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1500 More Reasons to Hate OctoMom

3/25/2009 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is getting out of hand -- OctoMom just blew another $1500 on clothes ... for herself.

We're told Nadya Suleman went on a major shopping spree yesterday at Bebe Sport -- which isn't a baby brand, it's a pricey adult one!

Sources tell us she picked up things ranging from t-shirts to tank tops, a sexy fit metallic cami, woven cargo dress, crystal heart sweatsuits (two colors) and sports bras.

What's worse -- sources say when Nadya was asked for her ID during a separate shopping spree at Bebe last Friday, a blonde woman with her said "Oh come on, don't you know who she is?"

Launch pics!Unfortunately, we do.


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why cant the county take her kids away and let her work for everything she is making the county pay for,.... apperently no one gives a crap what she is doing to them kids but untill someone gets hurt. then you stupid lawyers will do something not worth saving...

2039 days ago


I think that company that's supplying cloths for all the kids for a year should take back their offer. It's obvious that Nadya can afford cloths for ALL the kids, all by herself. Thanks Dr. Phil for the house repairs, the nursery, all the furniture (including all the goodies for the master bedroom), cloths for the kids, and all the other freebies. We can all see how much she needed free sh*t, so she could go out and buy goodies for spas and expensive make-up, and cloths from stores I've never heard of, much less would be able to afford if I had.

She just DOESN"T CARE!!! She's laughing all the way to the bank, with $$ given to her for those babies. Manic high? Or just a selfish, self centered bitch? We'll soon find out. Keep it up TMZ..people need to know what trash they're donating to, and what she's doing with all the $$.

2039 days ago


the most hated bitch in the world... and someone hasnt taken her out... i she is spending all this money that she said would go to her damn kids.. and she is going shopping to BeBe`s.. a very expensive store .. i know cus i shop there...

2039 days ago


wow thats amazing how somebody with 10 small children at home (4 of them being premature infants) and 4 more premature infants still in the hospital has enough time to go spend that kind of cash on herself (i am sure the money she has been spending was intended to be used to take care of her children ) and who is looking after these children she just fired the nanny's that she was getting for free something isnt right about this whole thing i think it needs to be looked into further before these kids get hurt

this wack job needs to be held responsible for her own actions maybe if she did this after the birth of her first child she wouldnt be in this mess stop giving her all this attention

2039 days ago

Sue Wong    

TMZ your headline says it all. You're FEEDING THE HATE> GREAT JOB!!!!!!

2039 days ago


Truly makes me sick...She is so good at playing the system...For someone who has 14 kids, and finds the time to go shopping by herself, get her nails done, talk on the phone all day, put makeup on everyday...Something is wrong here people. STOP giving this free loader money and PLEASE take them children from her....I would also like to know TMZ, if she gave her mother and money to stop the foreclosure on her home???? What a swindler she is............

2039 days ago


I honestly don't think she is as stupid as the media says. The father of those children are giving her alot of money. I'll bet on it. Probaly more so than donations. However, people who donate get alot of tax write offs. TMZ you should get it by now.

2039 days ago


I wish I could do that. I only have 2 kids what's wrong with picture america? I hope she breaks a

2039 days ago


We all need to stop commenting about her!! Just notice how many commments she gets in the first hour!! and all thanks to us! I really, really hate this woman, she is THE WORST MOTHER EVER! and she love all the attention. #1 Dr. Phill self promoting thru this waste of human being. # 2 That radar show that follows her around and # 3 all this brands that are giving her freebies so thier names will be mention (for free)!
Just don's watch their shows and don't buy those brands. You are putiing money into her wallet every time you do that. I personally NEVER watch or visit that web site.

She is a bad woman, a bad mother, she should be at home taking care of her kids and care for her kids the hospital, but nooooo, she has to make sure she's in the news every day. She thinks she Brittney or Lohan, just look at her smilling at the cameras all the time.

Gloria Allred and her attorney were in The Early Show today and just listen to her attorney "defending" her on having some 'free time' I have kids and I never have some 'free time'.

Again, just boycott Dr Phil, radar, IMAC, BEBE and all those whom promote them selves thru her!!!

2039 days ago


God I hate her. First of all she is NEVER going to look like Angelina Jolie. Second, She sucks and We should ALL stop talking about her. She just likes getting attention and I'm seriously getting anoyed with her. Octo mom: LEAVE THIS WORLD AND NEVER COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2039 days ago


Aw...come on now.....a woman with 14 children deserves some new clothes (you've seen what she's been wearing!) Cut this woman some slack.....there's 100rds in your news that have done much much worst crimes against society than OctoMom. As long as all these children are well taken care of.....get off her case.

2039 days ago


Gloria Allread said that she only "feeds, changes diapers and loves on them" when the cameras are on. She's getting child services called on her already (angles in waiting called them) that's why they were fired! Someone sterilize this moose before she has anymore.....

Some people just should not breed.

2039 days ago


The ppl/companies who are paying her money are complete idiots who are dumber than the Octo-mom herself...I don't care one iota for this crazy woman and am not interested in her daily moves...the kids should all be taken away from her and put up for adoption so that they will not be subjected to a life with this wacko of a Mom. She obviously owes the state for all of the medical care and any moneies given to her should be garnished and given back to the bills that she has generated.

2039 days ago

Jane Doe    

She's stimulating the economy. Is this not what Obama wants us all to do?

While we may not approve of her chosen lifestyle and find her child bearing decisions to be wreckless and irresponsible- it's none of our business.

It has not been shown that she is an unfit mother, yet the Gloria Allreds of the world want to force this woman to give up some, or all, of her children- and have made complaints to Child Services without having even met the women.

Screw them and Screw TMZ.

What happened to all the "pro-choicer," "stay-out-of-my-womb" arguments? Stay the hell out of her life. Quit giving her publicity. In others words, quit whoring her and her children- you know, like you accuse her of doing.

2039 days ago


#4- Michael: IF U like her so much then WHY DON'T U SUPPORT HER AND HER KIDS. You are an idiot!!!!!!!!!

2039 days ago
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