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Fan-tush-ia Barrino

Tests the Power of Spandex

3/25/2009 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It ain't bad to be "American Idol" alum Fantasia Barrino right now ... girl says she's got a job, a couple of homes -- and a booty that just won't quit!!!

Fantasia: Click to watch
Take a wild guess which of the above our cameraman was most excited about.


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It's eatting all the racist black panthers alive on here knowing that Clay Akin, who didn't even win, has sold more records than either of the two charity cases in Fatasia and Reuben!!! Trying to compare their non-exsistent careers to two people that didn't even win who are having far more success says it all!!

By the way, if black is beautiful then why is it you continue to straighten your hair out like white women? And why are the only attractive blacks ones that have white mama's?

Just sayin... :)

1948 days ago


Hey, when is AI going to have a jewish girl win? I want to see some "real" ass on here TMZ. You know, the kind of ass white men enjoy like Lindsey Lohan's and Amy Winehouse's or a nice jewish girl with a little tiny winy buttt and a long ass nose. Fair is fair!

Doesnt Jackie Mason have a grandchild with a tiny ass that can sing that AI can showcase? Maybe AI can hold tryouts at Bat Mitzvahs!

1948 days ago


By the way, if black is beautiful then why is it you continue to straighten your hair out like white women? And why are the only attractive blacks ones that have white mama's?

Just sayin... :)

...and if you dont want to be black, why spend million of dollars every year on tanning products, why get collegen injected into your lips, why get butt lifts and boob jobs, why do you get botox injections and why do your women keep throwing themselves at black athletes and entertainers?

Just sayin...:-)

1948 days ago


LOL!!! Looks like Quetou's jealousy is getting the best of her!! Aww, so envious of white chicks and you're stuck looking like that. LOL!!! you're so desperate that you're actually trying to say that "tanning products" like SUN SCREEN means you're trying to be black? Tan and black are two different shades entirely sweetheart. BAWHAHAHAHHA!!! Lip injections? Yeah, Angelia Jolie is as white as you get and she has pretty full lips. Maybe they want their lips to look like hers, instead of Missy Elliot? Ass lifts and boob jobs means you're trying to be black?!?!?!? LOL, wtf are you smoking!?!?! Your rage has made you totally insane. Next you're going to say if you brush your teeth with your right hand you're trying to be black, LOL!!! You're reaching honey, but much to my delight.

Looks like I really struck a nerve by pointing out you straightened your hair to be more white. And please, we both know if the fattest, nastiest looking white chick was standing right beside you every black guy the two of you would pass would "holla" at her over you. I love your anger and jealousy.

Just sayin... :)

1948 days ago

Dr. DMgemini63    

Sheryl it would appear that most of America does not have your opinion, she won. I like Clay, but that does not distract from her talent, she is working on Broadway, has been in movies, and her music sells. Clay nor Diana have done well since. So, if someone with no education, who can not read on top of all your hatred can be so successful, what does that say for YOUR LACK of success? You are a very SAD creature, continue to hate while those you project your limits toward succeed. I am amazed by people like you. IDIOT!

1948 days ago

Props to Mat Damon    

Damn that is amazing footage, id love to get a chance at tapping that, and geting a bite full... Amazing view

1948 days ago


Anytime you want another ass whooping Lord Have, I'll be glad to deliver my beat down with facts on ya anytime :) Enjoy being a racist this lovely weekend!!! :)

1947 days ago


....why is she famous again ??

1945 days ago


Go to wikipedia and look up Fannies info and theirs and you will see how WRONG you are and PLEASE make sure you seeher new reality which she is co-producing and you will also get a chance to check out two recording studios she owns (state of the art) Would tell you more but stay stupid!!!
By the way if you constantly check you will see she has been working her butt off has not missed a beat in fact this girl has worked nearly every month of the year since winning Idol only took any real time off when she recupped from throat surger if not performing in the studio or working on something..No lie not hyppe but truth!!!

Why did Tmz not show you all of PREGNANT Jhud with her flat knockkneed behind on Elllen last weewith leggingsand butt flat as a pancake trying to hide pregnancy with that big top on!!!!

She gets a pass not being married because of her tragedy but you always doing othr folk!!!

Fantasia has worn her hair like that often and she always did her hair short she is not trying to be Rhihanna!!!! You racist broke white folk!!!!

1942 days ago
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