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Jon & Kate Just Ate ... Together

3/25/2009 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing says "My husband ain't divorcin' me" like a dinner for two at Mr. Chow -- so amid rumors of a possible split, the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" couple had a very public date night last night in Beverly Hills.

Jon & Kate: Click to watch
When asked about their relationship, Kate Gosselin told our camera "We're good."


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Responding to Damn Funny At least this couple paid for thier own invitro and There is a Mother and Father in the house.
TMZ leave them alone

2039 days ago


she is a total BIATCH, He should have done sent her packing a long time ago

2039 days ago


hey jen, they purposely put themselves in the spotlight so if they don't like it they can just as easily take themselves out of it...and stop exploiting their kids for $$$ in the chow & horrible hair don't say "we're doing this for our kids' future" it screams "we are money grubbing attention whores."

2039 days ago


She is very demeaning to him on the show. I don't feel sorry for them. They already had kids and went ahead with more invitro...and ended up with the 8 babies.
They will probably end up divorced

2039 days ago


Well I have watched the show, although I'm not a faithful follower, I mostly catch the marathon weekend shows. She definitely is a controlling woman (she's also very organized and has to be with her brood). Hmm, I suppose some men don't mind being married to a dominant woman. However, I admit I don't like it when she's bitchy to Jon, I think she's downright rude to him. And although I loved the Hawaiian wedding, I was not at all a fan that it was free. Um, doesn't Jon still have his gov't job? Haven't they wrote books? Don't they get paid for appearances? Sure I'm sure the feedback will come in that they're putting that money away for the kids college and the new house they just purchased. But I am completely opposed to regular people getting free handouts just because you have all these children. Free tummy tuck for Kate. Free hair transplant for Jon just off the top of my head.

2039 days ago


This woman has to be a drill sargent to run a household with 8 kids. Does she come off sugar and spice all the time? No, but she is a loving mother. Good for them, I admire them tremendously. Like to see you guys followed around by a camera crew, bet you would all come off fantastic.

2039 days ago

faith wright    

Ok we made them famous for having babies.... Now they are rich they don't need us no more heheheh. I think the true people where coming out and they did not like what we were seeing.... Love the babies the mom is a nut the dad is well not a man.

2039 days ago


Not only am I buying it, TMZ, but I think you guys need to get a life and leave them alone.

2039 days ago


I watch this show all the time, because the kids are just so darn cute. Kate is the biggest shrew I have ever seen. The kids can't play in the grass because they might get grass stains, they can't chew gum because that might get on their clothes. Her sister-in-law took those kids a lot while Kate was having a massage or whatever and Kate couldn't stop complaining about her giving them gum. She is very good at telling others what to do, especially her husband. She demeans, degrades and embarrasses him constantly. Kate's theme song is "how great I art". And if something isn't done, Maddy is going to be just like her. Of course, in Kate's mind, she is right and the world is wrong. Unfortunatly, John is probably stuck with her because of all the kids.

2039 days ago


I like the show, but I am wondering what a family from the midwest is doing hanging out in Hollywood. I hope they don't become a product of their own fame-it would be really sad. But Kate as gotten much more vocal, Jon should not stay home he should work out of the house so he can have his own identity. Kate can handle the family "business" maybe she could get a nanny she could verbally abuse, I suppose it must be good tv if they are always showing her nagging him, the producers must consider that what we want to see. I feel bad for them and hope they can just go private and fix what they need to to continue on with their MARRIAGE which is far more important than a tv show. Best wishes Jon and Kate +8.

2039 days ago


Honestly, I've been watching the show since they had their first hour long special. They are great together. True, Kate does seem a bit bossy, but wouldn't you feel a bit crabby if you had cameras following you around all of the time? I know they signed up for the show, and it is very popular, but really...when people start making rumors up about your family and your personal life. Jon even said on Monday's season finale that he isn't used to the cameras always being there, and not being able to go out anymore without being "Jon" from "Jon & Kate Plus 8." He doesn't like the cameras, but Kate likes being able to film every aspect of her family. They never once brought up the idea of a divorce. It's all about how Jon feels with the cameras and having to be someone he isn't. I can see why both of them would seem a bit crabby. They're trying to raise 8 kids in the public eye and it's hard. My grandparents(Mom's side) had 8 children, and I could never imagine them doing what Jon and Kate do. I think people need to give them a break, even for the childrens sake. Imagine being Cara or Mady and having to hear in school everyday new rumors about your family. It has to mess with them at some point. Give them a break. They are a loving family, and very strong. Jon didn't marry Kate just to marry her, he knew who she was long before the show came around. I think you guys should definitely back off of them and let them live their life. Let TLC follow them.

2039 days ago


Oh gawd!! Now all the GWOP freaks will be posting here.

2039 days ago


Why are they in LA, at Mr. Chow's? Don't they live in Pennsylvania or something, and have... .like, 8 kids? This is ridiculous. Go home.

2039 days ago


I have been a fan of their show for a while because of the kids...not the parents. Have you seen the humgo house they just bought and all the property??? I know that there are perks in what they are doing...but I'm getting tired of watching them get all this free attention at events...tummy plugs...enough already!! It's getting ridiculous!

2039 days ago

Black Teef    

Dude's got a sweet rack & gut.

2039 days ago
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