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Kobe's Maid Sues -- It Was the Crappiest Job Ever

3/25/2009 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe & VanessaKobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa are being sued by their former housekeeper, who claims Vanessa was incredibly abusive -- even demanding that she put her hand in a bag of dog feces to retrieve a tag from her blouse ... so Vanessa could deduct the cost of the blouse from the maid's salary!

Maria Jimenez claims Vanessa called her "lazy, slow, dumb, a f---ing liar, and f---ing sh-t."

In the lawsuit filed in Superior Court in Orange County, Jimenez claims Vanessa accused her of stealing her (mouth) retainer.

Jimenez says it got so bad -- Vanessa allegedly "badgered, harassed and humiliated Maria by yelling and screaming at Maria and criticizing her in front of Kobe, the Bryants' children, employees and other people in the household" -- she threatened to quit but Kobe talked her out of it.

The final straw: Vanessa went nuclear because Maria put an expensive blouse in the washer. Vanessa demanded that Maria put her hand in a bag of dog feces to retrieve the price tag for the blouse.

Maria says she wanted to quit and Vanessa responded that she "had to work until payday to pay for the $690 blouse, which she did."

Maria is suing for wrongful discharge, invasion of privacy and emotional distress and unpaid wages.

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JOE R.    

I agree with comment #143

On the radio, the talk radio people who have sat next to Vanessa at Laker games and have shared a dinner table with her, none of them refer to her as a "trashy", ghetto lady like everyone says.

If any of the accounts about her being a nasty, foul-mouth person are true, why isn't E! or any other celebrity show talk about these things? Why hasn't any paparazzi caught her doing all those nasty things you claim she does?

2037 days ago


The maid was on a Spanish channel, she was with her lawyer. She said that it was true, the Vanessa told her to stick her had in the garbage and take out the tag out of the garbage where there was dog poop...

2037 days ago


143. heRoosterGibson.. shut the fck up you idiot, you don't know them either so who are you to say anything. The maid was on tv and spoke about this situation.

149. JOE R... As for you Joe you fcking jerk I'm sure you are 143. heRoosterGibson.... LOL

2037 days ago


Why would she need the tag? Couldn't she find out the price from credit card or store records? It must have been a very recent purchase if the tag was still in the garbage.

Rather chintzy regardless. Where did she put her blouse so that it would get mixed in with the wash? I'd chalk it up to a learning experience and get two clearly marked hampers.... Too reasonable?

2036 days ago


The victim here is Vanessa. She has worked so hard in her life, that people should be at her beck and call. How dare this maid question Queen Vanessa. Her daily regimen is very intense and i doubt any hard working women could keep up with it. Queen Vanessa is woken up and served breakfast in bed. Then its off for the morning pampering session with Sven the massage therapist, nails done, lunch with Tiff and Muffin. All this done on the compund without having to leave. This is just part of the rigorous day Vanessa will endure at any given day. The labor she is used too involves waxing Sir Kobe's candle. Which happens to drip contantly at the hands of other helpers.

2036 days ago

John Davis    

Wow, what a loser. I simply cannot believe someone could be so low. Losers!


2036 days ago


You really don't know what to believe. The story could be true, or this maid could be lying or exaggerating because she is trying to get money. I guess the court will have to figure it out.

2034 days ago


I absolutely believe the cleaning lady, this woman must be so unhappy in her personal life that she is taking it out on her household help. I hope the rest of the employees back her up and show Mrs. Bryant that even household help deserves respect because they are part of the family, they probably spend more time with their kids than themselves.
Hope the maid gets justice.

2034 days ago

big omar    

Don't know why everyone keeps implying that Kobe ever raped a woman...we all know that girl wanted it. Anway, yeah I have heard kobe's wife is a pretty horrible person to deal with; this maid is probably being 100% truthful.

2033 days ago


Vanessa, Vanessa, wake up and smell the coffee. For you to be none educated, you should be thankful and blessed to even have shelter. God can come take everything whenever he wants to. Material things don't mean a thang. There is no way I would have put my hands in no dog poop to get nothing for you, regardless to how much your cheap blouse, or shirt costs, why did I say cheap? because you are cheap whithin. Think way back, to where you came from. That is the very reason why so much of destruction is happening to earth, because of people like yourself. Let me give you a wake up call: Your husband cheated on you, and the reason why, is because you are a self centered person. My husband and I have our own businesses, and we will give anyone the coats off our backs if they needed one. A woman can have three billion dollars, but what good is the money, if she don't conduct herself respectful toward others. So, expensive clothes and material things means nothing, when a woman does not represent what she wear. Yes, it is ok for people to dress nice, but how are you conducting yourself toward others. Remember, God donot like ugly, and not too much of pretty. Some females deserve what they get, because of their nasty ways. I'm not a jealous lady toward no one, but you need to put yourself in the maids position, what if you was working for her and she did you like that, how would you feel? or would you have made your mother put her hands in dog poop? I pray for you, sister

2030 days ago



1965 days ago


Kobe watch out for that woman. If she can mistreat your baby's caretaker, the next person will be you.....

1965 days ago


Hope the maid writes a book and makes millions, which she will if she does write a book on her job with the Bryants. This one is not scared...like she said...it is my lawsuit and I will talk about it. Hope she has a smartazz lawyer. After all, we all know that Vanessa is still with Kobe because she cannot make it on her own. If she left him, all she would receive is what was stated in prenup and he has so much more. Proper leech she is. Remarkable what some men will put up with when there are kids involved....not all men, but some men.

1965 days ago


This is just another example of people who think money makes them better than others. Those two are trash. Money just makes you rich, not classy.

1964 days ago


i totally believe the maid, that women looks evil. She hides behind the money. Take it away and she's an ordinary person like you and me.

1613 days ago
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