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Gordon Ramsay

Would Slay Bobby Flay

3/25/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chef Gordon Ramsay could kick Bobby Flay's ass -- and we don't mean at Iron Chef.

Bobby Flay: Click to watch
The Food Network star dropped some cooking tips for the recession -- chipotle PB&J! -- before unleashing this bombshell: The "Hells Kitchen" cook could take him in a fight ...


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#15 you obviously have never been to the UK or if you have you have probably dined at McDonalds. Ramsey is Scotish first of all and if you knew anything about food you would not make statements like you did.

2039 days ago


Id rather eat bobbys food than that guy from europe, what is he gonna serve me sausages and fish and chips? hahahahaha

2039 days ago


They actually pay that dumbass behind the camera to ask such rediculous questions to people while they are trying to get around?

2039 days ago


I wouldnt waste my time in UKKO Land ass face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2039 days ago



2039 days ago


TOTAL CLASS! Good for you Bobby! I bet your wife grew to love you even more today!

2039 days ago



Gordon VS. Ramsey....They are both different entities and I love them both! I would not mind dining with BOTH of them.
I'd like Ramsey to show me how to make Risotto!

Physically, Gordon most likely kick Bobby's Butt. Who cares? As for me I think they are both HOT--(in the kitchen that is).

2039 days ago


Below, ken said of a chef that he "... came from the streets, made a serious reputation for himself as a chef before becoming a TV personality. "
This is very true of Gordon Ramsay, who had an even tougher upbringing. Clearly Ken's manhood is threatened by Chef Ramsay, as he appears to like the "softer" Flay. Very simply, Flay is a woman's chef, Ramsay is a man's chef. Flay is boring, while his food is often complex and unappealing. He is not a food "artist", whereas Ramsay is. Flay is an embellisher, not an artist. Haven't seen or found one recipe of Flay.s that interests me. His food is too pretty for me.

2035 days ago


Gordon Ramsay is da bomb! I love all his shows and once I got past his temper (just like a scot) , I fell in love with his passion and personality. I never heard of this joker Flay, but Gordon Ramsay is a household name. Forget the queen, God save Gordon Ramsay!!!!!!!

2011 days ago


lmao at you hatin fools. just because he's on tv and you see him yell at people you think he's a jackhorse. ramsay is one of the best chefs on the planet and is 3rd in michelin stars. none of you would ever say anything to his face so shut up about it. b!tching on the tmz board isn't doing anything. ramsay is more passionate about food than anything else. if you put out crap food you get yelled at. if you put out good food you dont get yelled at. every job should be that way but too many of u s*** bags would complain and cry about it.

1515 days ago


Bobby Flay is a great chef. Anyone who doesn't realize this has rocks in their head because a brain can't fit in their tiny head. I would love to dine with him. I also wouldn't mind meeting Guy Fieri and Robert Irvine from "Dinner Impossible". Now put Robert up against Ramsey and I know I would rather work for Robert than Ramsey.

1515 days ago

S. Jordan    

Chef Ramsey I want you to know spite of all the criticism,you are thee best chef. Yes, you are very aggressive when training, what you consider; AMATEUR CHEFS, but it's because you see potential in each individual. The one's that you've eliminated will realize that you were just their strength for the next level and they may not understand and/or appreciate it now, but they will (it too shall come to pass). As far as the chefs, keep your heads up and keep believing in yourselves and your dreams. God didn't place you in position for nothing. He too believes in you, so please, do not let absolutely NO ONE discourage you and make you give up because everything is going to be alright!!!

1514 days ago


Gordon Ramsay is a top notch cook, has studied under the best Chef's throughout Europe and has multiple award winning resturants and many personal cooking awards. However, I would like to see Ramsay step out of his comfort zone and do a Hell's Kitchen type show with Asian cooking themes perhaps where he squares of****ianst an asian foods masterchef.

1191 days ago
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