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Jon & Kate Just Ate ... Together

3/25/2009 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing says "My husband ain't divorcin' me" like a dinner for two at Mr. Chow -- so amid rumors of a possible split, the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" couple had a very public date night last night in Beverly Hills.

Jon & Kate: Click to watch
When asked about their relationship, Kate Gosselin told our camera "We're good."


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Ugh Kate is a nightmare. She's pretty much cares about herself only. She needs therapy along with one the twin girls...Maddie I think her name is. That child has emotional issues that they need to address!! Jon is treated like a child. Kate is never affectionate with him. There vow renewals in Hawaii were AWKWARD to watch. You know they did it all for the camera's there was nothing about the ceremony that was "special". Kate even during that was directing everything.

1976 days ago

billy bob    

She is a Total disrepectful Bitch to him, hopefully he will grow a spine real quick like and leave her besides that her hairstyle says "I date black guys" come on you guys know it does, i'm sure she's heard it before

1976 days ago


I watch every episode only to see if this is the episode where he leaves her. I would normally find fault with a man who leaves his wife with 8 children, but not in this case. I haven't seen anything warm or appealing about her in the episodes that I've watched and I wonder what he saw in her in the first place. Jon, you'll miss your children, but in the long run, you will be happier.

1976 days ago


The backlash to opening your lives up to the public has begun....wonder if it will click that this is going to affect their kids yet?

1976 days ago


I feel so sorry for these children. They are rapidly moving out of the adorable stage and just looking like regular kids. What a shock it will be when they have to start standing in line for events, paying full price, no special backstage passes and gift bags, etc.

It's going to be a terrible shock for them.

1976 days ago


I love this show and I watch it twice daily. Kate is a controlling bitch and the way she talks to him is sad. She screams at him alot while they are in public and during the interview, she constantly puts him down or over talks him. She has many phobias when it comes to dirt. I think Kate has always been like this I think she needs therapy. Jon is a good man but she is going to run him away. I don't think he would leave her but he will end up with a mistress. Where are Kates parents? How come we have never seen them? Oh by the way, Maddie is a class a little bitch right now and they call it about denial!

1976 days ago


I think the "celebrity syndrome" went to her head. She is seeing herself now like a STAR, you can see that in her attitute, her demeanor...Another idiot that felt into the fame trap.!!!......She doesn't only treat her husband bad, but also the guess of the show, she think she is cool, beautiful and famous...Good for her, but one day she is going to wake up without a program or a husband to go to. I bet that if the TV executives will cancell her show this woman will not be able to live a normal life without the perks and money, she will divorce him in a minute...Just wait and see.

1976 days ago

something smells    


1976 days ago


I have to agree with most. Kate is nasty to Jon and I am sick of watching them take advantage of all the free stuff. The choose to have those kids and they should be paying for them. We stopped watching the show because we could not stand to watch her complain all the time about her husband. I feel really bad for him.

1976 days ago

that 'razzo is a RAT.    

Opening their lives up to the public isn't what has created a backlash. It's the popularity of the show that has created the backlash. This isn't happening to the people from "Little People, Big World" and their show is just as questionable with just as many problems between the husband and wife - BUT - it's no where near as popular, so nobody cares if there are marital problems or if one of the older kids hurts one of the younger kids, or what effect the cameras have on the kids.

Popularity creates backlash, not the fact that the show exists, but the fact that so many people watch it and LOVE it.

1976 days ago


stupid publicity to be at a hollywood hot guys are a freaking family reality show on tlc!!

she's a bitch. he is too much of a nice guy to be with her. he should leave her ASAP.

1976 days ago


She is a mega bitch! The way she talks to her husband is horrific!

1976 days ago


Did they open a Mr Chow's in Bucks County, PA ???? ;-)

1976 days ago


Lexi-lulu, their ratings have been plummeting as many people wake up to what these greedy Gosselins have done.

Those children have lost the privacy and dignity they deserve so Momma Kate can go to spas and be a "semi-celebrity".

1976 days ago


Jon is going to be seeking liposuction in the near future because he seems to be putting on weight. Possibly the depression from being married to a bitch. Please get maddy some help before she becomes a raging bitch. I dont understand how you can embrace these people. They paid for the IVF, so what? They clearly didnt mind asking the government for handouts, and website donations. WTF are you people thinking? The only difference between these people and Octo mom is the father. I cant not watch the show anymore because of Kate. She is more focused on herself. I feel sorry for the sister in law, the poor dear. Let them have gum, geez. What else can you bitch about? The episode about American girl doll she would not stop about how she wanted the other girls to go as well and they couldn't afford for them to go so she didn't know what she was going to do. Then turns around and buys a million dollar house and land. Are you still buying the scam?

1976 days ago
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