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1500 More Reasons to Hate OctoMom

3/25/2009 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is getting out of hand -- OctoMom just blew another $1500 on clothes ... for herself.

We're told Nadya Suleman went on a major shopping spree yesterday at Bebe Sport -- which isn't a baby brand, it's a pricey adult one!

Sources tell us she picked up things ranging from t-shirts to tank tops, a sexy fit metallic cami, woven cargo dress, crystal heart sweatsuits (two colors) and sports bras.

What's worse -- sources say when Nadya was asked for her ID during a separate shopping spree at Bebe last Friday, a blonde woman with her said "Oh come on, don't you know who she is?"

Launch pics!Unfortunately, we do.


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I think it's time for a Dr Phil intervention, and a trip to the funny farm for miss Nadya.

2036 days ago


WOW!! I have to kids ONLY and dont have the time to go shopping by myself. TMZ please stop following her or making news of her. She just sickens me every time I hear about her. NO MORE PLEASE!!!

2036 days ago


It's so funny how people claim they are sooooo angry with this lady but yet all of you follow her ass around & snap pictures & make videos & post them & crowd around her home EVERYDAY EVERY MINUTE. Does that make sense to you?? I wouldn't be surprised if someone came along & gave this woman a damn tv show because they see how much attention you guys GIVE her so therefore they would get ALOT of money if the dedicated a weekly 1 hour 8pm show to her on Tlc or some other network. Yes she's milking the people of California for all they got but MOVE ON!You can't do anything about it if the courts themselves don't take her kids away. All this money she's getting will be gone sometime this year or next year when people don't give a rats ass about her. Then what is she going to do. So just let her fall on her own.

2036 days ago



2036 days ago

You gotta be kidding me...    

I've been saying it for months; this bitch is a publicity whore. She's acting like she thinks she's a star, when, in fact, her only ability is to lie on her back heels up for a couple of minutes while some guy gets his jollies off on her. She's the octoWHORE...

2036 days ago


I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SPONGE AND HER TURDS .....TMZ BEST WISHES CAUSE THIS IS ALL YOU HAVE THIS DRIED UP HO AND THOSE RETARDS YOU CALL KIDS !!!!!!!!! I AM OUT TMZ I AM GONNA GET REAL CELEBRITY NEWS SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2036 days ago


All this loser needs for clothes is 7 Burlap Bags that will cover her completely and about 10 pairs of Granny Panties.

2036 days ago


Ha Ha Ha...Keep it up TMZ, YOU ROCK!!!

2036 days ago


Um if TMZ isn't going to keep up with her, than all the other media outlets still will, so why not? At least their slant to octo-bitch is far more to the left than to the right. Artie help, seems awfully funny to me that you just "happen" to be where octo-bitch is on more than one occasion now according to your posts IF I want to believe you (which I seriously don't). Give her a break viewpoint from the beginning and remains the same today is I have contempt for the bitch, she had those 8 babies for nothing more than to pimp them out and make money off of them PERIOD not to love and nurture them. She's a pyscho. She's a compulsive liar (haven't you people been convinced of that already or have you fallen prey to that? If the answer to that is yes, hmm I bet you love the televangelists too Rev Jim Bakker and the like did you fork over money to them to build their fallen empire too?). I can't wait for the house of cards to tumble down on the plastic surgeryed up bitch and for those babies and children to be taken away and be given to loving adoptive parents, not that I'm a proponent of siblings being split up, however, given the quantity of children, this may be unavoidable, unfortunately.

2036 days ago


I'm glad she's blowing the money. Anybody else would think "Hey, how are my kids going to eat at school, or go to college, or pay for insurance because I don't have a job??" The regular guys had a pretty funny comment that wasn't too far off and that is if one kid doesn't get arrested in their teens, they should automatically be made President! I can't wait for those days! The money is going to dry up through the years, she'll get a pay check here or there for leaking updates, etc. but when these babies get older she won't be able to adequately put a roof over their head, buy bigger beds, the list goes on.

Moral of the story - she's winning now - we get to enjoy watching her kids get arrested and making her life living hell in the years to come!

2036 days ago


Funny how you guys end this story with "unfortunately we do"..... when you are the people who perpetuate this idiots fame.

2036 days ago


Everyone is so jealous of her and mad they didnt think of this first. I give the woman a ton of credit. Life gave her lemons and she made lemonade deal with it.

2036 days ago


Must be nice to be able to buy nice clothes without even having a job. This girl gets on my nerves more and more each day!

2036 days ago

Over It Already    

Couple of thoughts here... ONE - the freakin' doctor who implanted this woman with six embryos should have some blame here... not all of it, but some. I mean, when you discover you're going to give birth to eight children, don't you have to go through some type of counseling? So TWO - let's blame the state where this woman hails from, because they should bear some of the responsibility as well. THREE - it's obvious this woman is not within her right mind, and believe me, with eight new babies and six more toddler/children at home, she will be completely out of the orbit in no time, so someone better swoop in and get those children out of there before something horrendous occurs. FINALLY - and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the media outets (i.e.Entertainment Tonight) are making is possible for this woman to spend this kind of money. Don't give her anymore face time people...seriously. Hell, pay her in Babies R Us Gift Certificates at least!! The more time ET and TMZ and Newsweek and everyone else provides this nutcase 'fame', the more time she will spend chasing it and not attempting to make herself well. She's a damn brood mare....we know the story, so why keep reporting on it? IS ANYONE ELSE OVER THIS NONSENSE??? Just get busy spending those media dollars finding a real home for those poor kids, who never asked to be in this position in the first place.

2036 days ago


Please stop reporting on this psycho trash. I'm about done with any site that continues to report about her. Take the high road, TMZ!!! You can do it!!

2036 days ago
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