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Allred Trashes Octo -- Claims She Sucks in Private

3/25/2009 9:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The media war is getting nastier between Nadya Suleman and Gloria Allred -- with the cutthroat lawyer going on the "CBS Early Show" this morning to accuse OctoMom of only "burping, changing and loving" the babies "when the cameras are rolling!"

Gloria Allred: Click to watch
Suleman just fired Angels in Waiting, who Allred reps, for allegedly filing a report against her with child welfare officials -- something Gloria says the nurses are "required" to do.

We hear there are a few porn stars who might be willing to take their place ...


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Um Potato...
She's doing the best she can at this time. If she's getting paid to give 15 minutes of insight into her daily life at, so what?
When Nadya decides to go on Radar and speaks about the children's father, right in front of her oldest son, and the son asks his father's name, then soon after Nadya says he's a great father, then you hear a little voice saying "is he?", that's pretty f*cked up right there. And when asked what the father looks like, she points to this little boy, WTF about that is ok for her kids? She's laying on a bed, acting as though she wants to f*ck the radar reporter...there is something very wrong with that woman. According to Angels in Waiting, she had very little contact with her kids, unless it was in front of a camera. She locked herself in her room alone for hours. Yeah, the kids will be just fine...NOT

1987 days ago


this one time i believe glora alred!

1987 days ago


I thing gloria should leave the family alone. Everyone has problems. The chick has nannies give it a rest already. Yes she is crazy for having 14 kids. But guess what most of our great grandmothers had that many kids WITHOUT NANNIES!!!!!!!!!!! People need to get a life and Gloria has been out to get her since day one. Who cares if she goes out for a few. I would too. We all need at least an hour to two to take care of things. And when you see her out she is at a store. Would you like to bring all those kids with you. People come on. If any of you ever had twins or more you know that you need a few minutes to yourself without the kids. AND SHE HAS NANNIES!!!!!!! SHE PAYS FOR NANNIES TO HELP HER!!!!!!!! So if she wants to answer letters for an hour. SHE HAS PAID HELP!!!! That other organization was just trying to make her fail. Do I think it is responsible to have 8 kids at once of course not. But not everyone believes in abortion that is the American Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1987 days ago

idaho potato    

Nadya does have help. She has nannies trained by the hospital, as well as friends. Stop all this negative wishes and thoughts about dead babies or as the founder of AIW said, one or several will be abducted. She said something like, "I could put one in my purse... see how easy it is?"

The hospital is doing assesments daily and weekly, and if anyone has legit concerns, they would be the ones I would listen to. Allred and AIW already had a chip on their shoulder. A bunch of sour-pusses!

You all are calling for blood. First, it was kill Nadya or beat her up, and now the death of a baby or two is needed to quence your vengence and show you were right?!? Find another cause. Put down the Nadya story and go volunteer for the Red Cross or at least go hug your dog. Help, don't hurt.

1987 days ago

ex lax    

artificial lips,artificially inseminated,and artificial mother the 14th wonder of the world....I THINK SHE IS A FLAKE in a box of corn that aint even in touch with reality!

1987 days ago


Somebody file the papers & get those kids away from her! She is a freakin nutjob. She's out spending all the money idiots have given her instead of saving it for the kids. Stop giving her money!!! And why? What makes that douchebag deserve anything? I can see diapers & stuff for the babies, but not cash... Hey, why don't you give the money to help people who actually NEED it! It sucks for those of us who work hard just to make ends meet - and can't even afford decent healthcare. Maybe I should get some more kids so I can give myself a raise - then I'll celebrate by going to Disneyland!!! Woo Hoo

1987 days ago


You all are calling for blood. First, it was kill Nadya or beat her up, and now the death of a baby or two is needed to quence your vengence and show you were right?!? Find another cause. Put down the Nadya story and go volunteer for the Red Cross or at least go hug your dog. Help, don't hurt.

Posted at 12:23PM on Mar 25th 2009 by idaho potato
I can't think of many people who would miss Nadya, but to insinuate that people are WISHING death on those babies??? That's just one of the awful possibilities that may happen if Nadya is left in total control of 14 kids. Oh and Nadya, maybe you should get out of the new spa and go hold a baby.

1987 days ago

ex lax    

News update .....Nadya Suleman,Gloria Allred,and DR.Phill caught in 3-way sex orgy .... at least 50 more kids expected to be birthed! as Nadya says all donations accepted, sperm cash and credits cards, no checks though might make a dr. responsible!

1987 days ago

Jesus juice    

All I can say is ANYONE who is on Nadya's side MUST be as mentally deranged as her or has some sort of scam re: their own lives and kids going on. ANYONE WHO DOES NOT BELIEVE the nurses' (oh...and let's not forget that some of these nurses took care of those babies at Kaiser) must have the intelligence of a pea. WHY would the nurse's lie? (I'm sure they would just love to lose their hard earned licenses!!! Don't forget, they too have their own families to support! They wouldn't take the chance of risking their lives by lying about this dumb b$$$h) Dumb folks like the "defenders of Octopuss"" are THE reason our society is messed up. No sense trying to make you realize she's mentally unstable and an incredibly poor example of a can't have an intelligence battle with people that are unarmed. When one of the babies dies....who are you going to blame then? I don't understand how "if" that b***h had 6 kids already, why the hell does she need to be trained anyway? Unless she never took care of the first 6....probably "mommy" did it for her...while she sat in her bedroom. (It's obvious she doesn't know crap about taking care of a newborn because of the way she handles them...I like the fact that in her one video, the baby spits up, and all she's worried about is having one of her disabled kids give the baby a kiss!! I would have been more concerned about getting the spit-up off the baby) Unbelieveable. My guess is she fired AIW because her illegal "nannies" only cost a few bucks. This way she can get her greedy MAN HANDS on the donation money which is suppose to go for the care of the babies....and blow it on somemore crap for herself. I'd like to know HOW she can justify buying a Jaccuzi????????? Let me guess......"It's for her OLDER children"........LMAO-------if she knows ANYTHING about kids......little children are not suppose to be in jacuzzis'.......BUT that will be her rational for buying the dumb folks out there will believe it.

1987 days ago


this is the segment on the "today show" this morning. i am on allred's side for this. yes she is a loud mouth media whore as well, but in this situation, someone needs to speak out and do it loudly, for the kids.

nadya babe, you are goin' down, woohoo!!! its about freakin' time too!

1987 days ago


Gloria is a leech!!! Just one more time she creates whatever issue's to get in front of a camera!!! I have no respect for this woman! She is a media hog - an ambulance chaser - all under the pretense of doing good for people! Whatever!!!!

1987 days ago


Did you al see the articles a hour ago that she told the National enquirer She used to be a stippr for one day and did a contest before that parading in lingrie. NO WONDER Vivid Entertainment is after her.

1987 days ago


* Excessive happiness, hopefulness, and excitement
* Sudden changes from being joyful to being irritable, angry, and hostile
* Restlessness, increased energy, and less need for sleep
* Rapid talk, talkativeness
* Distractibility
* Racing thoughts
* High sex drive
* Tendency to make grand and unattainable plans
* Tendency to show poor judgment, such as deciding to quit a job
* Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity -- unrealistic beliefs in one's ability, intelligence, and powers; may be delusional
* Increased reckless behaviors (such as lavish spending sprees, impulsive sexual indiscretions, abuse of alcohol or drugs, or ill-advised business decisions)

Sound like anyone we know? It's just a hop, skip, and a jump to this...

Some people with bipolar disorder become psychotic, hearing things that aren't there. They may hold onto false beliefs, and cannot be swayed from them. In some instances, they see themselves as having superhuman skills and powers -- even consider themselves to be god-like.

1987 days ago

Jesus juice    

Hey Idaho............where do you base you "knowledge" about how Octopuss' kids are doing???? Do u have first hand knowledge??? Because Octopuss is showing the world, by her radaronline videos...that she doesn't know ANYTHING about raising kids. ("I try and play a good mom on video, but I really don't know the first thing about changing a diaper in real life.") looks like the the first kids are well adjusted....let's see, standing on car roofs throwing pebbles/rocks on the neighbor's lawn....."losing" a kid because you have so many already and can't keep track of them....then having 8 more---oh, and let's NOT forget her calling 911 and saying she's going to KILL herself in front of her other children. about making her mother wash her hands before touching a baby....but putting the babies (fresh home from the hospital) down on the floor and letting her kids touch and kiss them without washing their hands first. Let's see, her mom's house was a COMPLETE PIGSTY....if she was caring for those kids in the first place...gee, don't you think she would be teaching them NOT to put food on the walls....etc... How about the one video of her being smacked in the face by the one kid??? Yeah.......her kids are "doing great!!" NOT!!!! She's going to be a GREAT ROLE MODEL to those kids...if they survive.....SHe will be able to teach them how to lie, cheat, and be selfish, lazy members of society who need others to take care of them. Oh, and let's not forget...blaming others for everything wrong that you do.

1987 days ago


She only thinks about herself today (Jacuzzi much?) and not about how to take care of her kids tomorrow. How short sighted to say she is paying the nanny's so leave her alone. She is using money that is going to dry up sooner than later. No one is going to want to pay for her picture a year from now, there will be a new Freak Show Star. Nadya has already stated her "back up plan" to rely on more Government money when her donations and publicity whoring wears out. 14 kids worth of gov. assist will get her what she wants. How many of these 8 will probably be special needs, so she'll get even more money monthly. She should write a book on how to be an Octo-Mooch/Octo-Fraud. I bet she is going to have alot of fun locked inside her bedroom reading her fan mail and writing her "I Am Octo-Mom" book while others are caring for her kids.

1987 days ago
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