2009 9:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The media war is getting nastier between Nadya Suleman and Gloria Allred -- with the cutthroat lawyer going on the "CBS Early Show" this morning to accuse OctoMom of only "burping, changing and loving" the babies "when the cameras are rolling!"

Gloria Allred: Click to watch
Suleman just fired Angels in Waiting, who Allred reps, for allegedly filing a report against her with child welfare officials -- something Gloria says the nurses are "required" to do.

We hear there are a few porn stars who might be willing to take their place ...


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Octo Mom is not bonding with the babies. She lost a 5 years one time that could have gotten hurt or killed. We all heard the 911 call. If she was a good mother then angels in waiting would have nothing to report to CPS. The babies ARE in danger!!!

2004 days ago


That's right, Octo-mom needs to move somewhere quiet, so she can lock herself in her bedroom, ignore her kids, put on her make-up, and read her fan mail in peace.

2004 days ago


Gloria and AIW hated her from the beggining before they even met her. How can you work with people who hate you? The doctor at the hospital said the babies were heaalthy and released them like any other baby being released to a mother after birth. They were there to spy and Gloria forced her way in there and got with AIW to do it and threatened Nadya. I am glad some one is looking out for the babies but AIW is not the one. She hate her and tried to make her fail and was anal about everything. No parent is perfect. I don't much like Nadya but she may not have used the best judgement but I don't see any laws broken. She could use more security VS the hot tub she bought. She does need to go out and get supplies, clothes diapers and other things as moms do. Yes she could have spent more time with the kids. But AIW was there to help with the kids and she was required to get nannies that is what they were there for. She did her other 6 kids places and thats why they were there too. I wouldn't have wantd to be there around them either. I don't like her but I can understand why she didn't want to be around them. They wanted in not to help her but to take the kids. I told evryone she wouldn't keep them long as soon as she made enough money to hire her own required qualified nannies. Now the camera crews may have been a bit much and should have MAYBE set up a web cam or film from out side of the door in the nursery and zoom in to get what they neded. Looks like they have lately. But as the doctor said the babies were released healthy as any other babie released to a new mother. I don't like this woman but they were being nasty. she does need to make the oney or she will go back on our tax money as she said. No body stepped in when the lady tht has 18 or so kids had cameras in the hospital room with her and when all the 7 kids were around the new baaby or when they got home and camers were there too. This is Gloria on a witch hunt making it personal. excuse any typo's no time to correct.

2004 days ago


When the original offer was made by Allred/AIW and Nadya didn't accept by their deadline, Allred filed a report. WHY? Just because you offer a service to someone and they decline, then you report them as a bad parent???? I would have been leary of Allred/AIW after that as well!. Go to radaronline and see an interview by Nadya. She has her own nannies/nurses now, so what's the harm? Nadya is the mother of these babies, not Allred. You don't report a mother unless there is cause. Why is the world presuming her to be guilty of neglect without even giving her a CHANCE. Look, I don't agree with Nadya and her decisions in have the babies to begin with, but how about giving her a chance without condemning her.

2004 days ago


I can't stand Nadya. She needs to pull it together and start being a mother and doing what's best for her kids- which NOT having a revolving door of press in her house! What a greedy, mentally disturbed woman she is. Having said that, I find it funny what Gloria said about calling CPS b/c Nadya wasn't spending enough time with the babies. As a hands on mom myself, I cannot begin to understand..but let's be serious, how many women home with nannies (esp. in L.A.) spend a lot of time with their kids? I know a lot of moms in my area that are home all day but have nannies bring their kids to school, feed them, put them down for naps, etc. - while they lunch, go to the spa, etc. I personally find it apalling...but if it was a crime, I think a lot of well-ff women would be in jail right now!

2004 days ago


Allred is a sick VULTURE and she needs to back the hell off and mind her own friggin business for a change. What decent thing has this pig ever done for anyone? She got in on the mayhem by giving Octosnatch a countdown for "help". I'D FIRE YOU TOO, YOU OLD NASTY BEATUP SKANK. YOU DISGUST ME.

2004 days ago

Ike and Tina - Reunited and it feels so good!!!    

Gloria Allred is the biggest media whore on the face of the planet. OctoMom has nothing on her. She is an idiot out to destroy this woman's life and take her children from her. Naydia should have never let her or her clients in her house and she was right to fire them. It's time for people to step back and allow this woman to raise her children.

2004 days ago


does anybody believe Gloria Allred at all? does anybody think she's not a greed-head power-monger truth-sink pig? gross is she.

2004 days ago

Concerned Parent    

Nadya is truly mentally ill and has no clue how to be a good parent. She collects children like knick knacks and leaves someone else to mop up after her mess. She is nothing but a con artist. If she has nothing to hide, why would she care to have anyone watching her? She has turned her home into a media circus and allows a dangerous environment in her own home. Her children do not stand a chance at a normal life. The state of CA needs to step in quickly and take control. OctoCon is all about getting press about herself and conning the taxpayers into taking care of her mess and poor decisions. Hopefully, the grandparents can take control of the 6 older children and the state of CA can put the infants in good, loving, homes. Once the babies are gone and this mentally ill woman is no longer in the news, she will go out and find a way to get more babies to get the attention back on her.

2004 days ago


It still amazes me that people continue to defend octo-crazy. This woman is exploiting her children and defrauding the system. These are your tax dollars, people! How can anyone say she even resembles a mother when she is taking DONATED money that is meant for her children and spending it on herself. Anyone else spent $1,000 at MAC lately? Not to mention she has four newborns at home and has constant media presence in her home! It's only a matter of time until one of those children get sick or get seriously hurt. Where is CPS in all this mess? It scares me that someone as sick as Nadia can have 14 children, and let's face it, those 14 children don't have a snowballs chance in hell.

2004 days ago


If it were anyone but Allred and Dr Phil, I might give their statements more credibility but these two are as guilty if not moreso of doing anything to be on camera....remember Dr Phil entering Britney's hospital room un-invited? And Allred, when has she NOT inserted herself into an interesting or high profile case? This mother of 14 indeed exhibits eccentricities, no doubt about that, but eccentricity is not illegal. Her older kids seem healthy and having disabilities that are not caused by parent abuse are not something held against any other parents so her kids that have some disabilities cannot be held up as abused or neglected. She went through an extraordiarily high risk pregnancy and delivered 8 healthy babies....she must have doing something right with her prenatal care and life, diet and OB choices. Do I think she should have had more beyond the 6 she had? No. But they are here now and OB-GYN research can benefit much from this pregnancy and delivery so perhaps something good can come out of all this. But geez, Allred and Dr Phil? Let's be honest here, these two clowns are simply not the ones I want to hear from and I do not trust them. I say let this Mom alone and so what if she brings in some money from sponsors, donors or other media-related choices? I would rather hear more about kids being truly abused, harmed and killed by their parents and see more truly abusive parents dealt with and their kids protected and put in safer places.

2004 days ago


Who thinks Octomom will continue to receive money or keep this web reality show going indefinitely? This will all come to a halt soon. Octo will lose the house, the nannies and eventually the babies -- we will find her back to her mom's house or in the Projects with her first six kids. Ms. Allred is influential and Octomom is not. Dr. Phil will dump Octo in a heart beat when negative backlash takes place. The Allreds and the Dr. Phils all stick together -- step on one of them and you step on all. Nadia's days of bliss are numbered -- I predict in 6 months, she will lose the babies and have nervous break down. Her parents will say, "I told you so, Nadia".

2004 days ago

busy mom    

I would like to know how the babies were not being taken care of. Is angels in waiting there 24 hours a day? Is that not what they are there for? I think they are looking for a reason to take her babies. I think having these babies to get ahead finacially has become our way of life. I would say it is allot worse Gloria uses things like this to get ahead in life.

2004 days ago


I'm pretty sure you might want a better editor, like me. This story was on NBC. Octopus needs the tubes tied. Around her neck.

2004 days ago


So I watched both interviews. Personally, if it were me, I wouldn't want AIW or Gloria Allred in my house 24/7 either. I'd imagine it would be seriously intimidating and uncomfortable. Especially if they were calling CPS 3 times a week. BUT, this situation is so incredibly dangerous for those babies under Nadya's care, who's going to make sure they're being taken care of. Multiples require extreme organization and time management. I don't see Nadya being able to do what's necessary to ensure those babies are going to be well cared for. This is a disaster just waiting to happen. Nadya is seriously mentally ill. Narcissistic to the extreme. Who's going to make sure those babies are taken care of, cuz it won't be Nadya?

2004 days ago
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